November 14th ,today is world diabetic day .World diabetes day was jointly introduced by the World Health Organisation ( WHO) and the International Diabetes Federation ( IDF ) in 1991 , response to the alarming risk of diabetes around the world .November 14th is a significant date in the diabetes calender because it marks the birthday of the man who co- discovered insulin ,frederick banting .Banting discovered insulin in 1922 .
  World diabetes day is celebrated throughout the world .World diabetes day is internationally recognised and it is now an official United Nations day .Diabetes education and prevention is the world diabetes theme for the period of the year 2009 - 2013 .World diabetes day is held on November every year ,aims  to increase an awareness of the effects of diabetes and its complications amongst the general population , professionals and range of sectors .
 The diabetes is a common ,name for range the conditions including 
type 1 diabetes ,type 2 diabetes ,gestational diabetes ,and diabetes insipidus .These are due to how the pancreatic beta cells secrete the insulin ,how the body react with insulin,depending on the type and severity ,it could be controlled by dietary measures ,regular exercise ,weight loss ,oral medications ,or injected the insulin .
There is a wide range of short and long terms complications including dibetic retinopathy ,diabetic neuropathy ,kidney problems and heart problems  ,if blood sugars are uncontrolled .

Proper medications ,balanced and fiber rich diet ,regular exercise ,Proper check up will help the diabetic patients ,live long  without any complications .

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