Azadirachta indica is known as neem tree in English ,Vepa maram in Tamil ,vepu  manu in telugu  .Neem tree is native to India and Indian subcontinent including Nepal ,Pakistan ,Bangladesh and Srilanka .  It is typically growing in tropical and semi tropical regions .It is a fast growing  and evergreen tree that can reach a height of 15 to 20 meters .

Neem tree is known as " Village pharmacy " because of its  medicinal and healing properties .It has been used in Indian alternative system of medicine in Ayurveda  ,folk medicines and Unani for more than 4000 years due to its medicinal properties .

It is a revered tree in the Indian tradition neem is believed to an embodiment of Shitala ,a folk Goddess ,seen suspended on a branch protecting against small pox .In Tamil Nadu during summer the Mariamman temple festivals is a thousand year old tradition during this festival neem leaves are most important  for decoration of temple and worshiping  . Neem leaves are most important in many Indian festivals .  Neem flowers are used in Andra pradesh ,Tamil Nadu and karnataka to prepare Ugadhi pachhadi and rasam  .

 Many research studies have been proven that 140 phyto chemical compounds are  found in the various parts of neem tree .It contains sodium ,potassium, ,calcium ,riboflavin ,carotene ,vitamin C ,nicocin ,oxalicacid ,tannin ,antioxidants ,flavonoids ,aminoacids etc .
It is the best herbal medicine for curing and protecting many diseases . The varies parts of the  neem tree like neem leaves ,neem fruits ,neem seeds and neem bark are used for many purposes .
 -Neem leaves are available in every where throughout the year .It enhances the biological functions ,strengthen the immunity system ,boosting respiratory functions ,improve the digestive health ,supports liver by getting rid of the unwanted toxin in the blood .

- In ayurveda neem leaves are used in curing neuromuscular pain . -    - Dried neem leaves are also used in storage of grains. 
- Neem leaves are used to treat chickenpox  ,warts by directly apply to the skin  paste form or bathing in water with neem leaves .

- Neem has an anti diabetic and anti microbial properties that help to  fight against micro organisms such as bacteria ,virus and fungi .
 - Used for the preparation of products likes soaps ,shampoo,lotions ,creams ,bath powders ,face washes ,tooth pastes  and many cosmetic products etc .
- Neem leaves capsules  are used to increase immunity  ,de- worming , skin purifier ,insect repellents ,pet care etc .
- Neem oil is extracted from this seeds has insecticidal and medicinal properties ,due to this properties it has been used for households of years in pest control ,cosmetic products  etc .

- Residue of neem seeds after oil extraction is used for soil amenment , It enriches the soil and lowers the nitrogen loss by inhibiting nitrogen fixation .
- Neem oil is used as a lubricant common used grease cart wheels ,
- Neem cake is used as a fertilizer .
- Neem bark contains high amount of tannin ,,.
- It prevents and cures cancers .
- Slender neem twigs are first chewed as a tooth brush and then split as a tongue cleaner .It is found to be very effective as a tooth plague and gingival inflammation .

- Neem trees  are eco friendly ,it  gives out more O 2 to the environment and good carbon dioxide sink .
- Neem oil is used for healthy hair ,improve liver function ,detoxify the blood ,balance the blood sugar levels ,eczema ,psoriasis etc .
- Neem is an key ingredient in non pesticidal management providing a natural alternative to synthetic pesticides .

- Neem seeds are ground into a powder that is soaked overnight in water and sprayed into the crop ..
 - Neem leaves powder of  dried leaves are burnt in the tropical regions to keep away mosquitoes .
- Neem leaves are dried and placed in cupboards to prevent insects eating clothes and also while storing rice in tins .


    Ebola virus is a deadly virus that causes Ebola hemorrhagic fever .Ebola first appeared in 1976  at south African village situated near the Ebola  river ,from which the disease takes its name .First Ebola virus outbreaks west African countries like  Nigeria ,Guinea ,sierra Leone and Liberia .
It spread through body fluids like blood ,vomit ,semen ,spit ,sweat ,pee ,poop and other fluids of a person who is sick with or died from Ebola virus disease .
Objects contaminated with viruses like needle and medical equipments . 
Infected animals by contact with blood or fluid or infected meat 
Contaminated air ,water ,and food .
It can spread from country to country when people travel  .
Ebola can only spread after symptoms begin.Symptoms can appear 2 to 21 days after exposure high fever ,headache ,joint and muscle pain ,stomach pain ,vomiting ,lack of appetite ,diarrhea , rashes in the skin , as the disease gets worst severe uncontrollable bleeding inside the body as well as from the eyes ,ears and nose .
It damages the  total immune system and body organs .
it kills 90 percentage of the people who are infected from Ebola virus .
If the person has a symptom of this will be isolated from the public immediately to prevent and spread .
 Ebola only spread a patient have symptoms to spread others ,after 21 days exposed person  ,does not develop any  symptoms they will not sick with Ebola .

Natural remedy for Ebola virus infection 

Garcinia kola or  other wise known as  bitter kola seeds are  the best choice for treating Ebola virus infection .
 Garcinia kola seeds are used in many tropical countries to fight against infectious diseases .
Many research studies conducted from this seeds against HIV infection and Ebola virus infection .Studies revels that
 Bitter kola seeds protects the human body against destruction by pathogens .
The seed extract has an  anti- inflammatory ,antiviral ,anti bacterial ,,anti parasitic ,anti microbial ,anti diabetic ,bronchodilator , purgative and anti hepatotoxic properties .
This seeds contains bioflavonnoids ,benzophenones , antioxidants ,xanthones ,glycosides ,saponnins  and sterols .

Garcinia kola is a medicinal tree belongs to guttiferae family .It is a medium sized ,well branched ever green tree mostly found in African rain forests .This is  most important tree in Nigeria for its medicinal seeds . The trees produces fruits every year ,this fruits are edible orange in color yellow pulp surrounding  four seeds .Elephants are particularly partial coming from far to trees in season .It  is a traditional medicine has been used  for centuries to treat coughs ,cold ,throat infection ,hepatitis ,bronchitis ,liver disorder .arthritis ,lung infection ,eye problems ,sexual problems ,swelling weight loss etc .
This seeds are useful for inflammatory and ineffective conditions .Seed extracts are the best immune booster .It can be used as a snake repellent ,spread it around the building .
Neem leaves ,Nilavembu leaves ,keela nelli ,sriyanangai ,periya nangai , etti seeds and mahogany seeds are the some of the natural medicines are available in India . These are very effective and useful for treating Ebola virus infection .


The edible ,cheep and highly nutritious horse gram is a kind of bean commonly used in many south Indian states ,native to India .It is grown mostly under dry land agriculture .This seeds are used for culinary and medicinal purposes .It is consumed as a whole seed ,as a sprout or as a whole meal  popularly in south Indian states .Horse gram recipes are kollu chuntney ,kollu rasam ,kollu sundal ,kollu poriyal ,kollu dosa ,kollu ada  ,kollu iddly are delicacies in Tamil Nadu .In Andhra state ullavacharu is famous dish from this legume . This is also used as a  food  for cattle horse .Biological name of this legume is macrotyloma uniflorum .Kollu in tamil ,Ulavalu in Telugu ,Kulthi in Hindi ,Muthira in Mlayalam .
 Horse gram is rich  in molybdenum ,iron ,calcium ,potassium ,good amount of protein ,amino acids ,arginines ,tryosain ,lysine ,poly phenols ,antioxidants ,flavonoids and dietary fiber .Indian alternative system of medicine Ayurveda used this legume for the treatment of various diseases .
Many research studies shows that benefits of the horse gram are  

  • Good for diabetic patients because of its anti diabetic property 

- Ability to reduce postprandial  blood sugar levels by slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates and reduce the insulin resistance by inhibiting  the protein tyrosine phosphate 1 beta enzyme .
- Regular in take of this legume will reduce obesity .
- Preventing body cells from oxidative damage from free radicals .
- Relief from cough ,cold ,asthma and respiratory disorders .
- Stimulate thyroid gland 
- Reduce  the blood cholesterol levels 
- Prevents heart diseases 
- It  is an astrigent , antioxidant and diuretic ,useful for  diarrhea ,constipation ,piles ,leucorrhoea , bleeding during pregnancy ,menstrual disorders ,digestive problems ,spleen enlargement  ,liver enlargement ,kidney stone rheumatism , gall stone ,jaundice ,urinary disorders  and hypertension .  
Weight reduction recipe 
Take 30 to 40 grams of horse gram wash it well  ,add 3 glasses of water to it ,boil  it to make  a half ,strain the water from that ,add a  spinch of asafoetida and salt ,mix it well and then have this  mixture in an empty stomach in the morning .Regular intake of this  mixture will reduce your weight without no side effects .


Mustard seeds 
 Mustard seeds are the tiny seeds derived from a mustard plant .The entire plant is edible . It is a winter crop ,the plant reaches about  4 to 5 feet in height and bears golden yellow color flowers .Mustard seeds have long history of usage about 5000 years and native to the Himalayan region of India .Most of an Indian households use mustard seeds or its oil for various purposes .Mustard seeds are known to have numerous health benefits since they are low in calories ,low fat ,high nutritive value  ,antibacterial and antiseptic properties .Biological name of  the mustard seeds are brassica ,kadugu in tamil and malayalam  ,Avalu in telugu .Black ,white  and brown color mustard seeds are grown in world wide .
Mustard seeds contains high amount of selenium ,magnesium ,calcium , potassium ,low sodium ,dietary fiber ,vitamin C ,vitamin K ,folates ,thiamine ,niacin ,riboflavin ,manganese ,carotene,Omega 3 fatty acids ,,zeaxanthins and lutein .
Benefits of consuming  mustard seeds are
- Lowering the blood pressure 
 - Reducing blood cholesterol levels 
- weight reduction 
- Clears the digestive system 
- Good for menopause problem 
-  Reduce the risk of all types of cancer 
- Boost immune system 
- Fight against anemia 
- Making food more palatable 
- Boost metabalic rate and give feeling of fullness .
- Prevents antherosclerosis .
- Curing asthma 
- reduce the inflammation in rhumatoid arthrities .
-  Good for anxiety ,depression ,bronchitis ,sexual dysfunction ,asthma ,cold ,muscle pain ,.
  - Promotes hair growth  
- Relieves constipation 
- Fight against skin infections .
- Good appetizer