turnip greens 
pumpkin seeds
 Magnesium is a key mineral in human metabolism . An adult body contains approximately 25 grams of  magnesium ,with this amount nearly 50 to  60 % of the magnesium is stored in the bones and most of the rest in soft tissues  . It is play an important role in the active transport of calcium and potassium irons across the cell membranes a process that is important to nerve impulse conduction ,muscle contraction and  normal functioning of heart .
Magnesium is a co-factor in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate the bio chemical reaction in the body ,including protein synthesis ,muscle and nerve function ,blood glucose control and blood pressure regulation etc .
Magnesium is naturally present in many natural foods stuffs ,added to other food products ,available in a dietary supplement and present in some medicines such as antacids and laxatives .
 - It is required for energy production within our cells , oxidative phosphorylation and glycolysis .
- It contributes to structural development of bone and is required for the synthethis of DNA ,RND ( reflex neurovascular dystrophy ) ,and antioxidant glutathione .
- Enhance the control of blood sugar ,it is a cofactor for over 100 enzymes involved in the control of blood sugar metabolism .

- Magnesium deficiency leads to many health problems like  chronic fatigue ,muscle pain ,stress ,anxiety ,premenstrual syndrome ,bronchitis ,skin allergies asthma ,mood swing , diabetes ,hypertension ,osteoporosis ,fatty liver ,coronary artery disease,congestive heart failure ,obesity ,migraine headache ,depression bone loss parathyroid hormone problem it leads to a reduced absorption of calcium in the intestine as well as increased loss of calcium and magnesium in the urine .
- As an adult men and women requires 400 mg magnesium per day.  it is recommended by the food and drug administration America .     - Magnesium deficiency is called hypomagnesemia ,in our  serum contains magnesium levels less than 0.75 mm01/L.  this stage is called hypomagnesemia .We should treat immediately in this stage ..- Some foods are having richest and good source of magnesium like pumpkin seeds ,sesame seeds ,sunflower seeds ,mustard seeds , cashew nuts ,almonds , brazil nuts ,walnuts ,hazelnuts , yogurt ,dried coconut ,spinach ,beet greens ,seaweed spirullina ,tomato,potato ,sweet potato ,cauliflower ,cucumber ,turnip greens ,cloves ,celery ,basil ,fermented soy bean ,pinto bean, barely ,oats ,wheat ,corn .brown rice and millet.
- Drinking water can be surprisingly rich in magnesium ,in a mineral water 1 littler will provide 100 milligrams of magnesium 
- Too much of magnesium from food does not cause any health risk in healthy individuals because the kidneys eliminate excess amount in the urine .however high doses of magnesium from dietary supplements or medication often results in diarrhea that can be combined by nausea and abdominal crumbling .


  The sweet and sour tamarind is one of the widely used  ingredients found in every  Indian and south east Asian kitchen .Tamarind tree is very large with long and heavy drooping branches and dense foliage .During each season the tree bears curved fruits pods in abundance covering all over its branches .Each pod has hard outer shell encasing deep brown soft pulp enveloping around 2 to 10 hard seeds ,Its pulp and seed held together by extensive network .
Tamarind trees are evergreen tropical trees native to Africa grown throughout the tropical and sub tropical regions of Africa ,south east Asia ,south America Caribbeans is lands for their fruits .India is the largest commercial cultivator of tamarind .
Biological name of the tamarind is tamarindaus indica , the other langugages tamarind is called as Lmli in Hindi , urudhu and punjabi ,puli in tamil and malayalam ,amli gujarathi ,tentuli in bengali .
Tamarind is available  in the market throughout the year in the form of  dried pods ,pressed fibrous slabs ,tamarind blocks ,ready to use slices ,concentrates ,balls or in the paste form .

Tamarind is  is rich in vitamins like vitamin C ,vitamin A , B 1 ( thiamine ) B 2 (riboflavin ) ,niacin ,folic acid  ,tartaric acid ,minerals like iron ,calcium ,potassium ,copper ,selenium ,zinc , magnesium ,  dietary fiber  ,non polysaccharides such as ,mucilage , pectin and tannin ,phytochemicals such as linanonene ,geranio ,safrole ,linanic acid ,methyle salicylate etc and many volatile chemical compounds .

Regular in take of tamarind in your diet will help 
- Acts as a blood purifier and improves the quality of blood .
-Prevents constipation  and acts as a natural laxative because of its dietary fiber .
-  Prevents  heart from cardio vascular diseases and reduce the high blood pressure because of its  high content of potassium  .
- Lowers the blood cholesterol .
- Reduce the body weight 
- Effective for treating fevers ,sunstroke and paralysis .
- Enhances the appetite ,the recipes of tamarind jaggary ,chilies and salt are good appetizers and also very effective for digestion  
- Stimulate bile and other juices in the body .
- Dilute tamarind decoction kills  the stomach worms in children .
- Fight against harmful free radicals and prevent the risk of cancer 
- Increase the red blood cells production because of its iron content 
- Improves  and strengthens the body,s immune system and prevent from deficiency diseases because of its vitamin C content,
- Mix of this pulp is  a good painkiller for swollen joints 
- Tamarind juice is acts as tonic ,carmative ,antiseptic ,mild laxative ,cleaning agent and febrifuge .
- Tamarind is associated with other ailments and diseases like fractures ,earache ,diarrhea ,sprains ,burns ,malaria ,blood impurities ,inflammation ,bleeding piles ,jaundice ,painful and swollen joints ,asthma ,rheumatism ,sunstroke ,diabetes ,urinary stone ,nausea and vomiting during pregnancy ,skin rashes ,leprosy and paralysis . 
- Tamarind is a natural anti aging agent .
- Used as a food preservative and prepare many dishes . 
Tamarind juice is very famous in Tamil Nadu during summer   and festival seasons .


 Mudra means seal in Sanskrit .Mudras are  symbolic or ritual  hand gestures .Kubera mudra  is very powerful mudra for increasing  ones intent of desires , confidence and achieving goals .This mudra is dedicated to the God of wealth ( Lord kubera ). Kubera mudra is also known as " three finger technique or wealth mudra .This mudra is very simple and every body  can do it easily .

- Sit properly with sugasana on a proper mat .
- Join your tips of the  thumb ,index finger and middle finger together and press slightly .
-  Fold and place  the other fingers in the middle of your palm .
- Do this with both hands at a time without any strain of palms .
- Take slow and deep breathing while focussing on your heart desires .
- Do it for  15 to 30 minutes .
- Intensity of focus is more important than time for this mudra .
- It is also helps for  decongestion of  the frontal sinuses .
- It is also one of the best way to program your mind and body to bring out the specific important goal or wish .