Brahmi or vallarai leaves powder      - 1 tsp 
Avarampoo or Cassia auriculata  powder     - 1 tsp 
Skimmed milk                  - 100 ml 
Palm candy                         - 1/2 tsp 
Cardamom powder               - a pinch     

 - Take 200 ml of water  in  a container 
 - Add  above said quantity of brahmi leaves powder , avarampoo powder  and palm candy  .
 - Boil this mixture and make it half then  filter it .
-  Add boiled skimmed milk and cardamom powder to the filtrate and mix it thoroughly .
- Serve it as a hot .
Health benefits of this tea 
Regular intake of this tea will helps to 
- controls diabetes ,removes  urinary problems ,good for kidney disorders , prevents kidney failure in diabetic patients ,removes body odour ,nerve problem ,digestive problem ,good laxative ,reduce body heat , burning foot ,dryness of skin ,increases the  insulin secretion  ,increases memory ,prevents alzheimer's disease ,good for diabetic neuropathy  and rejuvenate the body cells .
( Above said ingredients are available in herbal stores )


The delicious and highly nutritious green peas are one the important and widely consumed leguminous vegetables in both fresh and dried form  in the world .It is originated from central Asia and middle east Asia  ,now it is grown   in throughout the world .The scientific name of the green peas is Pisum Sativum belongs to the family of Fabaceae .

It is an annual plant with life cycle of one year .It is a winter crop dry seeds can be available in the market around the years .Green peas are  known as mutter are one of the common ingredients in winter season dishes in the Indian sub continent .Fresh peas are added to a variety of mouth watering recipes like aloo mutter ,mutter paneer etc . Canada is the largest producer of green peas in the world .India ,China , Russia and France also large scale producer of green peas .

It contains lot of nutrients like very good source of protein ,soluble  and insoluble dietary fiber ,excellent source of folic acid ,vitamin  A ,K ,B1 B2 ,B3 ,B6 ,C ,zinc ,magnesium ,calcium ,choline ,iron ,copper ,manganese ,magnesium ,potassium ,molybdenum ,phosphors omega 3 fatty acids ,19 essential  amino acids ,antioxidants and flavonoids such as carotene ,lutein ,zeanxanthin ,low calories and no fat .

Many research studies indicates that regular intake of green peas will helps to 
- Reduce the body weight because fresh tender green peas  ( 100 grams green peas  provides 81 calories )are low in calories with no cholesterol and soluble and insoluble dietary fiber .
- Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and lowers the fasting sugar levels ,reduce the insulin resistance because of its low glycemic index .
- Required for formation of red blood cells and DNA synthesis inside the body cells because it is the excellent source of folic acid .
- Give more resistance to the body and scavange harmful inflammatory free radicals from the body  because it contains a water soluble antioxidant vitamin C .
- Reduce the LDL  ( low density cholesterol or bad cholesterol 
) cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood  and Lowers   and maintain normal the blood cholesterol levels because of its dietary fiber content  with no cholesterol .
- Boosts the bone health and improves the coagulation of blood .
- Prevents  the  Alzhemeirs disease by limiting  neuronal damage inside the brain , because of its vitamin K content and antioxidant property .
- Prevents heart disease and support healthy blood vessels because of its antioxidant and anti inflammatory property .  
- Reduce the homocysteine levels which are risk factor for heart disease because of its high amount of B1 ,B2 ,B3 ,B6 and folates .
- Prevents and removes the constipation because of its high content of dietary fiber .
- Prevents the arthritis ,wrinkles ,osteoporosis because of its omega 3 fatty acids ,zinc ,vitamin E and vitamin K content .
- Prevents stomach cancer because of its poly phenol coumesterol . 
- Helps to reduce depression 
- Prevents fatigue and anemia 
-Greater food for children growth and development .


The world health day is a global  health awareness day celebrated every year on 7th April to mark the anniversary of the world health health organization since 1950 .Unsafe food containing harmful microorganisms like bacteria ,viruses ,parasites and other chemical substances are responsible for more than 200 diseases and linked with the death of some 2 million people annually including children .The World Health Organization  working with countries and parties to strengthen efforts to prevent ,detect and respond to food borne diseases .
"Theme of 2015 world health day is promoting food safety from farm to plate"
 .world health day 2015 is an opportunity to alert people working in different government sectors ,farmers ,manufactures ,retailers ,health practitioners as well as consumers about importance of food safety with   five keys to safer food .
1 . keep cleanliness 
  -  Protects kitchen areas and food from insects ,pests and other animals .
- Wash your hands before handling food and frequently during food preparation .
- Wash your hands with soap after going to the toilet .
- Wash and sanitize all surfaces and equipment used for food preparation .
 2 .separate raw and cooked food
  - store food in containers to avoid contact between raw and cooked food .
- separate raw meat ,sea food ,poultry food from other foods .
- use separate utensils and equipment.

3 . cook  food thoroughly 
 - Cook food thoroughly especially meat ,poultry ,egg ,sea foods 
- Reheat cooked food thoroughly .
4 . keep food at correct temperature  
- Do not leave cooked food at room temperature for than 2 hours .
- Promptly refrigerate all cooked perishable food .

5 .use safe water and raw materials 
- Use safe water 
- do not use food beyond its expiry date 
- Select fresh and whole some foods .




Palm fruit ( nungu )       - 2 pieces .
Tender coconut water    - 1 cup .
Sugar                              - 2 tsp .
Ice cubes                        - 2 pieces.

Method :

 - Remove the outer skin of the palm fruit 
 - Blend the palm fruit with  sugar in the mixer
 - Mix this mixture with  tender coconut water  and ice cubes 
 - And then serve it .

Benefits of this juice :

The simple , natural , delicious   , highly nutritious , and healthy juice gives a lot of health benefits .It is very suitable and excellent juice for summer season .
- Its acts as a  natural coolant for the body .
-It provides low calories ,fat and cholesterol free .
- Because of its anti dehydrating effects and electrolytes content helps to maintain the  normal body fluids levels .
- It is a laxative tonic , good for ulcers ,liver problems , kidney problems ,nausea and vomiting because of its  anti inflammatory and antioxidant property .
- It contains more potassium ,  easily digested carbohydrates in the form of sugar , electrolytes  ,vitamin B complex ,vitamin C ,sodium ,calcium ,iron and zinc .
- Good for bones ,removes fatigue soon .
- It boost immunity to the body . 
- It prevents skin diseases and sunstroke during summer .