Lotus seeds are delicious edible seeds obtained from the lotus plant. It has lots of medicinal and nutritional values. It is popularly known as kamal gatta in Hindi, padma beeja in Sanskrit,thamarai vithaiin Tamil and tavara vithulu in Telugu.

Lotus plant is a herbaceous, perennial, aquatic plant which belongs to the family of Nelumbonaceae. Botanical name of this plant is NelumboNuclfera. This plant is native to India and is found all over the world. Roots and stem grows under the water, the leaves and flowers float on the water. This plant blooms in summer season, the flowers are white and pink in color and sweet scented.

The seeds are black in color and are contained in a hard outer shell, are present inside the central part of the flower. These seeds have sweet taste and have chewy texture like that of almonds. The dried seeds tastes like chickpeas when baked.

Aminoacids in lotus seeds
Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Leucine and Lysine

Nutrients in lotus seeds
Lotus seeds are storehouse of nut…

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Kalanchoe pinnatais a tropical succulent flowering plant belongs to the family of Crassulaceae. It is an ornamental plant growing in the home gardens, parks, etc. It is a fast growing, drought tolerant plant which is easy to propagate, needs low water variety with beautiful flowers and has a lot of medicinal properties. 

It grows up to 3 to 6 feet tall in all climates. This plant has erect, thick & succulent stems that bears large, fleshy leaves. The oval leaflets are rounded with toothed edges. The attractive drooping blooms are borne on large panicles. These beautiful flowers are purple or yellowish white tinged calyxes and reddish corollas.

Vernacular names of this plant are Ranakalli in Tamil, Donkey ears, Air plant, Mixican leaf in English, Patharchattam in Hindi, Ranapala in Telugu,Elachedi in Malayalam, Kaadubasale in Kannada and Parnbeej in Sanskrit.

Chemical constutients present in this plant: Alpha and Beta amyrin, Beta sitosterol, N-alkane, wax hydrocarbons, wax alcohol, …

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Astercantha Longifolia is a medicinal herb which has lots of medicinal and curative properties. It is a herb that grows up to one or one and a half meters in height. Leaves of this plant are simile, shiny, ovate, lanceolate and opposite. 
Flowers of this plant are purple in color and has orange streaks. Seeds are red in color. Thorns arise near to leaf axils. Fruits are ovate, they become glabrous and glossy when mature.
This plant usually grows in marshy fields such as ponds, river beds, paddy fields, etc. This herb can be found commonly in the sub-tropical and tropical regions of India, especially everywhere in Tamil Nadu and in various other parts of the world like Nepal, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Philippines.
Vernacular names of the Astercantha Longifolia  are Neermulli in Tamil & Kannada, Jhinti in Hindi, Nirchulliin in Malayalam and Nirugobbi in Telugu.
Seeds of this plants are rich in Vitamin E, iron, proteins, etc. This plant contains terpenoids, alkaloids, flavonoids…

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Chitharaththai (சித்தரத்தை) is a traditional medicine used as an home remedy for cough, cold, sore throat, chest congestion and arthritis. This is used in Naturopathy, Siddha, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, folk medicine, etc.Alpinina galanga belongs to zingiberaceae family. It is called as 'kulanjan' in Hindi, 'chitharatha' in Malayalam, 'chitharathai' in Tamil and 'dumparaashtrakamu'in Telugu.

It is native to India. It has a narrow foliage and stems with dull dark green leaves, white and red fragrant flowers. This rhizome (underground stem) grows narrowly oblong and much branched in the soil. 

This is rich in iron, sodium, vitamin A and vitamin C, flavonoids, phytonutrients, emodin, beta sitosterol, galangin and quercetin.

Chitharathai has anti-oxidant, anti-diabetic,anti-ulcer, anti-diarrhea, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-microbial properties. Its anti-inflammatory property makes it very effective in treating arthritis. This rhizome (dried) and i…

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A tiny black Chia seeds are from the plant Salvia Hispanica.Nutrients dense and highly energy giving Chia seeds are mainly grown in Mexico.Chia means strength in Mayan language.Salvia hispanica is the botanical name of this seeds.It is having lots of medicinal properties and easily digestible.It is known  as runners food . Runners are using as a fuel  while running a long distance.Chia Seeds are good absorbent ,when we soak in water the size of the seeds are expanding up to ten times of their original size and form a gel like a substance.It is having ability to slow down the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar.

Nutrients in Chia seeds 

Chia seeds contains essential omega 3 atty acids like alpha -linolenic acid,alpha linoleic acid ,mucin,strontium,rich in high powerful antioxidants ,vitamins like vitamin A,D,B,complex like Thiamine(B1), niacin (B 6) and vitamin E,rich in minerals like calcium,potassium,maganese,magnesium,iodine,sulphurur,iron ,copper,zinc,protein and dietary fiber.


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K-27, LI-11, SP-6 - These  are the most important and very helpful acupressure points for boosting immunity and prevention from flu and some inflammations. Pressing these points 1 to 2 minutes each, daily will help you to boost immunity and protect you from other diseases. Everyone should know these three points for their healthy life.

K-27 (Kidney meridian 27)
This is the last point of the kidney meridian. It is also called immune boosting super master and energy button. It is very helpful for people who are prone to upper respiratory problems and flu symptoms like shortness of breath and cough, low immunity, always feeling sick, fatigue etc. It helps to tune the total energy of the body and boost immunity. It is located in below the each side of the colar bone as shown in the figure. Right hand must be used to press the left side point and vice versa. Press this point daily 1 to 2 minutes morning and evening for better feel.

LI-11 (Large intestine 11)
This point is located on the outsid…


Nipha virus is a highly contagious and deadly virus mainly spread through fruit bats and pigs. When a person is infected with Nipha virus, the symptoms will start to appear within 3 to 14 days.

Initially presentation of this disease is non-specific with sudden onset of symptoms like fever, headache, muscle pain,nausea and vomiting which is followed by drowsiness and confusion.Showing some neurological signs like neck rigidity, photophobia, drowsiness, disorientation and mental confusion because of encephalitis (inflammation of the brain).Its symptoms goes analogous with that of influenza (common flu or animal flu).In serious cases, it might lead to myocarditis (inflammation of heart wall) and even coma in some cases.Risk factors 
People who are exposed to bats and pigs Consuming pork (pig meat) and fruits bitten by batsContact with people who already have Nipha virus infection.It spreads through cough and sneeze of the infected person.
Natural and herbal remedy for curing Nipha v…