Colcus amonicus is a fleshy , bushy ,perennial  ,highly aromatic  and medicinal herb is commonly grown as a potted plant in India  . Now this medicinal herb is cultivating world wide countries .It is known as in Tamil karpooravalli ,because of it is having the flavour of camphor .In Hindi it is called Ajwain leaves . This has been used  for long time in Indian alternative system of medicines like Ayurveda ,Siddha and folk medicines .
The fresh  leaves juice  of karpooravalli is
-  excellent cure for cough ,cold , sore throats , nasal congestion,wheezing  and bronchitis .
- It helps to regulate the menstruation and strengthen the uterus .
- It helps the  absorption of nutrients .
- It is used in urticaria and other allergic conditions .
- It helps to regenerating the body cells , tissues and promote longevity .
- It helps to eliminate toxins from our body and promotes perspiration .
- It helps to relieve the gas formation and strengthening the intestines .
- It helps for muscles relaxation .
- It fight against infectious diseases because of its anti bacterial ,anti viral and anti fungal property  .
- It helps to improve immunity power against infectious diseases .
We can take this karpoora valli leaves in the forms of  raw ,rasam , ,bajji ,fresh leaves juice with honey  and soup.


 Vitamin K is known as blood coagulation vitamin .It is a fat soluble vitamin that stored in the liver and fatty tissues .It is found in the natural  forms of vitamin K1 ( phylloquinone  ) ,vitamin K2   (,Menaquinone) is found from animal source and is synthesied by bacteria found in naturally in the intestines .vitamin K3 (Menadione ) is a synthetic version of vitamin K .

Benefits of vitamin K 
 - It helps for blood coagulation or blood clotting .
-  It helps to strengthen the bones by helping the body retain calcium.
-It helps to prevent the hardening of arteries .
- It will prevent accumulation of calcium in the blood vessels .

Daily recommended allowances of vitamin K 

120  mcg  ( micro grams ) per day for men 
90 mcg  ( micro grams )  per day for woman 

Causes of vitamin K deficiency 
Normally this deficiency wont be caused ,
 -It can be  sometimes caused by other diseases such as liver or gallbladder diseases ,any diseases of the intestine tract that interfere ,with absorption of fat .
- Taking antibiotics which kills off the bacteria in the intestines the manufacture of the vitamin K .
- Taking cholesterol reducing tablets .
-  People who they are not taking vegetables in their diet.

Vitamin K rich natural foods stuffs 

Kale is the excellent source of vitamin K . one cup of  ( serving size ) kale contains 1062 mcg (microgram ) vitamin K .
Mustard greens ,spinach ,collard greens and turnip greens are excellent source of vitamin K .Broccoli ,parsley ,asparagus  ,cabbage ,celery ,lettuce ad spinach are the rich source of vitamin K .And other vegetables and fruits are fair source of vitamin K .


Calcium is a very important mineral in human metabolism . Calcium helps
- to form and maintain healthy teeth and bones .
- Blood clotting 
- Sending and receiving nerve signals .
- Releasing hormones and other chemicals .
Deficiency of calcium can lead to weaker bones ,poor intake ,vitamin D deficiency ,hypothyroidism ,renal disease ,long term deficiency can lead to osteomalacia and osteoporosis .Daily recommended dosage of calcium  for (adult) men 1000 mg /day .women - 1200 mg /day . Taking highest amount of Calcium supplements for a long period of times raises the risk of kidney stones .Calcium from dietary sources are safe than supplements .

Natural food stuffs which  are having richest source of calcium 
1 . 100 grams of poppy seeds contains 1584 mg of calcium .It is the richest source of calcium among all foods .you can  add these seeds to your daily diet to get sufficient amount of calcium .
poppy seeds
2 . 100 grams of omum or ajwain seeds having 1523 mg of calcium .You can add this seeds on your daily diet it is having richest source of calcium and having medicinal benefits .
omum or ajwain seeds 
3.  100 grams of seasame seeds or gingelly seeds contains 1450 mg of calcium .
Sesame seeds
4.100 grams of cumin seeds contains 1080 mg of calcium and having lot of health benefits .

cumin seeds 

5 .100 grams of agathi leaves contains 1130 mg of calcium and having lot of nutrients which are helpful to our body .Agathi leaves are the richest source  of calcium among all greens .

Agathi leaves
6 . calcium content  of following food stuffs (100 grams )
  pepper - 460 mg  
coconut -  400 mg 
 Ragi - 344 mg Ragi is the richest source of calcium among all cereals .We can make many food items from this cereal.

 soya bean - 240 mg 
 badam - 230 mg 
 drumstick leaves - 185 mg 
milk - 120 mg 
dates - 120 mg
Spinach - 99 mg


 Onion is one of staple and oldest cultivated vegetable ,found in every kitchen .It has a curative and medicinal property .It belongs to the lily family .onions contains lot of nutrients like vitamin B1 (thiamine),vitamin B6 (phyridoxin ),biotin ,vitamin C ,vitamin K ,chromium ,calcium ,folic acid ,potassium ,low sodium ,sulphur compounds , dietry fibers ,amino acids ,flavonoids and anti oxidants .Qnions are available in various sizes .Onions are having alliinase which is released when an onion is cut or crushed and it causes your eyes to water .
- Onions are  having antiseptic ,antibiotic ,anti inflammatory anti microbial , and immune enhancing  property .
-It is the richest dietary source of quercitin ,it helps to lowers the LDL  cholesterol ,triglycerides and  high blood pressure .
- It helps to increase the HDL cholesterol in the blood .
- It helps to prevent blood clotting .
- It helps to destroy the E.coli bacteria (which cause stomach ulcers)  and salmonella  typhi bacteria (which cause typhoid fever ) because of its antibacterial activity .
-It helps to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body .
- It is very good remedy for cough ,cold ,sore throat and fever .(have onion juice with honey for cold and cough )
- It helps to cure the bleeding piles .
- It helps to increase the digestive juices thus helps to have good digestion .
- It is very effect for diabetes ,it helps to increase the insulin secretion,  lowers the insulin resistance and lowers the blood sugar levels .
- It helps to reduce the pain and inflammation of joints in the conditions of an arthritis .
- It helps to reduce the tooth decaying and acute tooth aches .
- It helps to reduce the blurred vision .
- It helps to improves sperm count and sperm motility .
-It fight against asthma ,bronchitis ,hay fever ,diabetes ,atherosclerosis ,other infectious diseases and stomach cancer .
- Onions contains amino acids methion and cystine they are good at detoxifying our body from heavy metals .
- It helps to enhance the immune system of the body .
- It helps to improve the functions of liver .
- It helps to over come the anemia ,it helps produce RBC. 
We can take this onion as a raw and cooked form .


Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin with antioxidant property .The most active form of vitamin E is alpha tocopherol . Tocopherols are very important for keeping us healthy and young .Our body needs  daily 15 mg to 22 mg vitamin E for proper functioning of the body . We can get this much  amount  of vitamin E from our diet .  
Causes of vitamin E deficiency 
-Mal -absorption of fat 
- Neurological disorders 
- Low birth weight 

                                  - under nourished diet 
symptoms of vitamin E deficiency 

In children

- Delayed growth 
- speech disorders 
- liver disease 
- neurological dis orders 
- lack of muscle co -ordination 
- muscle weakness 
- problem in eye movement 
-  drooping upper eye lids  
- Loss of vibration and position senses 
- Loss of weight 
- poor eating habits 
In adults 
- mild anemia 
- neurological defects 
- infertility both men and women 
- Destruction of RBC 
- Age spots 
- Cataract formation in the eyes 
- Liver function  ,bone marrow function   ,brain  function and muscles abnormalities .
- Gastrointestinal disease 
- hair falling ,dry hair 
- slow tissue healing 
  - muscle weakness 
- leg cramps 
- degeneration of neurons 
- Enlarged prostate 
- impotency 
- decreased circulation of blood 
- Retinopathy 
Benefits of this vitamin

- It acts as a natural diuretic and helps to maintain the skin .
- It prevents cancers ,cardiovascular diseases ,cataracts and heals and reduces the wounds and  scars.
- It is very helpful in alzheimers disease ,eczema ,angina pectoris ,cataracts ,diabetes ,high cholesterol ,fibrocystic breast disease ,menopause ,menorrhagia ,infertility both men and women ,osteoarthritis ,sensitivity to bright light ,rheumatoid arthritis ,yellow nail syndrome ,neurological disorders and anemia .
The most commonly  recommended  supplement dose of vitamin E for adults is 400 mg or IU per day .
Source of vitamin  E 
- Sesame seeds ,sunflower seeds ,pumpkin seeds ,almonds ,olive seeds are excellent source of vitamin E .
- Egg yolks ,soya bean ,whole grains ,spinach ,avocado ,corn oil ,peanuts ,canola ,what germ oil ,fish these are the fair sources of vitamin E .


 Acupressure is a very effective ,simple and  traditional chinese method for treating anemia .
Acupressure points to be pressed for treating  anemia
SP 10 ,UB 17 ,GB 39 ,LIV 8 ,ST 36 
SP 10 ( Spleen meridian )

This point is called sea of blood .SP 10 is very helpful to invigorate and tonifies the blood  and can treat all forms of blood disorders .Stimulate or press this point for 1 to 2 minutes with your thump in the press and release manner .
Location of this point 
When the knee is flexed this point is located on the inner side of the knee ,2 thump width above the medial tip of the upper border of patella .
UB 17 (urinary bladder )
This point is Hui - meeting point of the blood .It is very useful for all blood related problems .Press this point for 1 to 2 minutes with your thump to get relieve from anemia .
UB 17

Location of this point 
This point is located on the back side of the body ,one and a half thump width from the center of the spine from  side wise direction   slightly below the 7th thorasic  vertebra .This point is situated at the level of the bottom of the shoulder blades .
GB 39 ( Galbladder meridian )
Location of this point 
GB 39

This point is located on the outer side of the leg , 4 fingers width upwards from  the upper  center tip of the ankle .or 
3 Cun above the tip of the lateral malleolus ,posterior to fibula .
This is influential point for bone marrow .Pressing this point will help bone marrow to produce more RBC .
ST 36 ( Stomach meridian )
Location of this point 
ST 36
This point is located below the kneecap ,4 fingers width from the depression of the knee .
This point is called tonification point .This point tonifies both blood and body as well as improving digestion and ability to absorb nutrients .Press this point for absorption of iron and get cured from anemia .
LIV 8 ( Liver meridian )
Location of this point 
When the knee is flexed the point is at the medial end of the popliteal crease .As shown in the figure .
This  point tonifies the blood and liver .It clears the excess heat patterns .
Press above said acupressure points for 1 to 2 minutes to get relieve from anemia .
Liv 8


 Garlic is one of the greatest gift of nature that found in earth .Garlic has been used  all over the world as a food and medicine for thousands of years . It is best known as a flavoring for food . It is belongs to the onion genus Allium and it is closely related to the onion .China is the largest producer of garlic .Sulphur compounds and volatile oils are the responsible for its pungent smell .Garlic is having amazing health benefits 
Garlic contains ,selenium ,phosphorus ,copper ,calcium ,manganese ,sodium , potassium ,soluble and in soluble dietary fiber ,vitamins like B6 ,C ,A ,and E ,amino acids ,fatty acids  ,natural sulphur compounds ,water ,and antioxidants .
- Garlic helps to control bacterial ,viral ,fungal ,and worm infections ,because of its anti bacterial ,anti viral ,and anti fungal property .   -  - Allicin found in the garlic is having antioxidant property .
- It prevents blood clots in the body because of its anti clotting properties of ajoene found in the garlic .
-It helps to protect our heart against cardiovascular problems like hardening of the arteries ,heart attacks because of anti clotting properties of ajoene found in the garlic .
- It helps to reduce and regulate the high blood pressure .
- It helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol  and triglycerides .
- It helps to increase the HDL cholesterol .
- It helps to reduce and prevent the arterial plaque formation .
- It is very good remedy for cough ,cold ,asthma ,bronchitis  ,sinus congestion ,allergic rhinitis and other respiratory problems .
- It helps the body to fight against allergies because of its anti allergic property .
- It is very good for diabetes ,it increases the insulin secretion and regulate the blood sugar levels .
-Garlic extract is very effective against warts and corns .
- It prevents all types of cancer .
- It helps to improve the iron metabolism .
- It helps to reduce the toothaches  because of its analgesic property - It boosts immune system of the body .
- It helps to reduce weight because it is having low calories .
- It is a natural antibiotic ,it fight against all infectious diseases 
- It has been used to treat enlargement of prostate gland .
- It helps to improve the liver function .
- It helps to reduce the gas formation and stomach pain .
- It helps to reduce the inflammation and pain in osteoarthritis .
- It helps to get rid off acne .
- It helps to regulate the thyroid function .
Garlic pills  and garlic extracts are available in the market.