Vitamin K is known as blood coagulation vitamin .It is a fat soluble vitamin that stored in the liver and fatty tissues .It is found in the natural  forms of vitamin K1 ( phylloquinone  ) ,vitamin K2   (,Menaquinone) is found from animal source and is synthesied by bacteria found in naturally in the intestines .vitamin K3 (Menadione ) is a synthetic version of vitamin K .

Benefits of vitamin K 
 - It helps for blood coagulation or blood clotting .
-  It helps to strengthen the bones by helping the body retain calcium.
-It helps to prevent the hardening of arteries .
- It will prevent accumulation of calcium in the blood vessels .

Daily recommended allowances of vitamin K 

120  mcg  ( micro grams ) per day for men 
90 mcg  ( micro grams )  per day for woman 

Causes of vitamin K deficiency 
Normally this deficiency wont be caused ,
 -It can be  sometimes caused by other diseases such as liver or gallbladder diseases ,any diseases of the intestine tract that interfere ,with absorption of fat .
- Taking antibiotics which kills off the bacteria in the intestines the manufacture of the vitamin K .
- Taking cholesterol reducing tablets .
-  People who they are not taking vegetables in their diet.

Vitamin K rich natural foods stuffs 

Kale is the excellent source of vitamin K . one cup of  ( serving size ) kale contains 1062 mcg (microgram ) vitamin K .
Mustard greens ,spinach ,collard greens and turnip greens are excellent source of vitamin K .Broccoli ,parsley ,asparagus  ,cabbage ,celery ,lettuce ad spinach are the rich source of vitamin K .And other vegetables and fruits are fair source of vitamin K .

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