litchi fruits 
 The delicious ,juicy ,sweet ,very fragrant and highly nutritious litchi fruits are the  summer fruits belongs to the family of sapindaceae . This fruit gives coolness to the human body to beat the scorching summer heat . Fresh litchi fruits are available in the market from may to October  .This fruits are originated in China and  cultivated for more than 4000 years ,now it is cultivated all over the world . It is slow growing ,medium seized  ( it may reach 40 to 50 feet height )ever green tree with branches .Litchi  fruit is soft and pulpy white or pink in color having lots of nutrients .
It is a  citrus fruit ,excellent source of vitamin C .very good source of  thiamin ,niacin ,folates ,potassium , copper  ,phosphorus ,magnesium ,manganese ,protein ,dietary fiber ,proanthocyanidins and poly phenolic compounds .
This fruits are using to prepare salads ,juices ,jams ,jellies .sauces and syrups .
Regular in take of this fruit will helps to 
- Regulate the blood pressure and prevent heart disease because it is low in sodium high in potassium  and have  no cholesterol .
- Encourage good blood circulation and formation of red blood cells because of this copper content .
-   Improves iron absorption  in the body because of it its vitamin C content ,( vitamin C is essential for iron absorption  )
- Aids digestion  ,reduce constipation and prevents gastero intestinal disorders .
- Boost immunity power against the infectious diseases because it is excellent in vitamin C content .
- Prevent cancers because of its poly phenolic compounds ,proanthocyanidins and powerful anti oxidants water soluble vitamin C and vitamin B .
- Maintains body fluid levels .
Add this fruit in your diet for healthy living . 


 Tada  Asana is called Samasthiti Asana ,which means standing firmly without moving .It is look like a palm tree .Tada Asana is a pose where one stands firm and erect as a  mountain .This asana is a basic position  for all Asanas .

Steps For Doing Tada Asana 
- Stand straight  with legs at a proper distance in a yoga mat .
- Keep your hands by the sides of the thighs .
- Lift your both hands in front of your shoulder levels and interlock your fingers .
- Raise your inter locked hands up and face the palms up .
- Raise your heels as much as you can and stand with your toes .
- Stretch your  body as much as you can .
- Stay this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute with normal breathing .
- And then come back to normal position 
- Do it for 4 to 5 times .

Benefits of this Asana 

  Regular practice of this asana will helps to 
-  Increases height and improves posture 
- Relieves sciatica 
- Reduces flat feet 
- Gives flexibility and strength to the spinal cord .
- Prevents  and removes back pains 
- Strengthens  arms ,hip  ,knees ,thighs , ankles and body muscles .
- Firms abdomen and buttocks 
- Improves blood circulation 
- Relieves pain ,tension throughout the body .
- Improves digestion 
- Expels dullness and depression 
- Prevents hernia 
- Relieves stiffness of the joints . 
- Body becomes charges with vitality