Pimples on face appear during the age of puberty ,when young one enters thresholds of youth.Pimples often having puss and blood should not pricked because the serum which thus comes out spread over to other unaffected area.This way area of infection is spread wide.It is better to use a towel wetted with hot water.Massage the face 2-3 times during morning and at bedtime.Use only one brand of soap regularly.Wash your face with clean and fresh cold water 3-4 times per day.Do not allow dust and dirt to settle on the face.Take Vitamin E (200 mg) 1 capsule a day.Add more fresh vegetables,green,fruits and milk on your diet.Avoid oily food stuffs.To avoid constipation drink more water.Protect your face from direct sun rays and cold winds.

Take Beri beri aquifolium-Q (mother tincture)  4 drops with 1/4th cup of fresh water 2-3 times daily for 30-45 days.This is recommended dose for removing acne spots on the face and improving the complexion.Along with this Beri beri aquifolium cream should be applied to face 2-3 times a day which is available at homeopathic medicals.

Mix two teaspoon full of greengram flour,1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon pudina juice into a paste and apply it to the face allow it for 15 minutes and after that wash your face with cold water.This will also help to remove the pimples and dark spots on the face.It help to get a glowful face.
Civet (punugu) is a perfume available in the market.Apply it on the face.This will also help in removing the pimples.
Take equal quantity of kasturi manjal,sandal and hibiscous flower.Grind them with rosewater and make it as a paste and apply it on the face at night.Wash your face with warm water in the morning.Do it for seven days.This will help to remove dark spots on your face.


Take Influencinum-200 once a day for one week to prevent swine flu.

The water in which the tulsi leaves are soaken should be drunk daily to prevent swine flu.It can also be taken in the form of tulsi tea ,tulsi juice.


Migraine is a headache which affects either left side or right side of the head.Sometimes, there is also a nausea and vomiting.

Eye strain,shock,grief,worry,gastro-intestinal irregularities,anger,fear,love,jealousy and re-morse may cause the migraine headache. Arterio-Sclerosis and disturbances of vaso-motor nervous system are the organs most frequently accused and sometimes prove to be a cause.

Severe headache in either left or right side of the head,nausea and bilious vomiting,blurred vision,flashes of light and memory, numbness,face may become scarlet red,relieved by vomiting in some cases.

Sangunaria-30 should be taken for 30-45 days to cure right sided headache and for left sided headache it is Spigelia-30. Before taking this dose  one dose of Sulphur-30 must be taken in the morning.This proves effective for curing the migraine headache.

  Take 200ml of coconut oil with 100gms of ginger paste. This is mixed and then allowed to boil until the vapour escapes from it.Allow it to cool and filter the mixture and keep the oil in the bottle.The oil thus prepared is to be applied on the head.After 1 hour take a bath with warm water.This treatment will help you relieve from migraine headache if done regularly.
   Have a ginger tea daily,it will also give a cure for migraine heache.

   The following points must be pressed by index finger for 21 times in the manner press and release.The points are Li-4, P-6, Gb-20, Ex-1,Du-20.

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