Method of preparation 

- Wash the pumpkin properly .
- Peel off the hard skin of the pumpkin 
- And remove the seeds from it .
- Cut it into small pieces.
 -  Place the pumpkin pieces in the juicer and 
- Extract the juice 
- Add desire quantity of honey .
- Add pinch of nutmeg powder and mix it well .
- keep it in the refrigerator for some time and the have this juice  .
-  It  is Very tasty and highly nutritious juice .
Nutrient contents 
 It contains vitamins like A,B 1 ,B 2 ,,B 6 ,C ,E and  K . 
protein ,carbohydrates , fiber ,potassium ,calcium ,phosphorous ,magnesium ,iron ,copper  some vital salts etc.


It helps to
    - gives  excellent cooling  effect to the body 
    -  lowers the body temperature 
    - Cues stomach ulcers and acidity 
   - Aids digestion
  - Removes constipation 
- very good for  kidney  function and urinary system .
- good for gall bladder stones and kidney stones  
- removes insomnia 
- lowers the high blood pressure 
- reduce the blood cholesterol levels 
-  boost immunity 
- relieves morning sickness in pregnant women .
- improves liver function 
- good for hepatitis 
- promotes hair growth 
- moisturizes dry and damaged hair .
- maintain a healthy and beautiful skin 
- effective in healthy burns ,bites and inflammation 
- gives as an anti aging effect .
- take twice a day will give good results .


  Pergularia daemia is a perennial twinning herb grows widely  hedges and along the roadsides of India and also tropical and sub tropical regions .It is commonly known as Trellis -vine .It  is one the well known medicinal plant in India especially in Tamil Nadu . 

In other languages it called uthamani  , velip paruththi in Tamil ,utran in Hindi ,trellis in English and uttravarunl in Sanskirt .It is belongs to the family of apocynaceae .

Foul smelling when bruised .stems bear milky juice and covered with longer stiff erect hairs .Leaves are thin broadly ovate and heart shaped ,covered with soft hairs .greenish yellow or dull white ,sweet scented flowers born in axillary ,double white corona at the base of a stamina column .

Fruits are paired with follicles covered with soft spinous outgrowth and release many seeds with long white hairs when they split open.    Seeds are densely velvety on both sides .The whole plant possess high medicinal value and it is used in  Indian  traditional medicines like herbal medicines ,natural medicines and Ayurvedic system of medicines  for treating various aliments for human beings like jaundice ,deworming ,laxative ,expectorant ,menstrual problems ,infantile diarrhea ,cold ,fever ,asthma ,bronchitis  , tetanus ,leprosy ,chest pain ,hemorrhoids  ,Rheumatic  pain  ,muscular pain ,venereal diseases ,alopecia , liver disease ,kidney disease ,snake bite ,malaria fever ,gastric ulcer ,etc .

Phytochemicals are bitter glucosides  ,alpha - amyrin ,alpha - amyrin acetatse ,beta sterol , terpenoids ,flavonoids .sterols ,cardenolides ,alkoloids ,saponins , are the chemicals isolated from either leaves .roots .stem and fruits .

 .It has multiple pharmacalogical activities ,such as anti inflammatory ,hepato protective .anti cancer ,anti diabetic ,anti oxidant ,anti bacterial ,anti fungal ,anti infertility ,analgesic ,antihelmintic ,laxative ,antipyretic  ,anti diarrhoeal ,expectorant and emetic . 

We used to cook the raw fruits of this plant as a green vegetable after removing the seeds . Take 2 to 3 grams of leaves powder  or 5 to 10 ml of  fresh leaf juice is mix with honey for 7 to 10 days  will  help to cure cold ,cough .flu .asthma .bronchitis ,allergic rhinitis  etc .Leaf powder will be available in herbal stores .


Tephrosia purpurea is a species of flowering plant in the family of fabaceae .This plant has pinnate leaves ,white and purplish flowers and flat hairy pods .
It is a common waste land weed  ,even grown in sides of the roads in many parts of India and Srilanka . It is under cultivation as green  manure crops in  poor soils .Tephrosia purpurea is commonly known as wild indigo ,kolunchi in Tamil ,Sarapunkha in Sanskrit ,Vempali  in Telugu .This plant has full of medicinal properties .
This plant was used as a traditional medicine for curing  many diseases like leprosy ,ulcers ,asthma ,tumors ,liver ,spleen ,heart  and blood related diseases  . 
-  Ayurvedic research studies shows that this plant has antihelmintic ,alexiteric ,alterative and anti pyretic properties .
-  The leaves and seeds of this plant contain  "tephrosin" which paralyzes the fish .That is why it is used as a fish poison .
 - A decoction of the roots of this plant  is used  in  treating depression ,diarrhea ,rheumatism ,asthma and urinary disorders .
 - The root powder is salutary for brushing the teeth where it is said quickly relieve dental pains and stop bleeding in gums  .
 - An extract has   'betaphroline '   it is help to  ,release of endorphins and it is  used in certain cosmetic preparations .


Turnip greens are  dark green leafy tops of turnip plant .This edible  ,tasty , nutritious and  ancient vegetable  is thought to have been cultivated almost 4000 years ago .The African slaves adopted turnip greens was a substitutes and incorporated them into their food ways .Turnips were introduced into North America by the early European settlers and colonists .

 Fresh  turnip greens are readily available all around the year .Generally the top greens are tied in bunches and sold with them small tap roots .Turnip greens are part of the cruciferous vegetables family which also includes kale ,broccoli ,cabbage and collard greens.
Turnip greens packed with lots of nutrients which are necessary for our body .Turnip greens are excellent source of vitamin K ,vitamin A( in the form of beta carotene ,vitamin C ,folate ,copper ,manganese ,dietary fiber ,calcium ,vitamin E and vitamin B 6. 

 They are good source of potassium ,magnesium .pantothenic acid ,vitamin  B 1 ,B 2 ,iron ,phosphorus .omega 3 fatty acids ,nacin and protein .
Turnip greens contains very high nitrate levels ,dietary nitrate helps to lowers  the blood pressure ,reduce the amount of oxygen needed during exercise and enhance the athletic performance .

It has very low oxalic acid  content comparing other greens which helps to reduce the form of kidney stones .

It helps to

  •    Increase the iron absorption because turnip greens are excellent source of vitamin C and iron .
  • Reduce the high blood sugar levels ,diabetic neuropathy ,peripheral neuropathy because it contains antioxidants ,alpha lipoic acid and dietary fiber .
  •  Prevents osteoporosis because it has high content of calcium and vitamin K .
  •  Good for your skin  and hair because they are packed with full of vitamin A a nutrient required for sebum production that keeps hair moisture .
  •  Prevents and treats colon cancer ,and pancreatic cancer because its high content of minerals and anti oxidant vitamin C .
  • Promotes healthy digestion and prevents constipation .
  •   Improves fertility because of its folic acid  and iron content  
  • Improves sleep ,reduce depression ,enhance the memory,appetite ,and happy mood  through increase the secretion of good hormones like serotonin ,dopamine and norepinephrine . 
  •  Improves the quality of life with cardiovascular ,respiratory or metabolic diseases .
  •  Decrease the risk of obesity ,type 2 diabetes ,heart diseases and overall mortality .

You can add this greens in your diet in the form of  raw  ,in salads ,sand witches ,wraps and braised .
In the form of boiled and fried , added soups , casseroles ,kootu ,pooriyal ,sambar etc .