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Allergies occur when the body over reacts for normal stimulation allergens which exacerbate allergens  can cause originate from  animals ,dust ,foods ,seasons change ,pollen grains of flowers ,grasses ,weeds ,genetics ,poor digestion and certain drugs .Common allergy symptoms may include coughing ,sneezing ,running nose ,congestion ,,red and watery eyes ,fatigue ,headaches , sinusitis ,nausea ,dizziness ,mental fogginess and digestive discomfort .An imbalance in the immune system is said to give rise to  an allergies .Acupressure helps in restoring the normal immune function of the body without side effects  .Blockages on the pathways can be removed through pressing this points .
Acupressure is one of the oldest Chinese method which is used to treat various health problems .Acupressure  gives relief and prevention from various allergies .Acupressure points can work wonders for preventing and relieving allergies . you can alleviate with these points all by yourself .
Acupressure points …


The delicious ,highly nutritious ,cheap ,wholesome ,creamy flesh and edible fruit is  produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus musa available throughout the year .It is originated in Malaysia around 4000 years ago and then spread all over the countries .The fruit is variable in size ,color and firmness .The fruits grow in clusters hanging from the top of the plant .Largest producer of banana is India and next largest producer is Uganda . 
  They provides numerous health benefits .Bananas are rich in calories ,excellent source of vitamin B 6 ,moderate source of vitamin A ,C and E .Minerals like potassium ,zinc ,manganese ,sodium ,calcium , iron  , dietary fiber ,antioxidants and amino acids .
Benefits of the bananas are  
- Gives more and instant energy to the body .
- Helps for production of white blood cells .
- Reduce premenstrual syndromes in women .
- Strengthens the nervous system .
- Reduce the blood pressure .
- Enhances the heart function .
- Enhance…


Omega 6  fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids ,human body does not produce its own .We can get this from diet and supplements .  Omega 6 fatty acids are in the form of Linoleic acid (LA ) ,Arachidomic acid ( AA ) . It is a very important nutrient that plays a vital role in promoting brain"s health .
Many studies have indicated that  benefits of Omega 6 fatty acids are 
-   Supplement of Omega 6 fatty acids reduces the diabetic Neuropathy people who are suffering from  this .
- Prevent allergies 
- Inhibits the  growth  of tumors and good for those  women who are having   breast cancer . 
- Helps in reproductive growth and over coming the ADHD symptoms .
- Reduces the high blood pressure.
- Good for eczema .
- Rejuvenates the hair .
- Boost in skin growth .
- Maintain healthy rate of metabolism .
- Boost bones growth 
- prevents cardiovascular diseases.
- protects kidney.
- boost memory
- Reduce the total blood cholesterol levels and LDL( bad cholesterol ) cholesterol , increase the HDL …


Potassium is  one of an important mineral for maintaining electrolyte and fluid balance in the body .It protects the blood vessels from oxidative damage .It enables the muscle contraction and helps in maintaining normal blood pressure by neutralizing the effect of sodium .It lowers the risk of formation of kidney stones and bone loss .World Health Organisation recommends the daily intake of at least 90 mmol ( 1 mmol is equal to 39 milligrams of potassium  nearly 3500 milligram of potassium ) of potassium for adult to prevent potassium deficiency hypokalemia symptoms includes fatique ,irritability ,weakness ,hypertension ,rapid or slow heart beat  and loss of muscle coordination .  We should avoid higher intake of potassium through supplements it will cause irritation .fatique  and weak muscles.  It can be cured by high potassium and slow sodium diet intake .We can get the daily requirements of potassium from natural food stuffs .
Richest source of potassium foods stuffs 

One baked pota…


Brazil nuts trees are found in the forest region of Brazil ,Bolivia and Peru .It belongs to the family of Lecythidaceae of genus Bertholletia .It grows 50 meters height with large erect stem and wide umbrella like foliage at the top of the tree .The life span of this tree is about 500 to 700 years .Each mature tree bears up to 300 fruit pods in a season .The pod is large shelled fruit similar to coconut .It will takes about 14 months to mature after pollination .Each pod can weight up to 2.5 kg .Brazil nuts are staple food at Amazonian .Richest source of selenium ,excellent source of vitamin B such as thiamine ,Riboflavin ,Niacin ,Pantothenic acid ,phyridoxine ,folates ,iron ,calcium ,potassium ,copper ,magnesium ,manganese ,phosphorous ,zinc , powerful fat soluble antioxidant vitamin E ,amino acids ,unsaturated fatty acids  like  linolenic acid ,oleic acid ,palmitic acid ,glutamine ,glutamic acid , arginine and dietary fibers  .Benefits of the Brazil nuts are  - Gives more energy and…


Mahogany seeds are come from mahogany trees that grows in almost all the tropical areas of the world .These trees are distantly related to ginseng and Neem tree .Mahogany seeds are widely available ,often in capsule form as a dietary supplement .Mahogany seeds contains 33 types of flavonoids  ,27 types of saponins  ,antioxidants ,enzymes ,vitamins ,protein , carbohydrates ,fatty acids ,and minerals .The seeds are very bitter in taste because its high content of bitter alkaloids .Benefits of the mahogany seeds are  - Lowers the cholesterol  - Regulates the blood sugar levels  - Boost immunity  - Reduces the high blood pressure  - Improves the blood circulation  - Prevent the cardiovascular disease and stroke . - Help to get rid of plaque formation in the heart . - Great for treating hepatitis C . - Great healer for gastric ulcers . - Ability in reducing pain ,bleeding ,bruising and the fluid retention that result from tissue injuries . - Prevents all types of cancer . - Revitalize the sex drive  - …


1 . Herbal remedy for increasing memory 

- Take 5 grams of  brahmi leaves powder ,  5 grams of bilva leaves powder  and 5 ml of honey mix it to the 200 ml of boiled milk  mix it well and then have this mixture morning and evening , this will help you to increase the  memory power.This is very good for school going children .These herbs are easily available in every where. This is very safe and the best method for improving memory  .
- Take 5 to 6 leaves of brahmi with two pieces of pepper chew it well and then swallow this  mixture ,daily in the morning this will help u to increase  the memory power and concentration .

2 .natural remedy for migraine headache 
 Take hand full of leaves of Etti tree  ,ginger ,pepper ,and garlic (each 20 grams ) add together , grind it well and then add this mixture to 500 ml of gingelly oil boil it well ,cool it and then fitter this mixture ,store it in a proper container ,apply this this oil on your top the head and leave it for 1 hour ,,after that you …