The delicious ,highly nutritious ,cheap ,wholesome ,creamy flesh and edible fruit is  produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus musa available throughout the year .It is originated in Malaysia around 4000 years ago and then spread all over the countries .The fruit is variable in size ,color and firmness .The fruits grow in clusters hanging from the top of the plant .Largest producer of banana is India and next largest producer is Uganda . 
  They provides numerous health benefits .Bananas are rich in calories ,excellent source of vitamin B 6 ,moderate source of vitamin A ,C and E .Minerals like potassium ,zinc ,manganese ,sodium ,calcium , iron  , dietary fiber ,antioxidants and amino acids .
Benefits of the bananas are  
- Gives more and instant energy to the body .
- Helps for production of white blood cells .
- Reduce premenstrual syndromes in women .
- Strengthens the nervous system .
- Reduce the blood pressure .
- Enhances the heart function .
- Enhance the mood and brain power because it is having          tryptophan which on getting convert to serotonin which improves  mood .
- Good for digestion .
-  It has natural antacid effects they maintain electrolyte balance   , providing relief  and also protecting from  heart burns , irritation and stomach ulcers.
-  Recover from the nicotine addiction .
- Reduce the blood cholesterol 
- Prevents insomnia 
- Enhances the weight gain   
- Prevents breast cancer in women .
- protect against kidney cancer .
- Reduce your body temperature during summer .
- Improves nutrients absorption .
- Good for digestion because of its pectin content 
- Reduce the risk of stroke .
- Good for piles 
- Normalizes the bowel movement .
- Stabilizes the blood sugar levels eating between meals .
- Counter act the urinary calcium loss caused due to increased iron potassium levels in the urine .
- Protect as from harmful bacteria and stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in the intestine .  
It can be consumed as a whole fruit ,jams ,jellies ,making bakery items etc .Add this delicious and highly nutritious fruit on your daily diet for healthy living ,

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