What is gastritis?

An inflammation of the lining of the stomach is called gastritis.Gastritis may be acute or chronic. 
Sudden severe inflammation of the stomach lining is called acute gastritis.
Inflammation that lasts for a long time is called chronic gastritis.

Symptoms of gastritis

Abdominal pain 
Heart burn
Loss pf appetite
Black stools 

Chronic gastritis leads to 

Stomach ulcers
Stomach cancer
Auto immune disease
Perncious anemia

Causes of Gastritis

Infection with H pylori bacteria
Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs
Beta blockers
Viral or Bacterial infection
Over the counter antacids

Foods that can aggravate gastritis

High fatty foods
Processed foods
Acidic foods
Spicy foods

Homeopathic treatment is very effective in both acute and chronic gastritis..homeopathic medicines are very effective in curing gastritis.

It helps to

Reduce the inflammation of the lining of the stomach
Prevents the formation of ulcers in the stomach lining

Best homeopathic medicine for gastritis
Nuxvomica: It is very good homeopathic medicine for treating  gastritis with heart burn , flatulence,nausea ,vomiting, stomach pain ,constipation and diarrhea.
Lycopodium: This will relieve the symptoms of gastritis with gas formation ,indigestion and bloating.
Arsenicum album: Ars alb is the best homeopathic medicine for treating gastritis with burning pain in the stomach
Bryonia Alba: This medicine is good to treat gastritis with constipation,diarrhea,stitching pain stomach.
Carbovegetabilis: Good for treating gastritis with flatulence,weak digestion
Pulsatilla: We can treat gastritis with heart burn,indigestion and bloating.
Bismuthum metallicum:  This medicine is good for Severe abdominal cramps,burning sensation in stomach,great thirst for cold water and vomiting .
Irisverch color: We can treat gastritis with burning sensation in chest.


World diabetes day is observed on November 14th each year to raise awareness about diabetes and promote affordable care to all. According to WHO data India is having highest number of diabetes,which is followed by China,America,Indonesia,Japan,Pakistan,Russia,Brazil,
Italy and Bangladesh .Theme for world diabetes day 2017 is "Women and Diabetes". 
There are currently over 199 million women living with diabetes.Two out of every 5 women with diabetes are in reproductive age in world wide .This will leads to high risk of early miscarriage, having baby with malformation ,infant mortality and maternal mortality.One  in 7 births is affected by gestational diabetes.
Diabetes is the ninth leading cause of death in women globally,causing 2.1 million deaths each year.Vitamin D deficiency is the main cause of type 2 diabetes women above the age of 30 are suffering from vitamin D deficiency.Women with diabetes are in higher risk to have an coronary heart disease than without diabetes. Uncontrolled diabetes will leads to many diseases like Diabetic retinopathy,glaucoma,cataract,sudden vision loss,Diabetic neuropathy,liver diseases,heart diseases,kidney diseases, stroke and death .That's why women with diabetes should take proper medications and keep the blood sugar levels under control.To prevent developing diabetes encourage the girls and women to take healthy diet,Women and girls are key agents in the adoption of healthy lifestyle to improve the health and well being of future generation.Women are the gate keepers of household ,nutrition and life style habits.

  • Prevent and developing diabetes encourage the girls and women to take
  •  Healthy diet
  • Early detection
  • Regular checkups
  •  balanced diet 
  • Maintain normal weight
  •  Doing regular exercise for 30 to 40 minutes daily
  • Low glycemic index foods and fiber rich foods like green leafy vegetables like spinach ,curry leaves,drumstic leaves ,methi leaves, beans,jamoon, noni fruit,kiwi ,guva fruit,omega 3 fatty acids, nuts like almonds,walnuts, fruits like cherries,berries,apple,whole germinated grains and pulses, chromimum rich food stuffs,Coriander seeds ,fenugreek seeds,methi leaves,black cumin seeds,bitter gourd,ivy gourd,grape seeds,olive seeds,pumpkin seeds, fruit,amla,herbs like sirukurinjan ,gudichchi,insulin plant ,tulsi,turnip,cinnamom ,garlic,onion ,turmeric ,stevia,mango leaves,Aloeovera juice,sundakkai,athalakkai,curry leaves etc.regular intake of above said foods will prevent the risk of developing diabetes.
  • Minimum of 30 minutes exposure to the sunlight to get rid of vitamin D deficiency and take calcium rich foods stuffs like milk ,cheese ,paneer and yogurt. 
  • Doing yogasanas like dhanurasana,vajrasana ,sarvangasana,paschimothasana,chakrasana,ardha machendrasa,halasana  and pranayamam. 
  •  Pressing your both hands and foots with you hands or acupressure equipements, for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Clapping hands for 10 to 15 minutes daily
  • laughing 
  • Stress free life
  • Easy going habits Above said all habits will prevent the risk of developing type 2 diabetes .


Nigella sativa(plant)

Nigella sativa (seeds)

Nigella sativa is a widely used medicinal plant throughout the world belongs to the family of Ranunculaceae.It is an Annual herb grows up to the height 45 cm.The flowers of the Nigella sativa are pale in color and its seeds are black in color.It is commonly known as black cumin ,small fennel,karunjeerakam(Tamil),kalonji (Hindi).This seeds are used for treating various diseases for many hundreds of years in alternative system of medicines like Siddha,Ayurveda,Unnai ,Naturopathy,Herbal and folk medicines.
"These seeds are capable of curing every diseases and disorders except death".
Nigella sativa is widely used as a aromatic,stimulant,carminative,galactogogue and anthelmintic.
It is mostly cultivated in Himachal pradesh,Jammu and Kashmir,Bihar,Assam ,Nilgiris,Bengal regions of India,central Europe and Portugal.
Chemical constituents and nutrients 
 Black cumin seeds are having full of chemical compounds and nutrients.These seeds are having more than 100 chemical compounds like cymine,nigellone,carvone,limonene,nigillidine,nigellimine,thymoquinone .,saponins,sterols,flavonoids like quercetin,kaempterol,volatile oil,poly unsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid,linoleic acid,lenolenic acid,stearic acid,palmitic acid,Arachidonic acid,folic acid,iron,copper,zinc,phosphorous,calcium,protein and dietary fiber.

Properties of these seeds

It has an antimicrobial,antihelmintic ,hepatoprotective ,anti diabetic anti inflammatory,anti exotoxic,anti cancer,antioxidant, ,cytotoxic,analgesic ,hypocholesterolemic ,anti hypertensive,anti spasmodic and bronchodilatory property.

These seeds are used to cure problems like Indigestion,diarrhea,dysentery ,amenorrhoea ,loss of appetite,skin eruptions,menstrual problems.vomiting,cancer,diabetes,liver problem,cholesterol,hypertension,bronchitis,asthma,stomach pain,pimples,deworming,breast cancer,pancreatic cancer ,diabetes,stomach pain etc.

How to make a Decoction from this seeds?

  • Take 5 grams of black cumin seeds 
  • Add one glass of water to it 
  • Allow it to boil for 5 minutes and then 
  • Filter this mixture 
  • Add one tea spoon full of honey to it
  • Mix it well 
  • and then have this mixture in the empty stomach in (twice a day)morning and evening.

This will helps to 

  • Relieves pains 
  • Regulates the immune system
  • Inhibits the growth of harmful micro organisms
  • Removes intestinal worms it act against H pylori bacteria,
  • Improves digestion and prevents bloating
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Combats against the development tumors
  • Reduces fever
  • Controls blood pressure
  • Reduces the blood cholesterol( triglycerides,and LDL cholesterol)improves H D L( High Density Lipoprotein )cholesterol.
  • Controls blood sugar levels
  • Relaxes the bowel
  • Enhances the lactation,
  • Removes the fluid retention
  • Regulates the menstrual cycles
  • Give coolness to the body
  • Cleans the harmful toxins
  • Cures auto immune diseases.

Oil of this seeds helps to cure migraine headache.Black oil is used in Egypt as one of the ingredients of preserving mummies.This oil is spicy in taste it is used in cooking .