Justicia adhatoda is a medicinal plant native to Asia ,widely used in Indian system of alternative medicines like ayurveda ,unnai ,homeopathy and folk medicines  . It is a shrub with lance shaped leaves 10 to 15 Centimeters  in length .This leaves are bitter in taste and contains carotene ,vitamin C ,essential oils ,sedative property ,expectorant ,antispasmodic ,antiseptic ,antielmintic , crystaline ,oroxylin ,alkaloids vaicinine,vasicinone ,adhatodic acid , and pectin .  Leaves ,roots ,flowers ,and stem of this plant is used for medicine .
- Leaves extract of adhatoda  have been used for respiratory disorders and bronchial ailments.
- It helps to relax the tracheal muscles and prevents bronchospasm caused by histamines .
- It supports respiratory system and bronchial function .
- It can be used to control bleeding both internal and external .
- It will help to cure sore throat ,cough and cold .
- It is also exerts a mucolytic ,muco regulatory and expectorant action by loosening the phlegm and making the cough more productive in expelling mucus .
- It can be used to treat tuberculosis .
- It can be used to treat wounds and minor injuries .
- It can be used  to treat in bleeding gums ,fissures and hemorrhages.     
- It helps to treat peptic ulcer because of its antiulcer activity . 
- It is used to treat  asthma ,whooping cough and bronchities .
-It helps to treat diarrhea and dysentery .
- It helps to prevent liver damage .


Acupressure therapy is a very effective therapy ,to get quick healing from cold .Cold is caused by rhino viruses .Acupressure 
help our body to expel cold viruses more quickly .It provides quick relief from cold related symptoms .It stimulates the blood circulation and strengthens the immunity system of the body .
LI 20 ,ST 3 ,EX 1 ,LI 11 ,K 27  ,LI 4 and UB 2  are the acupressure points for relieving cold .Stimulate or press  all above said points with your fingers for 1 to 2 minutes to  get quick relief from cold symptoms .
LI 20 ( Large intestine meridian )
This point is located on the either cheek ,just outside of the each nostril .
It relieves nasal congestion,sinus pain ,face swelling and facial paralysis .
ST 3 ( Stomach meridian ) 
This point is located on the bottom of  the either side of the 
cheek bone,directly below the pupil of the eye .
It relieves the stuffy nose ,burning eyes ,eye fatigue ,eye pressure and headaches .
UB 2 ( Urinary bladder meridian )
This point is located on the medial tip of the eye brow on the either side of where the bridge of the nose meets the edge of the eyebrows. 
It relieves colds ,sinus congestion ,frontal headache .and eye pain .
EX 1 ( Extra meridian )
This point is located on the between the eyebrows in the mid line on the forehead .
It relieves stuffy nose ,head congestion and headaches .
LI 11 ( Large intestine meridian )
This point is located  at the outer end of the elbow crease .

It relieves all cold symptoms ,fever ,constipation ,elbow pain 
and it strengthens the immune system . 
K 27 ( kidney meridians )
This point is located in the hallow below the collarbone next to the
breast bone .
It relieves sore throat ,cough ,breathing difficulties ,chest congestion .
LI 4 ( Large intestine meridian )
This point is located on the ,when the fore finger and the thumb are abducted at the highest point of the muscles on the back of the hand .
It relieves the headache ,muscle pain  and cold related all pains  .



 Mudras or hand gestures  helps to stimulate the body organs and endocrine glands .Mudras are the part of hatha yoga  . Mudras are practiced by yogis for thousands of years . Regular practising of mudras will give wonderful and amazing health benefits . Mudras will cure the body diseases ,and awakening the kundalini power also .
Gyan mudra or chin mudra is a very simple and powerful mudra widely used in many yogic meditation poses.
- Sit down in the mate with sugasana or vajrasana or padmasana .
- Touch the tip of the thump to the tip of the pointer .
- Remaining 3 fingers should be keep straight .
- Breathing should be normal .
- Do this mudra on your both hands .
- you can practice this mudra at any time .There is no time limit for doing this mudra .
- It sharpens the brain and increase the memory power .
- It helps to increase the concentration power .
- It is very useful for students for their studies .
- It prevents insomnia .
- It helps to cure the psychological disorders  like hysteria ,anxiety ,depression .
- It helps to relieve from the stress and strain .
-It helps to stimulate the endocrine glands .
- It helps the proper functioning of nervous system .
- It helps to increase the functions of the  master gland of the body .( pituitary gland )  


1. Natural remedy for pimples 
Nut meg powder is mixed with rose water ,and make it a paste apply this paste on your face and leave it for over night ,and then wash off  with fresh water that will help you to remove acne  or pimples .This is very effective ,simple ,low cost ,quick and best remedy for acne or pimple .
2 .For wrinkle free face and body 
 Take equal quantity of  Cabbage juice and  coriander  juice  is mixed with half quantity of honey , and then apply this mixture on your wrinkles in the face or body and leave it for 30 minutes and then wipe with clean wet cloth .You will get soft and wrinkle free face and body . This  is purely natural and this will not cause any side effects .
3.Natural remedy for bald headedness.
Take equal amount small onion paste ,garlic paste ,lily flower paste and sandal paste , mix all these ingredients ,and then apply this mixture on your head ,leave it for 2 to 3 hours and wash off with mild shampoo.This will help you  to growing hair on your bald head 4 . Natural and home remedy for scars on your face and body .
 Take  a paste of  bean plant leaves ,apply this paste on your scars and leave it for 2 to 3 hours and then wash off with fresh water .Do it for 7 to 10 days this will help you to get scar free face and body . 


  Theobroma cacao tree is a small ever green tree ,that grows 4 to 8 meters height belongs to malvaceae family from the tropical regions of central and south america .The generic name is derived from the Greek for " food of the Gods ".  "Thoes " means God ,Broma means food .Now a days this trees are grown in plantations in many tropical countries . A tree begins to bear fruit when it is 4 or 5 years old . The cacao tree produces clusters of pod shaped fruits that contains seeds or beans .The seeds are used to make cocoa powder ,as well as chocolates .
Health benefits of raw cocoa powder 

Many researches shows that raw cocoa powder has lot of health benefits .Raw cocoa powder contains many essential nutrients and minerals  that support your body health .It contains iron ,calcium ,zinc ,sulphur ,potassium copper ,chromium ,manganese ,pantogenic acid ,vitamin A ,vitamin B1 ,B2 ,B3 vitamin C and vitamin E ,protein ,beta carotene ,lysine ,flovonoids ,antioxidants ,and alkanoids .
- Dopamine present in the cocoa powder help to release endorphins in the brain which produces a happy feeling ,mood elevation ,alertness , focus and anti depression effect .
- Chromium present in the raw cocoa powder helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels .
- It improves the blood circulation ,prevent blood clotting and protect the heart from heart diseases .
- It helps to regulate the blood pressure and heart rate .
- It helps to lowers the cholesterol and helps to increase the HDL cholesterol .
-It helps to prevent heart attacks and stroke .
- It is also contains seratonin which helps to relieve the symptoms of PMS .
- The caffine in cocoa powder can protect your skin against skin damage and skin cancer .
- It has a potency to improve the kidney and liver function .
- It helps to prevent alzheimers diseases .
- It helps to relieve the stress.
- It helps to reduce the body weight because it is having low calories .
- It improves the metabolism .
- It helps for healthy digestion and prevent constipation because of its fiber content .
-It helps to prevent aging .
- It helps to prevent from cancer .
Raw cocoa powder is used in backed foods ,chocolates ,coffee ,and flavoured drinks .




 Yoga mudras are set of hand gestures that help to balance the five elements within the human body .Mudras are very effective literal remote control switches  bring miraculous and  permanent changes including physical ,mental and spiritual changes in the human body .Mudras can bring changes in  endocrine glands ,veins ,tendons and sense organs in the human body .Regular and constant practice of mudras can stop destructive changes in the body .Prithvi mudra  is very effective mudra for relieving all digestive problems .
 - Sit in sukha asana or padmasana in the mat .
 - Bend your ring finger and press it gently against the tip of the thump .
- The rest of the 3 fingers should be pointing straight .
-Hold this position for 10 to 15 minutes .
- Do this mudra  on both hands at the same time .
- Breathing should be normal .
Benefits of this mudra 
- This mudra helps to balance 5 elements with in the body .
- It helps to cure all digestive problems .
- It helps to increase the body strength .
- It helps to  remove  the fatigue .
- It helps to increase the self confidence .
- It helps to improve the liver function .



 Ashwagandha is the most powerful medicinal plant  that grows to 1.5 meters height . The common name of this herb is winter cherry .In english  name is Indian ginseng ,sanskrit name of this herb is ashwagandha ,botanical name of this herb is Withania somnifera . It belongs to the solanaceae family .This plant is native to India ,parts of Africa and Mediterranean region .It is related to the tomato and has small yellow flowers that turn to red fruits about the size of a raisin .Ashwagandha is a very well known and tested plant .It is refered to the Indian ginseng because of the medicinal properties of this plant is close to those of ginseng .
Ashwagandha  is rich in iron ,antioxidants ,tannins ,glucose ,potassium nitrates , many useful medicinal chemicals  like steroidal lactones ,alkaloids ,choline ,fatty acids ,amino acids , variety of sugars  and numerous other substances .More than 200 medical research studies have been shows  the healing benefits of ashwagandha . Considering the healing powers of this herb Ashwagandha has been used for more than 3000 years in the oldest system of Indian medicine in ayurveda , hence this is called queen of ayurveda .The roots and leaves of this herb is used for medicinal purposes .
It was used as a general tonic traditionally .
- It helps to enhance the sexual potency for both men and women .
- It helps to cure impotency  ,premature ejaculation  and infertility .
- It relaxes the blood vessels  and stimulate the blood circulation .
- It helps to rejuvenates the body .
- It helps to restore the vitality  and strength .
- It helps to improves the learning capacity ,reaction power ,and memory power .
- It reduces an anxiety and depression without causing drowsiness .
- It stabilizes the blood sugar. 
-  It helps to reduce the brain cell degeneration .
- It helps to prevent the loss of memory ,migraine  headaches and  alzheimer,s disease .
- It lowers the blood cholesterol and improves the HDL cholesterol ( high density lipo protein that  is good cholesterol ) 
-It regulates the blood pressure and prevents the heart diseases .
- It offers anti inflammatory benefits because of its anti inflammatory property .
- It combats the effects of stress .
- It protects and improves  immune system of the body .
- It helps to remove the skin problems .
- It helps to cure the rheumatism, arthritis and sciatica .
- It regulates the digestive system and protects the stomach and intestinal ulcers .
- It helps to cure painful menstrual periods  and menopause problems in women .
- It helps to improves the intellectual capacity .
-  It helps to cure and prevent constipation .
- It is also helps to promotes healthy metabolic function of the body 
- It helps to protect the various organs like liver ,pancreas ,spleen ,heart and  kidney .
- It promotes good sleep .
- It regulates the nervous system .
- It helps to prevent numerous diseases .
- It is very good antiseptic for cough ,cold ,fever . asthma and conjunctivitis .
- It helps to prevents cancers like breast ,colon ,lungs ,pancreas ,and help to prevent the growth of tumors in the brain .
- It is very good for hypothyroidism ,it stimulates and regulates the thyroid gland .
Ashwagandha is available in the form of tablets ,legiyam .churana  and extract  in herbal and ayurvedic medical stores . Ashwagandha also exists in dyes or in fluid extracts .


 Steam inhalation therapy with essential oils or some  medicinal herbs is a simple ,very useful ,effective and traditional home remedy for sinus headaches , sinus congestion , ,common cold ,bronchitis ,influenza and other respiratory aliments due to allergies and asthma .
Needed ingredients 
1 . Eucalyptus oil 
2  . Camphor oil           ( OR )
3 . Tincture benzoin 
 Medicinal herbs like 
-  Nochchi leaves 
- Thumbai leaves 
-  Eucalyptus leaves 
- Adathoda leaves 
- Turmeric powder 
- Boil the water in a proper container until it steams .
- Turn off the heat and remove the container ,keep it on the table holder .
- Add 3 to 5 drops of  above said essential oils to the water .
- Cover your head with clean towel or bed sheet and inhale the steam for 5 to 10 minutes .
Instead of this essential oils you can add the above said  herbs to the container add some water to it and allow it for boiling until it steams and turn off the heat and remove the container  ,keep it on the table holder ,cover your face with towel or bed sheet ,inhale the steam for 5 to 10 minutes .Add these herbs alone or combined the above said herbs .You can have this steam inhalation twice a day for quick relief from cold ,sinus infections and headaches .

Instead of this you can use steam inhaler containers which are available in the market .You can have steam inhalation through steam inhalers by using camphor oil ,eucalyptus oil and tincture Benzoin .

Benefits of steam inhalation 

- It helps to clear your sinuses ,bronchial and other respiratory infections .
- It helps to removes the symptoms of cold and flu .
- It removes the mucus from your lungs .
- It clears your skin and improve complexion .
- It helps to alleviate the pain in face and headaches .
- It helps to improve the immunity power .
- It helps to remove the toxins from our body .
- It helps to improve the blood circulation .
- It can calm your mind and spirit .



Amla         -  10 pieces 
Honey        -  2 tea spoon 
Dried ginger - small piece  
- Wash and remove the seeds of amla .
- Add dried ginger piece , amla  and water to the mixer jar.
- Grind  it well  in the mixer .
- And then filter this mixture ,add honey to it ,stir it well .
-  After that you can have this juice .
Have this juice continuously for 2 to 3 weeks this will help anemic patients ,to get rid of anemia .





 Thumbai leaves and flowers juice  - 15 ml 
 Tulsi  leaves juice  - 15 ml 
 kuppaimeni leaves juice - 15 ml 
 Nalvelai  juice  - 15 ml
 Ginger juice  - 15 ml
Kostam - 1 piece 
Nochchi leaves juice  -  15 ML 
 Coconut oil  - 500 ml 
Method of preparation 
- Take a vessel for preparing oil 
- Add coconut oil to the container and add all above said juices to it
- Stir it well and allow it to boil  still the water content is  removed .
- At  last add kostam to it and then remove from fire .
- And then cool  the mixture ,store it in a proper container .
- Apply this oil on your top head daily for 3 months .This will help you to get cured from sinusitis problem .



Tulsi leaves     -25 grams                                                           
Dried ginger     -10 grams
Pepper              -10 grams
Chitharathai     -10 grams
Athimadhuram -10 grams
Coriander seeds-15 grams

-Make a powder of above said ingredients except tulsi leaves. 
-Take four glasses of water in a vessel add the powdered    ingredients and tulsi leaves.
-Boil it for 30 minutes to make it half.
-Filter the mixture .
-Take 30-50 ml of warm filtrate add honey or  jaggery to it.
-Have it twice a day for getting cured from cold.