The liver is a  vital ,large meaty organ that sits on the upper right side the abdomen below the diaphragm .The liver is the reddish brown in color and feels rubbery to the touch .Normally we can,t touch the liver because it is protected by the rib cage .The liver has two sections called right and left lobes . It is the largest solid organ in our body weighs approximately 1.44 - 1.66 KG  .Gallbladder is located under the liver along with the parts of the pancreas and intestines .The liver and gallbladder work together to digestion and absorption process .
The liver is the large and regenerative gland has wide range of functions including 
- Detoxification of various metabolism, 
  - Regulation of glycogen storage ,
 - Decomposition of red blood cells ,
 - Plasma protein synthesis ,
  - Hormone production , 
  - Detoxification of chemicals  
  - Metabolizes drugs .
  - Liver secret bile juice  that ends up back in the intestines .
   - Gives immunity to the body ,
  -  Regulates blood clotting ,
Liver diseases  are caused by various reasons.we should protect our liver  by using  natural food staffs and herbs .
Some  of  the herbs and foods  which are having  liver protective and anti oxidant properties are karisalankanni ,keela neeli ,Ponavarai ,Amla leaves ,Neem  leaves ,Aloe vera etc .
we can add this herbs in our daily diet  in the form of juice or soup .
Foods like  garlic ,lemon ,grapes ,blue berries ,carrot ,beet roots ,green tea ,spinach ,lettuce ,broccoli ,avocado ,turmeric ,olive oil ,flax seed oil , walnuts ,apple  ,okra are liver protective natural food stuffs . Add your daily diet  for  protecting  your liver from liver damage .

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 Eclipta alba is a medicinal  ,creeping and moisture loving herb belongs to the family of Asteraceae  ,widely distributed throughout India ,China ,Thailand ,and Brazil .It grows commonly in moist places as a weed all over the world .This plant has cylindrical grayish root with flowers .There are four varities of the herb bhringraj based on its color yellow ,white ,blue and red .White and yellow play an important role in ancient medicine . Eclipta prostrata commonly known as false daisy ,yerba  de tago and bhringraj .The other names of this plant in other languages karisalankanni in Tamil ,bhungra in Hindi ,bhringraj in Sanskrit  guntagalijaern in telugu ,kayooni in malayalam .
It contains ,alkalaids ,flavonoids ,glycosides .poly acetylenes ,triterpenoids ,stigmasterol a - terthienylmethanol etc .Traditionally it has been used for blackening  hair ,promoting hair growth and strengthening hair  ,tattooing and external uses like athlete foot ,eczema dermatitis and leaves has been used in the treatment of scorpion  stings and also a powerful liver tonic in ayurvedic system of medicines .
Many studies revels that this herb helps to cure 
- Jaundice , fatty liver ,,hemorrhoids and indigestion .
- Protects against night blindness and other eye diseases like conjunctivitis ,styes  ( inflammation of eye lids ) and redness  because of its high content of carotene .
- Gargling the leaves of this juice strengthens teeth gums and clears coating of the tongue .
- Natural  tonic for hair ,acts as a conditioner for hair, prevents hair loss ,premature graying of hair ,alopecia ,early baldness and promote hair growth .
-  Treat skin conditions  like itching ,inflammations ,recolor the skin after depigmentation .
- Alleviate the mucus and treat asthma and bronchitis .
- Oil prepared  from this also dissolves obstructions in the sinus .nose .ears and head .( use as nose and ear drops )
- Good for throat and lung infection .
- Decoction of this herb is used in uterine haemorrhage and menorrhagia .
- Protect against all types of cancer because of its anti cancer activity .
- Protects against bacterial infections  of E .coli ,Salmonella typhi ,K,pneumoniae bacterias .
- Clinically proved to posses anti diabetic and diuretic activity by acting upon pancreas by restoration and regeneration of pancreatic beta cells .
- Improves memory  because of its memory enhancing activity .
- Increases the  hemoglobin levels in blood .
- It calms stress and reduces tension because of its anti aggression activity .
- Prevents high blood pressure 
- Heals ulcer because of its anti inflammatory activity .
- Cures constipation because of its fiber  content .
- Used as an anti venom against snake bite in China and Brazil .You can take this  herb as a juice and powder .1 teaspoon powder mixed with hot water or honey before food in the morning or 

5 to 10 ml of  juice can take per day .You  can prepare many food items with this herb like karisalankanni koottu ,chappathi ,dosa etc .