The sweet ,tasty ,delicious ,small  and golden orange apricots are originally from china but arrived in Europe via Armenia .It consists of a single seed surrounded by crunchy ,aromatic ,edible flesh .The seed is enclosed a hard stony shells .Fresh rip apricots have a  sweet flavour similar to plums .It can be used as a fresh ,dried ,cooked into pastry , jam ,distilled brandy and liqueur . Scientific name of this apricots are Pruns Armenia .The leading producers of the apricots are Turkey ,USA ,Russia ,France ,Italy ,Spain ,Greece and China .The largest producer of apricot is Turkey .
They are rich in health promoting phytochemicals and nutrients .    - - They are excellent source of vitamin A , 100 grams of apricots will provide 1926 IU of vitamin A .It is very good for vision .
- They are good source  of minerals like potassium ,iron ,calcium ,zinc ,manganese ,amino acids ,fatty acids and dietary fiber  .
- Lutein ,zeaxanthin  and beta cryptoxanthin present in it will help the eyes  to protect from age related macular degeneration in elderly people .
- It protects your heart from atherosclerosis ,heart attacks and strokes because of its potassium content and antioxidant property .
- The powerful antioxidant lycopene is one of the carotenoids found in apricot . Carotenoids compounds that gives red ,orange yellow colors of the fruits and vegetables .
- It helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol and increase the HDL cholesterol levels in the body .
- It helps to maintain the normal fluid levels in the body .
- It helps to prevent osteoporosis.
- It is very effective to reduce the risk of cancers because of its antioxidant  and flavonoids like quercetin ,panthocyanidins ,gallic acid ,catechins and ferulic acid .
- It protect against inflammation because of its catechins  flavonoids phytonutrients  .
- It is rich in dietary fiber and therefore it is good for smooth bowel movement and it helps to stimulate the digestive juices that help to absorb the nutrients .
- It is very good for weight management because it is low in calories 
- It contains vitamin C natural antioxidants it helps the body to develop resistance against infectious disease .
- It helps to absorb the iron and formation of red blood cells .
- Apricot oil is  extracted from seeds of apricot  it is having  as  moisturizing  ,anti inflammatory ,anti aging ,antiseptic and anti oxidant properties and it is good for skin care also .


Cataracts are common disease of eyes to cause vision loss and are potentially blinding if untreated .Cataracts are caused by oxidative changes in the lens of the eye which leads to the gradual clouding and impairment of vision .Cataracts affects both eyes but almost one eye is affected earlier than the other .It is very common in aged people .The lens is a clear part of the eye that helps to focus an image on the retina .The retina is the light sensitive tissue at the back of the eye .The lens must be clear for the retina to receive a sharp image .If the lens is cloudy from a cataract the image you 
see will be blurred .The lens consist of mostly water and protein .When the protein clumps up it clouds the lens and reduces the light that reaches the retina .The clouding may become severe enough to cause blurred vision .The clear lens slowly changes to a yellowish or brownish color adding  a brownish tint to vision .
Types and causes of cataract 
- Age related cataract is developed as a result of aging .It is common among the aged people .
- Congenital cataract it may develop in the result of infection ,injury ,birth defects ,they may develop during childhood period .
- Cataracts may develop as the result of diabetes ,hyper tension ,exposure to toxic substances , exposure to some types of radiations ,certain drugs like corticosteriods or diuretics ,ultraviolet radiations 
- Traumatic cataracts these form after injury of an eye ,it may develop after many years  .
- Other factors like smoking ,alcohol consumption and air pollution also form cataract .
- Vision is cloudy ,blurry .
- Progressive near sightedness in older people .
- Problem in driving at night such as glare from on coming head lights .
- Problem with glare during the day also .
- Double vision 
- color in the way you see 
- Sudden changes in glasses prescription .
Homeopathic remedy 
Cineraria martima 
The government of India's central council of research in homeopathy ,ministry of health and family welfare have stated that the mother tincture of cineraria martima  is the success drug of choice which prevents  and treat the development of cataract  .Cineraria martima or dusty muller is a common herb whose mother tincture is known to dissolve cataracts .It can reverse the existing cataract .Cineraria martima homeopathic eye drops are available at homeopathic medical shops .This is very effective drops for treating cataracts .


Omega - 3 fatty acids rich foods 
Omega- 3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated essential fatty acids necessary for human health but body can not make them ,only we can get them through food .Omega -3 fatty acids play an important role in brain function as well as normal growth and development .There are three types of omega - 3 fatty acids . ALA - Alpha linolenic acid ,EPA - Eilcosapentaenoic acid  , DHA - Docosahexaenoic acid involved in human physiology .

Omega -3 fatty acids are found in fish such as salmon ,mackerel ,sardines ,tuna ,herring ,flax seeds ,walnuts ,pumpkin seeds ,collared greens ,mustered seeds ,olive seeds , olive oil .sesame  seeds ,soybean ,basil ,straw berries ,raspberries ,cauliflower and brussels sprouts .Many research studies shows that 
- Diet rich in omega - 3 fatty acids helps to prevent heart attacks ,irregular heart beat ,hardening and narrowing of arteries and stroke - Omega  - 3 fatty acids intake will prevent the type 2 diabetes .
- It improves the brain function ,lowers the mental depression ,reduce the mood swing and boost memory .
- It helps in the production of prostaglandis which is helpful for regulate the blood pressure,blood clotting ,nerve transmission and allergic responses .
- It improves the blood cholesterol levels ,increase the  HDL cholesterol  which good cholesterol and decrease the triglycerides levels .
- It helps to improves the bone strength through the increasing the  levels of calcium in the body .
- It protects against dementia and Alzheimer's disease .
- It slows aging .
- It improves the hyper activity in children .
- It helps to reduce the breathing difficulties .
- I lowers the the risk of chronic diseases .
- It helps to improve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis .
- It reduces the risk of cancer .
- Deficiency of omega - 3 fatty acids includes fatigue , dry skin , poor circulation ,poor memory ,mood swing and depression .


 The delicious and highly nutritious nungu or ice apple is  the  tender fruit of palmyra tree .palmyra trees are tall palms capable of growing up to 30 meters height . It is the official tree of Tamil Nadu . It is a native to south and southeast Asia .We can see this tree in Vietnam ,Indonesia ,Thailand ,Java ,Pakistan and other southeast Asian countries .The leaves are long hard and fan shaped 2 to 3 meters in length .The flowers are small in densely clustered spikes flowed by the large brown collective roundish fruits .This fruit is translucent jelly and due its cooling effects it is called ice apple . The juicy fruit is called nungu in Tamil ,thati munjalu in telugu ,thatti nungu in kannada .This fruit is available during the summer season .It contains essential nutrients like B complex vitamins like thiamine ,riboflavin , niacin ,vitamin C ,vitamin A  ,iron ,potassium ,calcium ,zinc  ,dietary fiber and phytochemicals .In Tamil Nadu the seeds of the palmyra trees are planted and made to germinate and the fleshy stems below the surface are boiled and eaten .It is highly nutritious and fiber rich called  as panangkizhangu .palm sugars are prepared from palm trees is having highly medicinal value used in ayurveda and siddha .The leaves are used for thatching mats ,baskets ,hats ,umbrellas and decorative items .
- It has low calories and gives more energy ,helpful for weight reduction .
- It  is a natural coolant for the body, helps to cools the body during summer and removes  and keep away the prickly heat boils .
- It has a phytochemical anthocyanin which helps to inhibits the growth of tumors and breast cancer cells .
- It helps to  improve the digestion and helps to cure  the digestive problems .
- It is very good for treating nausea ,vomiting and also warm infestations .
- Pulp of this fruit is known to cure a number of inflammatory conditions of the skin .
- It is rich in potassium and low sodium that helps to control the blood pressure and very good for heart .
- It is very good for white discharge in women .
- It is an excellent food for pregnant women ,for their digestion ,constipation and acidity problems .
- It is very good for  the chicken pox and measles patients .
- The fresh sap  is used as a tonic ,laxative for treating ulcers and liver problems .
- Toddy ( a sugary sap ) derived from the tree ,after some times it gets fermented and becomes a mild alcoholic beverage ,it is low in fat and highly nutritious .
- It is a good appetizer .
- It is good for anemia .
- It clears out  the toxins from our body .
It is an excellent food for summer .




The kidneys are the amazing and vital organ of the body and they responsible for waste management .Kidney disease is most commonly linked to the people with diabetes ,high blood pressure ,heart disease and those who 's age is above 60 years .Obesity ,family history ,kidney stones ,urinary tract infections ,autoimmune disease ,taking medication for some diseases and other infections also contribute to you the risk of developing kidney disease .We have protect our kidneys must .Through diet we can protect our kidneys .
Natural food stuffs for protecting and improve the functions of the kidneys .
Grains :


 Back rice ,barley ,corn are the greater cereals for protecting and improving the the functions of the kidneys .
Beans :
 Black soybeans ,kidney beans

Nuts :
Walnuts and Chest nuts 


Black sesame seeds.

sesame seeds

Blue berries ,black berries ,straw berries ,raspberries ,cranberries , Cherries ,red grapes  ,pears ,apples ,and   water melon .







 Vegetables :
Cabbage ,beet root ,beet greens ,parsley ,red bell pepper ,burdock ,garlic ,onion , cauliflower , water chestnut , Celery ,spinach ,String beans .birnjal , Cucumber,kovaikkai             (cepalendra indiga ),kovakkai greens  and kasini greens .
Sea foods: 
Crab ,lobster ,turtile ,cutriefish ,sardine and other fish varities .
Micro algae Spirullina ,chiorella 
Green tea ,olive oil ,


The popular ,delicious ,highly nutritious ,tasty and healthy nuts are native to Brazil,s Amazon rain forest today it is cultivated many parts of the world .Cashew tree is an average size tropical evergreen tree belonging to the Anacardiaceae family of genus Anacardium . It grows high as 14 meters .Cashew nuts are actually the kidney shaped nuts that adhere to the bottom of the cashew apples the fruit of the tree .Nigeria is the world largest producer of cashew nuts .Cashew nuts are more effective nuts than any other nuts .

  They are packed with soluble dietary fiber ,vitamins , protein ,unsaturated fats ,minerals like calcium ,phosphorus , copper ,zinc ,manganese ,iron ,magnesium  and numerous health promoting phytochemicals that helps to protect from diseases and all types cancers .Many research studies shows that 
- Cashew nuts are rich in heart friendly monounsaturated fats ,poly unsaturated fats ,palmitic acid and stearic acid ,it helps to lower the bad cholesterol ( LDL ) while increasing good cholesterol (HDL)and also its prevents the coronary artery diseases and stroke by favoring healthy blood profile  .
- This helps for metabolism of protein ,fat and carbohydrates at cellular levels ,because it contains vitamin B 1 ( thiamine )  ,B 2 ( riboflavin ) , B 5  ( pantothenic acid )  and B 6 ( pyridoxine ).
- Because of its copper and zinc content it regulates the growth and ,development ,sperm generation ,digestion and nucleic acid synthesis .
- It gives more energy and strength  because they are high in calories ,100 grams cashew nuts provides 550 calories .
- It helps to regulate the thyroid function because of its selenium content .Selenium is an important micro nutrient for the functions of the body .
- It helps to regulate the nerve function and muscle tone because of its magnesium content .
- It helps for healthy bones because of its calcium content .
- It helps to prevents gall stone formation .
- It gives glowness to the skin because of its vitamin E content .
- Take hand full of cashew nuts  daily will help to prevent cancer .
Cashew nuts are used for snacks ,preparing sweets ,garnishing food items and thickening agent for soups ,meat stews and some milk based desserts .Cashew fruits are used to make beverages like penny .Add this highly nutritious nuts on your daily diet .