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Health Benefits Of Garcinia Indica (Cooling King Of India)

Garcinia indica is a popular ,delicious ,cool and summer fruit in India . The genus garcinia  belongs to the family of Clusiaceae, includes about 200 species found mostly in Asia ,Africa ,western ghats region of India and Andaman Nicobar islands .It is commonly known as kokum fruit.

Garcinia indica is easily grown  in forest lands, riversides and wastelands. These plants prefer evergreen forest but sometimes they also thrive in areas with relatively low rainfall.It is also cultivated on a small scale. It does not require irrigation, spraying of pesticides or fertilizers.The tree is ornamental, with a dense canopy of green leaves and red-tinged, tender, young leaves. .The other name of the garcinia indica is In English Kokum butter fruit , Wild mangosteem,  Red mango, Mate mongosteen, Kokam batten fruit, Mangosteen fruit. In Bengali - Mahada . In Marathi  - Kokam, Amsul, Katambi, Bhirand , in Kannada  - Dhupadamara, Murgala, Tittidika, Murgmahali, Murgala, Huli, Punarpuli. In gujarathi …


What is lumbago or low back pain? Lumbago or Low back pain is a common problem that almost everyone faces in their life time .Even though back pain can affect the people of any age ,it is more common among the age of 30 to 60 years . it is associated with bones ,muscles and ligaments in back. Pain in the back, any where below the ribs and up to the hips is called lower back pain .this is due to the lumbar disc herination or lumbar degenerative disease .
symptoms of lumbago or low back pain Pain and stiffness in the lower back which is usually aggravates on bending ,lifting weight , exertion , in morning and cloudy whether . Pain may be linked to the bony lumbar spine,Pinched nerve pain in backdiscs between the vertebrae,ligaments around the spine and discs,spinal cord and nerves,lower back muscles,abdomen and internal pelvic organs,and the skin around the lumbar area.Causes sedentary life style,imbalanced dietoverweightvitamin D deficiencyinjuries and fractures of the vertebrae ,nerve ,b…