Ginkgo biloba is  one of the oldest tree cultivated in china .This tree is called national tree of china and  it is called official tree of Japanese capital of Tokyo .The ginkgo leaf is the symbol of the urasenke school of Japanese tea ceremony .Ginkgo nuts are used in congee and are often served at special occasion such as wedding and the Chinese new year .This is the part of vegetarian dish called Buddha,s delight .The other names of this tree is maiden hair tree ,kew tree ,yinkuo and Japnesh silver apricot .

Extracts of gingo leaves contains flavonoid glycosides like myricetin and quercetin ,terpenoids like ginkgolides ,bilobalides  ,carotenoids ,gingolic acid ,ascorbic acid ,amino acid -6- hydroxzyknuroic acid ,ginkgotin ,isoginkgotin and proanthocyrnidins . It is mainly used for improving memory and concentration ,and anti vertigo agent .It has lot of medicinal properties .
Many research studies revels that 
- Ginkgo extract is mainly used for memory , concentration  enhancer  and vertigo agent .
-  Ginkgo  extract is very good  for  treating blood disorders , improving in blood circulation to most tissues and organ protection against oxidative blackage of platelet aggregation ,blood clotting have been related to number of cardiovascular diseases ,,renal ,respiratory and nervous disorders . 
- The active antioxidant present in ginkgo extract called flavonoids and terpenoids that have been found to improve the blood circulation by widening the blood vessels . 
 -It is very good for treating   memory loss , dementia ,depression ,respiratory disorders ,asthma ,cough .wheezing ,intestinal worms ,tinnitus ,vertigo and gonorrhea also .
- Ginkgo extract is a possible natural medicine for treating and preventing alzheimer,s disease .
- It helps to supply more O2 to the brain .
- Ginkgo stem and bark is useful for inflammatory and metabolic disorders .
- It lowers the blood pressure .
- It helps to prevent the growth of free radicals in the body .
- It helps to prevent the ovarian cancer .
- It helps to prevent the glaucoma and macular degeneration of the eyes .
- It helps to treat premenstrual syndrome .
- It helps to prevent stroke and multiple sclerosis .


 Piles are painful swollen veins in the lower portion of the rectum of anus .Piles occur just inside the anus at the beginning of the rectum that is called  internal piles .The piles that is occur at the anal opening and may hang outside the anus that is called external piles .
Causes of piles 
- Diet lack of fiber ,-  Chronic constipation ,-  Prolonged sitting ,- overweight , - Pregnancy and childbirth  ,- Colon cancer ,- Liver disease ,-  Rectal surgery ,- loss of muscle tone in older adults 
Piles can occur at any age .Generally most of the people are suffering from this piles problem .Drivers ,those who are doing office work ,computer operators  , typewriters  ,writers  ,smokers ,People those who are taking alcohol ,eating too much of spicy and hot foods ,who are not taking fruits and vegetables in their diet ,Those who are suffering from chronic disease  are easily affected by this problem .
Symptoms of piles 
- Bleeding ,- Pain during bowel movements ,- Pain ,- Itching ,- Burning ,- Irritation ,- prolapse of swollen visible mass .
Bleeding is present but there is no external mass visible it is called bleeding piles .
There is prolapse of piles after stool but the mass recedes automatically after defecation .
The hemorrhoids prolapse during stool but do not reduce by them themselves and they have to reduce manually .
Piles cannot be reduced at all time and it remains always outside the anal orifice .This conditions  at any stage and symptoms can come and go unpredictably .
Homeopathic remedies can offer gentle and safe relief from piles .In homeopathy very excellent medicines are available to cure piles 
1 .Aesculus hippocastanum 
 It is very good remedy for piles with symptoms like soreness of piles ,dryness and heat of rectum ,excessive burning in anus ,sensation of knife like pain ,irritability ,itching ,swollen piles with back pain .For this problem aesculus hippocastanum will give very good remedy .
2 .Aloe socotrina 
It is the best remedy for piles where hemorrhoids look like a bunch of grapes ,there is constant bearing down sensation ,profuse bleeding ,sore pain and heat which is relieved by cold water ,poor sphincter control and stomach pain .
3 .Hamamelis virginiana 
  This medicine  is very good for bleeding is excess in piles ,burning ,soreness and itching.
4 .Collinsonia 
It is an excellent medicine for women in later pregnancy and delivery .Piles are chronic , painful and bleeding .
5 .Nuxvomica 
It is suited for almost all types of piles .
6 .Sulphur 
 A deep acting and useful medicines used in many cases of piles when other remedies are not responding .


  A hen egg is a complete food loaded with amazing range of all essential nutrients. Egg contains cholin ,selenium ,biotin ,vitamin B 12  ,riboflavin (B 2 ) ,iodine ,molybdenum ,pantothenic acid ,protein ,vitamin A ,vitamin D ,vitamin E ,iron ,phosphorus ,folates ,calcium ,potassium ,zinc , manganese ,omega 3 ,omega 6 fatty acids and all essential aminio acids .Eating egg is a very good  way to give yourself a health boost .Amino acids in eggs are known to be very wholesome of the egg contains all of the essential aminoacids that our body required . Egg protein is referred to protein with high biological value so it is called complete protein .Moderate  regular consumption of eggs up to one a  day will helps to 
- Fights many diseases .
- It helps to prevent blood clots ,strokes and heart attacks .
- It helps to regulates the functions of brain  ,cardiovascular  system and nervous system .
- It helps to increase the HDL cholesterol and lowers the LDL cholesterol because of its omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids content .
- It helps to reduce the insulin resistance type 2 diabetes .
- It prevents breast cancer because  it is having antioxidants  ,which fights the radicals that can cause tissue and celluar damage which may leads to cancer .
- It helps to build muscles mass ,repair tissues and provide structure of celluar wall because of its high content of all essential aminioacids .
- The egg is a power house of disease fighting nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin .
- Egg yoalk contains 200mg of dietary  cholesterol which is not majar risk factor for heart .
- It promotes healthy hair and nails .
- It promotes good thyroid function 
- It helps to prevent and cure anemia .
- It lowers the risk of developing cataract and prevent macular degeneration of an eyes .
- Egg is one the only foods that contains naturally occurring vitamin D.
It is very good for growing children and the person who is not having high blood cholesterol levels can take daily will help to fight many diseases and boost their health.


The delicious and tasty almonds are the  oldest cultivated foods packed with lot of health benefiting nutrients .The botanical name of the almond is prunus dulcis .The almond tree is growing 4 to 10 meters height with a trunk of up to 30 cm in diameters . A single edible seeds known as almond nut .The first almond tree was planted in california during  the 17 th centuray .California is the world largest producer of almonds .40 percentage of the almonds produce are utilized in the chocolate industry .Almonds are not only make for tasty snacks but are essential for good health.It contains lot of nutrients like vitamins such as vitamin E ,vitamin B like thiamine ,riboflavin ,panthothenic acid ,pyridoxine ,folic acid ,minerals like iron ,zinc ,copper , calcium ,magnesium ,manganese ,potassium , selenium ,protein  dietary fiber ,phytochemicals and  unsaturated fatty acids .

Regular consumption of almonds will help 
- To increase the vitamin E levels in the blood plasma .Vitamin E is the powerful fat soluble antioxidant which helps to prevents artery clogging oxidation of cholesterol ,increase red blood cells and lowers the cholesterol .Eating a hand full of almonds a day is a great way to get vitamin E our body needs to stay healthy .
- It helps to improve memory and concentration especially in children .It helps the children to make sharp and active .Studies shows that almonds contains two vital brain nutrients riboflavin and L- carnitine which will increase the brain activity ,and decrease the risk of alzheimers disease .
- It helps for good functioning of nervous system because of its vitamin Bcomplex and folic acid content .
-It is very good for teeth and bones because it contains high content of calcium .It prevents  problems like osteoporosis .
- Almonds contains B complex vitamins which works as a co factor for enzymes celluar metabolism .
- Almonds rich in folic acid is beneficial for pregnant woman ,it prevents the risk of birth defects in a baby .
- It helps to protect against cancer ,type 2 diabetes ,inflammation and stomach disorders .
- It helps to  improve immunity power and prevents many diseases .
- The high content of unsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid will help  against coronary artery diseases and blood pressure .It helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol and helps to increase the HDL cholesterol .
-  -It helps to eliminate anemia  and helps to form red blood cells because of its high content of  iron , folic acid ,zinc  and vitamin E .
- It helps to  maintain normal weight ,it can be able to block the body  absorption of calories .
- Almonds are good for skin ,almond oil is used to treat dryness of the skin .
- Almond oil is very useful for treating hair fall and dryness of hair .
- It helps to increase the fertility power in both men and women .
- It helps  to increase the function of thyroid glands because of its selenium content .
Almonds are also used for making almond oil ,almond butter ,almond syrup and varies deserts .Almonds are easily available in different forms in the market like salted ,raw ,blanched ,shelled and unshelled etc .
 Add this highly nutritious ,tasty almonds on your daily diet for healthy living .


 Euphrasia is a plant medicine from euphrasia officinalis .It is also known as eye bright . It is found  and used in Europe ,North America  west and northern parts of Asia . The name Euphrasia originates in Greece from the word for gladness .Euphrasia officinalis is an annual herb grows 2 to 8 inches tall with deep cut leaves and white or yellow or purple blooms that have yellow varigations .It belongs to the figwort family of plants .When the plant is full of flowers stage around the month of july and august ,this plant is cut from the root and prepare the extract for medicine .
This plant has a long history use for eye problems hence the name of eye bright .It has been used for centuries in homeopathy ,folk medicines and herbal treatment for eye problems .
  This plant is packed with flavonoids ,tannins and iridoid glycosides .This is very suitable medicine for acute conditions like allergies ,discharge from eyes ,burning ,irritated eyes with intense blinking ,conjunctivitis or irish problems with profuse acrid discharge from the eyes and hot irritating tears ,reddish color spotted eyes , sensitivity to bright light ,switching of eye lids ,burning and itching  of eyelids ,sticky eye gum acrid yellow discharge ,like a hair irritating eye ,and other conditions like cold ,flu and measles .It can be used as a eye wash ,eye drops ,plant infusions can take internally for opthalmic use .
Euphrasia eyes drops are available in the homeopathic medical shops .This is the best natural medicine for eye problems .


 Jathara means stomach or abdomen ,parivartan means revolving ,turning .
Steps to do

- Lie down on a mat with straight spine ,legs together and arms extended straight out from your shoulders and palms up .
 - Exhale and placing  your left foot on your right knee .
- Inhale and lift your hip from the floor .
-  Exhale and sliding your hip slightly backward to your left ,twist into your outer right side hip ,while gently pulling your left knee towards the floor with the help of your right hand .
- Inhale and lengthening the posture making one line from heel head  -  Exhale turn your head and look towards your left hand side .
- Stay this this position for some seconds .
- And then inhale your breath return to center position and extending your legs ,aligned .
- Do it for both sides .
Benefits of this asana

- This asana gives deep relaxation ,and relieve stress.
- Give flexibility in the mid back and lower rib cage .
- It helps to relieve from asthma .
- It helps to improve the blood circulation .
- It helps to relieve from gastric problem .
- It improves the digestion .
- It helps to improves the functions of pancreas ,spleen ,liver and intestines .
- It helps to correct the misaligned vertebrae .
- It helps relive from  leg pain  ,stomach pain shoulder pain ,back pain and neck pain .
- It helps to improve the functions of endocrine glands .
please avoid those who are suffering from back ,hip and knee injuries and degenerative disks .


pumpkin seeds 
A delicious and highly nutritious pumpkin seeds are  edible kernels of  fruit pumpkin .Scientific name of this seeds are cucurbita pepo .

Pumpkin seeds are native to the american continent .China is the largest producer of pumpkin and pumpkin seeds in the world .Gently roasted pumpkin seeds are popularly known as peptia .They are great source of many health benefiting vitamins ,minerals ,antioxidants and important all essential amino acids .
- Crunchy ,delicious pumpkin seeds are high in calories ,100 grams of pumpkin seeds provides 550 calories .
- This seeds contain good quality of protein 100 grams of seeds provides 30 grams of protein .
- This seeds are rich in mono - unsaturated fatty acids like olelic acid which helps to lowers the LDL cholesterol and increase the HDL cholesterol in the blood .It also prevents heart diseases .
- It contains very good source of antioxidant vitamin E 100 grams of this seeds provides 35 micro grams .It prevents the growth of free radicals .
- This seeds are having excellent source of vitamin B such as thiamine ,riboflavin ,niacin ,pantothenic acid ,pyridoxine and folates. Which are very essential  for nervous functions ,red blood cells formation  and improve memory . 
- It contains very good levels of essential minerals like copper ,manganese ,potassium ,calcium ,iron ,magnesium ,zinc and selenium .
- They are excellent source of tryptophan and glutamate aminoacids .Tryptophan is converted into serotonin and niacin .Serotonin is a neurotransmitter released by neurons in the brain made from aminoacid  tryptophan which is beneficial for mood irritability ,promoting happiness ,relaxation  and ability to get a good sleep .
- Glutamate is required in the synthesis of Gamma - amino butyric acid which is anti stress  neurochemical in the brain helps to reducing anxiety ,nervous irritability ,,premenstrual syndrome ,deficit hyperactivity  and other neuro conditions .
- Consumption of pumpkin seeds helps the body develop resistance against infectious diseases .
- Some research studies suggest that pumpkin seeds to have Dihydroandrostenedione blocking action thus it cuts the risk of prostate and ovarian cancers .
- Certain phytochemicals compounds in the pumpkin seed oil may have a role in prevention of diabetic nephropathy  .
-- These seeds are cholesterol free and having anti inflammatory effects .  .
  These seeds are used in variety of recipes worldwide .


 Botanical name of the pomegranate  is Punica granatum .Pomegranate is called queen of fruits because of its high content of nutrients and medicinal properties .It is a fruit bearing small tree grown between 5 to 8 meters tall  .Pomegranates are originated in Iran and has been cultivated since ancient times ,now it is cultivating in world wide countries .Traditionally this juice is used for healing diarrhea and ulcers .Seeds of one medium size pomegranate provides nutrients like  234 kilo calories ,28 milligrams of calcium ,34 milligrams of magnesium ,666 milligrams of potassium ,29 IU ( micro grams ) of vitamin C ,1.7 IU  (micro grams ) of vitamin E ,and 46  IU (micro grams ) of  vitamin K .,107 microgrames of folates and also it contains vitamin A ,thiamin ,riboflavin ,niacin ,iron and phosphorous .

- Pomegranates are the great source of ellagic acid ,antioxidant ,puncic acid ,and omega 5 poly unsaturated fatty acids which are beneficial for cell regeneration .
- Many research studies suggest that punicalagin ,tannin , antioxidant like anthocyanin coumpounds like gallic acids and flavonoids like quercetin  found in pomegranate ,which offer protection from diabetes ,heart diseases ,osteoporosis and certain type of cancers .
- It play a vital role in the secretion of enzymes and aids proper digestion .
- It helps to prevent and eliminate anemia because it contains iron and folate which helps to produce red blood cells  and DNA .Vitamin C content in this will help to absorb iron .
- Regular in take of juice will helps to slow down the aging process by reducing wrinkles on the skin .and improve the texture of skin .
- It helps to strengthen the hair follicles ,prevent hair fall and give lustrous appearance .
- It helps to heal scars from the body .
- It helps to lowers the LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol .
- Good content of  antioxidant vitamin C helps the body develop against infectious diseases and boost immunity .
- Consumption of  pomegranate extracts is good for various human disorders including prostate cancer ,diabetes ,coronary artery diseases ,kidney disease ,male and female infertility ,male erectile dysfunction ,osteoporosis ,infant brain injury ,rhino virus infection ,BPH ( prostate hyperplasia ) ,lymphoma ,pregnancy complications  ,anemia ,digestive problems and oxidative stress .
Add this highly nutritious and delicious fruit on your daily diet for healthy living .





 Bell pepper or sweet pepper is the most popular of chili peppers in the genus of capsicum .It is  small shrub belongs solanaceae family .Bell pepper is  native to mexico and  central america region from all over the world by Spanish .They are bell shaped with crunchy ,thick and fleshy texture .The color can be red ,green yellow and more rarely in dark purple colors .It is packed with lot of nutrients which gives more health benefits .
- Bell peppers are low in calories and fat .100 grams of bell peppers will provides just 30 to 40 calories.
- It is rich in vitamin C ,which is water soluble antioxidant ,protect from scurvy ,boost immunity  , helps for iron absorption and fifght against scavange  harmful ,pro -inflammatory free radicals from the body .
- It has anti bacterial ,anti carcinogenic ,anti analgesic and anti diabetic properties .
- It is also found to reduce triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels in the blood .
- It contains very good source of vitamin A .100 grams of bell peppers will provide 3131 micro grams ,which is very good for eyes -  It contains antioxidants and flavonoids such as Beta carotenes ,lutein ,zea-xanthin ,and cryptoxanthathin which help the body from free radicals generated during stress and diseased condition .
- It is good source of vitamin B6 ( phyridoxin ).vitamin B2  ( riboflavin ),vitamin B1 ( thiamine) which are very essential for the celluar metabolism through various enzymatic functions .
- It is having dietary fiber which is is help to proper functioning of digestive system ,free from constipation ,risk of heart diseases ,type 2 diabetes ,develop hemorrdoids ,lose and manage the  proper weight 
- It contains some minerals like iron ,copper ,potassium ,zinc ,manganese ,selenium and magnesium .Iron which helps to form RBC ( red blood cells ) and increase hemoglobin levels in the blood .Manganese and selenium is an antioxidant micro minerals that acts as a co factor for enzyme and proper functioning of endocrine glands .
You can prepare many dishes from bell peppers ,
 You can add this bell peppers on your diet for healthy living .


1 . White lotus flower   - 1 ( only petals )
2 . Hibiscus flower        -  4 ( only petals )
3 .Palm Sugar               - 1 teaspoon 
4 .boiled milk                        - 100 ml 
5 .honey                       - half teaspoon 

Method of preparation 

-  Clean and wash  the  petals of white lotus and hibiscus flowers .
- Take 200 ml of water in a container add hibiscus and white lotus flower petals .
- Allow  this mixture for boil to make it half .
- And then filter it ,add milk ,honey and  palm sugar to it .
-Mix it well and have this hot mixture as a tea .
- You can take this  mixture instead of tea  or coffee ,morning and evening .

Benefits of this tea 

 - This is very good for  our total health .
- This is very excellent  for heart,s health .
- It will prevent and cure coronary artery heart diseases  .
- It strengthen the heart muscles .
- It enhance the functions of heart . 
- It will control high blood pressure and regulate the blood pressure .- It helps to prevent plaque formation in the heart .
- It helps to reduce the blood cholesterol levels .
This flowers are easily available every where .Powder of this flowers are available in the herbal stores .Instead of fresh flowers we can use powder .Use this healthy herbal tea regularly for preventing heart diseases .


A mushrooms are a special type of fungi with various scientific names belongs to Agaricus genus .There are many different types of edible mushroom which contains more powerful nutrients .Mushroom are a great addition to a healthy diet . It  is very good food for vegetarians .Mushrooms contains vitamins like vitamin B complex compound such as niacin ,riboflavin ,panthogenic acid ,vitamin C ,vitamin D , minerals like selenium ,potassium ,zinc ,copper ,phosphorous ,manganese ,low sodium ,protein , natural antioxidant ergothioneine , folates , chitin and beta glucan dietary fiber .

- Mushrooms are  very good for weight control because it is low in calories and fat free .
- Mushrooms helps to reduce and regulate the high blood pressure  because of its high content of  potassium .
- It helps to regulate the bowel movements because it contains dietary fiber .
- Mushrooms are richest source of selenium that works as a antioxidants to protect body cells from damage .
- Chitin and beta glucan fibers found in mushrooms will help to lowers the high  blood cholesterol levels  and maintain normal level.
- It helps to prevent and reduce the risk of heart diseases ,and helps for  proper functioning of heart .
- Mushrooms are very good for gout patients .
- It helps for formation of red blood cells  which carry oxygen throughout the body and absorption of iron because of its copper and folic acid content .
- Light exposed mushrooms are naturally generate vitamin D which enhances the calcium absorption and bone strength .
- Mushrooms have low glycemic index , and carbohydrate free ,hence it is very suitable for diabetic patients .
- Beta glucan found in the mushroom  helps to boost the immunity and strength because it has  an immunity stimulating effects and give resistance against allergies like cold ,flu and other viral infection .
- It will help to maintain for healthy skin and hair .
- It is very good source of  proteins ,it will help the body building and give strength to the nerves and muscles .
- It protect against cancers because of its antioxidants and anti  carcinogenic effects .  
You can sprinkle the mushrooms over eggs ,sand which fillings ,cooked vegetables and meat .Fresh mushrooms can added to your daily diet deliver the important and powerful nutrients .You can prepare numerous varieties of dishes from mushrooms .


 Ragi is one of the important cereal in  the arid areas of Asia and Africa .Ragi  is originally native to the Ethiopian highlands and was introduced to India about 4000 years ago .Ragi can withstand and grown severe drought conditions and can be easily grown throughout  the year .The largest producer of India is karnataka state .Ragi contains highest amount of nutrients comparing other cereals .Ragi is the richest source of calcium among all cereals .It contains many nutrients like calcium ,iron ,potassium  ,protein ,dietary fiber ,niacin ,pyridoxine ,folic acid ,vitamin C ,amino acids like isoleucine ,leucine ,methionine and phenlyalanine which are not present in the other cereals .Ragi is an excellent cereal for vegetarians .
 - It is very good for anemic patients because it contains higher amount of iron .
- It has lower glycemic index ,and lower  absorption of starch .
- Due to its high content of poly phenols and dietary fiber ragi exhibits anti diabetic ,antioxidant and anti microbial properties .
- It protect against tumors ,narrowing and hardening of blood vessels .
- It helps to reduce the body weight because it contains low level of unsaturated fat .
- It will reduce the risk of diabetes  and gastrointestinal tract disorders .
- Ragi contains an amino acid tryptoohan which reduces  the appetite .
- It helps in muscle repair ,bone formation ,and give strength to bones ,blood formation and improves skin health .
- It helps to improves  the metabolism and repair the body tissues .
- It is very good for babies in the form of ragi porridge because  ,it is being low in fat ,gluten free and easily digestible .
- it contains aminoacids lecithin ,methionine ,threonine ,and fiber content ,which helps to bring down the blood cholesterol levels by eliminating excess fat from liver .
- It helps to reduce the conditions of anxiety ,depression ,migraine and insomnia .
- It helps to prevent osteoporosis because of its highest content of calcium .
- It helps to prevents the plaque formation  in the heart  and prevent heart diseases  .
  - It helps to regulate and prevent the blood pressure .
- It boosts lactation .
Germinated ragi is richest source of vitamin C and vitamin B complex .
Ragi flour can be used to make ragiporridge ,upuma ,cakes ,ada .thosa .bakkoda ,biscuits ,vermicelli ,ladus  ,puttu ,and ragi malt .
Add this highly nutritious cereal in your daily diet for healthy living ..