Ragi is one of the important cereal in  the arid areas of Asia and Africa .Ragi  is originally native to the Ethiopian highlands and was introduced to India about 4000 years ago .Ragi can withstand and grown severe drought conditions and can be easily grown throughout  the year .The largest producer of India is karnataka state .Ragi contains highest amount of nutrients comparing other cereals .Ragi is the richest source of calcium among all cereals .It contains many nutrients like calcium ,iron ,potassium  ,protein ,dietary fiber ,niacin ,pyridoxine ,folic acid ,vitamin C ,amino acids like isoleucine ,leucine ,methionine and phenlyalanine which are not present in the other cereals .Ragi is an excellent cereal for vegetarians .
 - It is very good for anemic patients because it contains higher amount of iron .
- It has lower glycemic index ,and lower  absorption of starch .
- Due to its high content of poly phenols and dietary fiber ragi exhibits anti diabetic ,antioxidant and anti microbial properties .
- It protect against tumors ,narrowing and hardening of blood vessels .
- It helps to reduce the body weight because it contains low level of unsaturated fat .
- It will reduce the risk of diabetes  and gastrointestinal tract disorders .
- Ragi contains an amino acid tryptoohan which reduces  the appetite .
- It helps in muscle repair ,bone formation ,and give strength to bones ,blood formation and improves skin health .
- It helps to improves  the metabolism and repair the body tissues .
- It is very good for babies in the form of ragi porridge because  ,it is being low in fat ,gluten free and easily digestible .
- it contains aminoacids lecithin ,methionine ,threonine ,and fiber content ,which helps to bring down the blood cholesterol levels by eliminating excess fat from liver .
- It helps to reduce the conditions of anxiety ,depression ,migraine and insomnia .
- It helps to prevent osteoporosis because of its highest content of calcium .
- It helps to prevents the plaque formation  in the heart  and prevent heart diseases  .
  - It helps to regulate and prevent the blood pressure .
- It boosts lactation .
Germinated ragi is richest source of vitamin C and vitamin B complex .
Ragi flour can be used to make ragiporridge ,upuma ,cakes ,ada .thosa .bakkoda ,biscuits ,vermicelli ,ladus  ,puttu ,and ragi malt .
Add this highly nutritious cereal in your daily diet for healthy living .. 

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