The delicious and tasty almonds are the  oldest cultivated foods packed with lot of health benefiting nutrients .The botanical name of the almond is prunus dulcis .The almond tree is growing 4 to 10 meters height with a trunk of up to 30 cm in diameters . A single edible seeds known as almond nut .The first almond tree was planted in california during  the 17 th centuray .California is the world largest producer of almonds .40 percentage of the almonds produce are utilized in the chocolate industry .Almonds are not only make for tasty snacks but are essential for good health.It contains lot of nutrients like vitamins such as vitamin E ,vitamin B like thiamine ,riboflavin ,panthothenic acid ,pyridoxine ,folic acid ,minerals like iron ,zinc ,copper , calcium ,magnesium ,manganese ,potassium , selenium ,protein  dietary fiber ,phytochemicals and  unsaturated fatty acids .

Regular consumption of almonds will help 
- To increase the vitamin E levels in the blood plasma .Vitamin E is the powerful fat soluble antioxidant which helps to prevents artery clogging oxidation of cholesterol ,increase red blood cells and lowers the cholesterol .Eating a hand full of almonds a day is a great way to get vitamin E our body needs to stay healthy .
- It helps to improve memory and concentration especially in children .It helps the children to make sharp and active .Studies shows that almonds contains two vital brain nutrients riboflavin and L- carnitine which will increase the brain activity ,and decrease the risk of alzheimers disease .
- It helps for good functioning of nervous system because of its vitamin Bcomplex and folic acid content .
-It is very good for teeth and bones because it contains high content of calcium .It prevents  problems like osteoporosis .
- Almonds contains B complex vitamins which works as a co factor for enzymes celluar metabolism .
- Almonds rich in folic acid is beneficial for pregnant woman ,it prevents the risk of birth defects in a baby .
- It helps to protect against cancer ,type 2 diabetes ,inflammation and stomach disorders .
- It helps to  improve immunity power and prevents many diseases .
- The high content of unsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid will help  against coronary artery diseases and blood pressure .It helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol and helps to increase the HDL cholesterol .
-  -It helps to eliminate anemia  and helps to form red blood cells because of its high content of  iron , folic acid ,zinc  and vitamin E .
- It helps to  maintain normal weight ,it can be able to block the body  absorption of calories .
- Almonds are good for skin ,almond oil is used to treat dryness of the skin .
- Almond oil is very useful for treating hair fall and dryness of hair .
- It helps to increase the fertility power in both men and women .
- It helps  to increase the function of thyroid glands because of its selenium content .
Almonds are also used for making almond oil ,almond butter ,almond syrup and varies deserts .Almonds are easily available in different forms in the market like salted ,raw ,blanched ,shelled and unshelled etc .
 Add this highly nutritious ,tasty almonds on your daily diet for healthy living .

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