The banana flower is the  flower of banana plant growing under the bunch of  tiny bananas .It is large and maroon colored cone shaped flower with cream colored florets layered inside ,and it is hangs from the bottom of the bunch  of bananas .The banana flower has several alternate names like vazhaipoo ,banana heart and banana blossom .Banana flowers are edible ,highly nutritious,  slightly  bitter and starchy taste.The banana plant is the largest herbaceous flowering plant.  Botanical name of the banana  plant is musaparadisiaca .The native of this plant is India and southeast  Asia .
 Banana flower is used for preparing many recipes like stews ,soups ,salads .stir fry dishes, meat dishes and it can be eaten raw .The florets of the banana flowers need to be cleaned well before they are cooked as a vegetable . It has  a lot of medicinal property .Banana flowers are rich vitamins like C and E, flavonoids ,protein , minerals like potassium,calcium,iron,copper,phosphorous,magnesium and dietary fiber.It is free from sodium.This flower has been used as a traditional medicine to treat bronchitis ,constipation ,menstrual cramps and ulcer problems.It boosts mood and reduces the anxiety because the banana flowers are having high levels of magnesium.It regulates the blood pressure   .The study results of the journal phyto theraphy research shows  ,the oral intake of banana flower extract for 30 days may significantly reduce the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients  and increase the hemoglobin levels . 
 Banana flower has an antioxidant ,anti microbial and hypo glycemic activities .The food science and bio technology recommended the use of banana flowers extracts to make health supplements due to its medicinal  properties .
The Himalayan home remedies says ,consuming of cooked banana flower with curd is most efficient way to treat the excessive bleeding during mensturation .It reduces the bleeding associated with menorrhagia .It lowers the blood cholesterol ,and promotes the functional efficiency of kidneys .Add this banana flower in your diet regularly .