Suryanamaskar is the ancient ritual of saluting the sun .Suryanamaskar has its pride of place in yogasana and it  gives innumerable health benefits to our body .It gives combined benefits of asanas ,pranayama and exercise .It is very good exercise to our organs like liver ,kidney ,spleen lungs ,pancreas ,intestines  etc .It is very beneficial in cases of bronchial asthma ,irregular menstruation ,constipation ,initial stage of arthritis and diabetic mellitus .Regular practice of suryanamaskar ,the body will be always  active ,fresh and young .The functions of our body organs will be improve .12 poses constitute one suryanamaskar . one must move from one pose to the other in a continuous motion .
Pose 1.
   First stand erect ,keeping legs together and knees straight .And then do namaskar ,fold the arms and bring hands  to in front of the chest .Thumbs must be touch the middle of the chest and fore arms be kept outward stiff and eyes should be closed ,breathing should be normal .
Pose 2.
  Open your eyes and while inhaling ,raise the arms ,bend backwards from the waist without bending the knees .
Pose  3. 
 While exhaling ,bend slowly forward and try to touch the ground without bending at the knees .
Pose 4.
 While inhaling ,move the right leg back as for as possible .keeping the knees and toes of the right leg on the ground ,and then raise the head ,bend your spine backward and look upward .The left leg should remain at the knee the palms flat on the ground in line with the left foot .
Pose 5.
   Holding the breath ,move the left leg back like the right leg ,knees and toes touching the ground .Raise your body like a sloping plank with palms and toes touching the ground .
Pose 6 
 While exhaling ,go down making the forehead ,chest ,knees ,palms ,and toes touching the ground  ,abdomen should not touch the ground .
Pose 7
While inhaling ,raise the front part of the body supported by the palms and bend backwards to the maximum with eyes looking towards the sky .The knees must touch the ground .
Pose 8. 
 This pose is same as pose 5 .While doing this pose exhale breathing.Pose 9 
This pose is same as pose 4 with the difference that the right
leg is brought forward. While doing this pose Breathing: Inhale
Pose 10This pose is same as pose 3 While doing this pose  Breathing: Exhale
Pose 11
This pose is same as pose  2 – While doing this pose Breathing: Inhale
Pose 12
This pose is same as pose 1 –While doing this pose Breathing: Exhale, Inhale and Exhale.


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