Momordica Cymbalaria is a medicinal plant belongs to the family of curcurbitaceae found in India .It is a wild crop well known as athalakkai in Tamil ,Karchikai in Kannada ,kasarakaya inTelugu .This plant is a climbing ,branched and striated stem .The roots are woody tuberous and perennial .This plant is allowed to grow along the boundary of fields ,fences and even in the the fields for its fruits

 The fruits of this plants are edible and using for preparing various dishes like koottu ,poriyal ,fry ,kulambu ,vaththal ,pickles etc . It is used in various traditional system of medicine for long time for the treatment of diabetes ,rhematism ,ulcer ,skin diseases and diarrhea .The fruit of this plant is having lot of nutrients like vitamin C,calcium ,potassium ,sodium ,antioxidants ,flavonoids  , qucrcetin , saponin ,cucurbitacins ,momordicine ,glycosides etc .It is having hypoglycemic ,hypolipidemic ,cardio protective ,hepatoprotective ,nephroprotective  ,anti ulcer ,anti cancer and anti oxidants property .
It helps to 
-  give strength  to bones and teeth because it is rich in  calcium three times higher than that of the bitter gourd .
- Reduce the high blood sugar levels , maintain normal blood sugar levels in diabetic patients and prevents diabetes  because  of its  hypoglycemic property .
-  Protect heart from heart diseases because of its cardio protective activity .
-  Prevents cancer because of its anti cancer property .
-  Boost  immune system of the body because it is having high amount of vitamin C .
-  Absorb iron and alleviate anemia .
-  Protects liver and good for liver diseases because it is having hepato protective activity .
- Reduce the and maintain normal cholesterol levels because of its hypolipidemic activity .
- Protects kidney because of its nephroprotective property .
- Cures stomach ulcers because of its anti ulcer property .
- Good for skin diseases and diarrhoea .
Add this your diet for disease free life .

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