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Acne or pimples are  an inflammation of the skin in which the sebaceous glands become in effected with bacteria ,swell up ,and fill it with pus .Excessive sebum secretion by the sebaceous glands  is the primary cause for acne . Acne or pimples usually affects the teenagers because of their hormonal changes in the body during that period .Pimples can make the  people feel unhappy due to its appearance .Acne  generally occurs on the face ,neck ,back ,chest and shoulders .
Apply  Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate )
 Take some amount of baking soda mix with fresh water to make a thick paste .Apply this paste on your acne ,rub it for 1 to 2 minutes ,leave it for 5 minutes and then wash off with fresh water ,pat it dry .This is very effective ,best  and quick remedy for acne .  Baking soda is very effective and useful for curing acne because of  its mild antiseptic properties ,ability to fight off fungi and bacteria ,dry up excess oils all while exfoliating  through your skin  and making it soft…


Coffee is one of the most popular and healthiest drinks in the world You can take coffee as a cold or hot  .The majority of the recent  research studies  suggests that moderate amount of coffee consumption is good for your health .Many people still seems to think that coffee is unhealthy drink .Coffee is packed with some nutrients like thiamine B1,riboflavin B2,niacin B3 ,pantogenic acid B5 ,potassium ,manganese and massive amount of antioxidants .Brazil is the top producer of coffee in the world .
- Moderate amount of consumption of coffee drastically reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes .Type 2 diabetes is a life style related disease ,it is characterised by the high blood glucose levels  due to the insulin resistance or an inability to produce sufficient amount of insulin from pancreas .
- The active ingredient in coffee is caffeine .It alleviate the headaches ,improves mood and functions of the brain .
- It can also enhances the physical activity .
- Coffee lowers the risk of alzheime…


" Padha " means the foot . "Hastha " means hands .In this asana the hands are touching the foot .Hence it is called padha hasthasana .

Steps to do this asana 
- - Stand erect with the feet together the heels and big toes touching each other .
-- Raise  your both hands above the head and keep the hands straight .
-- Slowly bend forward and without bending legs .
-- Keeps the both hands palms on the floor by the sides of the feet .
-- Move the head down and touch the knees with your head .
-- Keep the legs straight and should not bend your knees 
-- Breathing should be normal ,
-- Stay in this position for some seconds .
-- Repeat this for 5 to 6 times .

Benefits of this asana 

--It is very helpful for gastric problems .
-- It strengthen the stomach muscles and all abdominal organs will toned  by this asana .
-- It activates the liver ,kidney ,spleen and pancreas ,
-- Slipped discs can be adjusted by this asana .
-- It is also prevent the diabetes .
-- It improves the digestion .


Carbo vegtabills  is an homeopathic medicine from vegetable charcoal ,well known for its ability to absorb toxin in the body . It is shortly called carbo veg .Carbo veg is very great for  excess gas formation in your stomach ,indigestion ,heart burn ,bloating ,sour belching ,constipation ,cold , coughs ,itching throat ,loss of voice ,weak digestion ,toxicity ,negative emotions ,mood swing ,general weakness ,sudden collapse with cold limbs and skin ,ear tinnitus with dizziness ,over eating ,eating wrong combination of foods .fatigue .diarrhea ,,feeling weather with colds ,never well since effects of past illness and head aches .
 For the above symptoms you can take carbo veg 30 , 2 to 3 pills morning and night 30 minutes before food .You get immediate relief from stomach related problems .There is no side effects .This medicine is available at homeopathic medicals .


Homeopathic remedy 
Ashoka jonosia Q
 It is an  homeopathic medicine .This medicine is very good for relieving  menstrual problems so this  medicine is called women medicine .Mother tincture is prepared from bark of the ashoka jonosia tree in homeopathic method .This medicine is available at homeopathic medicals .Take 30 ml of boiled and cooled water ,add 10 drops of ashoka janosia medicine stir it well and then have it ,20 minutes before food twice a a day ,morning and night for 2 to 3 weeks .This will help you to relieve from menstrual problems . There is no side effects .
Caulopyllum Q
It is an homeopathic medicine and good tonic for uterus . It is also help to relieve the menstrual problems .This is also available at homeopathic medicals .Take 30 ml of boiled and cooled water ,add 5 drops of caulopyllam Q to it ,stir it well and then have it ,20 minutes before food thrice a day  for 2 to 3 weeks .


Menstrual problems are one of the most common and extremely worrying problem among female .A menstrual disorder is an irregular condition in a woman"s menstrual cycle .That are reasons like physical and psychological factors contribute to the women menstrual disorders .The ovaries start to produce female hormones in girls around puberty which cause changes to the lining of the uterus .Every month during this period the lining of uterus is shed together with some blood .Normal menstrual cycle is start time between 28 days to 35 days .During this menstrual period bleeding will occur for 3 to 5 days .Menstruation occur during the age of 11 to 14 years ,it continues until the age 51 .

   Menstrual problems are amenorrhoea ,dysmenorrhoea ,menorrhagia .Amenorrhoea means absence of periods for 3 months ,due to malfunctioning of thyroid gland ,pituitary gland ,problems with ovaries ,uterus ,vagina ,low body weight ,stress  ,depression ,taking contraceptive pills .Anti psychotic drugs ,…


The word "nauka "means boat in sanskrit .This asana pose is resembles like a boat so it is called naukasana .
Steps to do for naukasana 
- Lie down straight on the abdomen with fore head resting on the floor .
- Keep the legs together and hand extended forward on the floor .
- While inhaling ,raise the hand ,head ,neck ,shoulders ,trunk ,and legs simultaneously as high as possible .
- Keep the legs straight without folding knees ,
- Keep the hands straight without folding elbows .
- Balance the full body weight on the stomach or navel .
- Stay in this position for some seconds .
- While exhaling come to the normal position .
- Repeat this for 2 to 3 times .
Benefits of this asana 
- It improves , stimulate and regulate the functions of pancreas ,kidney ,liver and lungs .
- It relieves the body stiffness and back pain .
-It helps to strengthen the abdominal muscle and reduce the abdomen .
- It helps to cure the constipation .
- It helps to relieve the digestive problems .
- This is very good …


Acupressure is an ancient chinese  healing method that involves applying pressure with the fingers on certain acupressure points of the body .You can do yourself to promote health ,relieving emotional problems and prevent diseases .It is a painless therapy that can help in recovery from emotional problems like anxiety ,fear , anger ,palpitations ,insomnia ,tension and stress .These emotional problems affect the entire body and our way of life .
 H-7 and P-6 are the two strongest ,very useful and important acupressure point on the heart and pericardium meridian . The function of both points compliment one another and they are easy to press at the same time .Acupressure will give instant relief from emotional problems . Location of the H-7 acupressure point   It is in the groove on the ulnar tip of the wrist which is shown in the figure .Apply pressure with your thumb at the point where your wrist forms a wrist crease with your hand  for one minute with press and release manner .This enco…


"Sarva " means all ,"Anga" means limb or body .Sarvanga means the entire body or all the limbs .The whole body benefits from this asana ,so it is called sarvangasana. 
Steps to do 
- Lie down on the back with legs and arms straight .
- Feet should be together and palms on the floor beside the body .
- Slowly raise the both legs .
- Lift the trunk ,hip and legs quite vertically .
- Support the back with the two hands ,one on each side  .
- Rest the elbows on the ground .
- Press the chin against the chest and form a chin lock firmly .
- Allow the back ,shoulder ,and neck to touch the ground .
- Keep the legs straight without shaking .
- Breathing should be normal .
- Stay it for 2 to 3 minutes and then come back to normal position .
- Repeat this for 2 to 3 times .
Benefits of this asana 
-This is very good asana for thyroid gland. It stimulate and regulate the functions of  the thyroid and para thyroid glands .It helps to remove the thyroid problems .
- It improves the activities …


Steps to do 
- Sit in vajrasana or sugasana pose 
- Place your both hands on your shoulder .
- And rotate both hands clockwise and anticlockwise .
- Breathing should be normal .
Benefits of this asana
- It relieves  the stiffness of the shoulders ,neck and back .
- It is very good for cervical spondylosis and it will also prevent from cervical spondylosis .
- It helps to strengthen the cranial nerves and shoulder muscles .
- It helps to relieves the neck pain.
This is very simple asana  for treating and preventing cervical spondylosis.


Steps to do 
 - Sit in vajrasana, or padmasana keep  the spine and the neck straight.
- Close your eyes gently and inhale , raising both hands above the head .
- Join the two palms in namaskar mudra .
- Elbows should be straight and hands stretched upwards .
- Breathing should be normal .
- Stay this position for some seconds .
- And return to normal position while exhaling .
- Repeat this for 4 to 5 times .
Benefits of this asana
 - It gives natural massage to the heart and lungs .
-  It is very useful in relieving the lumbar pains ,back pain ,shoulder pain ,knee pain  and ankle pain .
 - It helps to relieve all digestive problems .
- It helps to strengthen the thighs and legs .
- This asana pulls up all the abdominal ,pelvic and side muscles .
- It stretches the spine and ribs .
- It is very good for varicose vein problem .


Steps to do
 - Sit in vajrasana with back straight .
- Hold the left hand by the right hand at  the back side .
- Slowly bend forward and your fore head should be touch the floor.
- The chest and stomach should be lie on the thighs.
- While doing this your breathing should be normal .
- Stay this position for few seconds and come back to the normal position .
-Repeat this for 3 to 4 times .
Benefits of this Asana
- This asana cures gout ,flat feet and rheumatic pains in knees .
- It relieves the back pain 
- It reduces the belly and strengthen the abdomen muscles .
- It helps to remove all the stomach related problems .
- It improves the functions of pancreas and helps to prevents the diabetes .
- It helps to remove the constipation .
- It strengthens the thighs and legs.
Daily practice this asana for better health.


DU -20 or GV-20 Governing vessel acupressure point is a very important and highest point of the body .DU-20 is the meeting point of all the yang meridian in the body . The yang , in acupressure theory represents the energetic and extrovertic aspects of a person .The chinese name of this point is bhaihui. DU -20 or bhaihui is also known as hundred meetings point . It refers to the convergence of all the yang meridians in the body .The governing vessel meridian or DU meridian controls the yang forces of the body  which in the chinese acupressure theory related to consciousness and senses .It is also used to treat one hundred diseases .This point is located on the top of the head .If you place a finger at the top of the each ear and follow an imaginary line upwards ,where your two fingers converge that place is Du-20 acupressure point .
    This point is often used in the treatment of headaches ,dizziness ,depression ,visual disorders ,vertigo ,tinnitus ,coma ,mental disorders ,nasal obs…


" Uttana" means raised " Padha " means foot .This is raised position of the foot .Hence it is called uttana padhasana .
Steps to do for this Asana 
 - Lie on the back with legs and arms straight  ,feet together .
- Keep your hands by your side palms facing the ground and touching the sides of the body .
- While inhaling gradually raise the both  legs  together to 30 degree ,60 degrees and then 90 degrees ,pausing slightly at each angle without bending the knees .
- At the 90  degree position raise the toes upwards while body lies on the ground from head to coccyx .
- Maintain this posture for sometime and then while exhaling ,slowly come back to the lying position .
- Do it same for 3 to 5 times .
Benefits of this Asana 
- This asana strengthen the abdominal muscles  and intestinal organs .
- It reduces the belly .
- It helps to cure the nerve weakness ,constipation and indigestion .
- It helps to cure hernia  due to weak spot in the lower abdominal muscles .
- This asana is ve…


Ren 12 or CV12 
It is very important and  the 12th  acupressure point of Ren meridian or Coception vessel meridian which runs along the anterior mid line of the body in the system of acupressure treatment .This point is the meeting point of the all organs of the stomach like spleen ,pancreas ,liver,gallbladder and ,intestines .This point is located on the mid line of the abdomen ,4 CUN  above the umbilicus ( that is 6 fingers width above the navel )    
      and midway between the umbilicus and sternocostal angle .
Apply the pressure to this point with your thump finger  ,in the manner of press and release manner for 1 minute .This will help you to regulate the stomach pain ,bloating of the stomach ,gas formation ,lack of appetite ,hiccough ,nausea ,vomiting , heart burn ,belching ,stomach cramps ,stomach ulcers ,stomach inflammation ,intestinal obstruction ,diarrhoea ,dysentery ,constipation ,inadequate food absorption ,digestion and elimination .It help you to regulate the blood sugar…


Matsya means a fish .This asana is called matsyasana because a person can float on water like a fish for some time if he lies in this posture while swimming .
Steps to do for this Asana 
 - First sit in padmasana ,and then
-  Lie down flat on the back with the legs on the  floor .
- Arch the back by lifting the neck and chest .
- Hold the toes with your hands .
-This position should be maintain for some seconds .
- 5 to 6 times deep breathing should be taken through each nostrils  at the final pose.
- This can be do it for 2 to 3 times . 
Benefits of this asana

-This asana is very useful for a person suffering from asthma ,chronic bronchitis ,chronic cough ,infected tonsils ,and other respiratory problems . 
- It stimulate endocrine glands like pituitary and pineal glands which are located in the brain .
- It helps to over come the thyroid gland and para thyroid gland problems .
- It removes the constipation .
- It is very good for diabetes ,it helps to increase the insulin secretion  ,and also pr…


Thick ,long and lustrous hair is one of the most visible trade marks of a beautiful women .After 30 years on wards the hair growth starts slowing down due to many reasons . Hair loss is a loss of hair from the head ,Hair loss affects both men and women due to some reasons like hormonal imbalances ,genetics ,under active of thyroid gland ,vitamin deficiency ,anemia ,menopause period ,taking some medicines for birth control ,anticoagulants ,antidepressants ,antacids ,cancer treatment ,illness  and poor nutrition .
Natural home remedy                                                      
Method 1
 Red onion juice ,potato juice ,egg white ,coconut milk , olive oil ,and amla juice .
Take all these ingredients in a same quantity ,mix it well  and then apply this mixture on your scalf  and leave it for 30 minutes and wash off with mild shampoo .These ingredients contain protein ,essential fatty acids ,sulphur ,zink ,selenium ,potassium ,iodine ,and phosphorus .This will  help in the f…


The edible ,red ,sweet ,juicy ,delicious and  nutritious tomatoes are having amazing health benefits .The tomatoes are grown worldwide for its edible fruits .The plant " solanum lycopersicum" is commonly known as tomato plant .Tomateos are packed with lot of nutrients like vitamin A , B1 ,B6 ,C ,k ,niacin,folates ,potassium ,calcium ,magnesium ,phosphorus ,copper ,dietary fiber ,
beta carotene ,lycopene ,low calories ,low sodium ,  high water content and  low cholesterol .Tomatoes can be eaten as  a raw ,salad ,sandwich ,sauce ,soup, juice ,for preparing gravy  vegetables  ,chutney , and many other dishes  .China is the  largest producer of tomatoes .
 - Tomatoes are natural cancer fighter,it can reduce the risk of several cancers including prostate ,throat ,mouth ,cervical ,esophagus ,stomach ,colon , rectal and ovarian cancers ,because tomatoes are having amazing amount of lycopene ( it is a phyto chemical )  and have anti oxidant A  and C fight free radicals which can caus…