Ren 12 or CV12 
It is very important and  the 12th  acupressure point of Ren meridian or Coception vessel meridian which runs along the anterior mid line of the body in the system of acupressure treatment .This point is the meeting point of the all organs of the stomach like spleen ,pancreas ,liver,gallbladder and ,intestines .This point is located on the mid line of the abdomen ,4 CUN  above the umbilicus ( that is 6 fingers width above the navel )    
      and midway between the umbilicus and sternocostal angle .
Apply the pressure to this point with your thump finger  ,in the manner of press and release manner for 1 minute .This will help you to regulate the stomach pain ,bloating of the stomach ,gas formation ,lack of appetite ,hiccough ,nausea ,vomiting , heart burn ,belching ,stomach cramps ,stomach ulcers ,stomach inflammation ,intestinal obstruction ,diarrhoea ,dysentery ,constipation ,inadequate food absorption ,digestion and elimination .It help you to regulate the blood sugar levels and increase the insulin secretion .
Regular pressing of this point will prevent and remove the all stomach related problems . That is why it is called alarm point of the stomach in the system of acupressure .  
CV 12  (or) Ren 12 acupressure point

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