Matsya means a fish .This asana is called matsyasana because a person can float on water like a fish for some time if he lies in this posture while swimming .
Steps to do for this Asana 
 - First sit in padmasana ,and then
-  Lie down flat on the back with the legs on the  floor .
- Arch the back by lifting the neck and chest .
- Hold the toes with your hands .
-This position should be maintain for some seconds .
- 5 to 6 times deep breathing should be taken through each nostrils  at the final pose.
- This can be do it for 2 to 3 times . 
Benefits of this asana

-This asana is very useful for a person suffering from asthma ,chronic bronchitis ,chronic cough ,infected tonsils ,and other respiratory problems . 
- It stimulate endocrine glands like pituitary and pineal glands which are located in the brain .
- It helps to over come the thyroid gland and para thyroid gland problems .
- It removes the constipation .
- It is very good for diabetes ,it helps to increase the insulin secretion  ,and also prevents diabetes .
- It relieves the shoulder and neck pain .
- It stimulate all organs in the stomach .
- It helps to prevent aging .
- It helps to inrease the memory power .
- It relives tension and stress .
- It helps to being always brisk and healthy .

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