The edible ,red ,sweet ,juicy ,delicious and  nutritious tomatoes are having amazing health benefits .The tomatoes are grown worldwide for its edible fruits .The plant " solanum lycopersicum" is commonly known as tomato plant .Tomateos are packed with lot of nutrients like vitamin A , B1 ,B6 ,C ,k ,niacin,folates ,potassium ,calcium ,magnesium ,phosphorus ,copper ,dietary fiber ,
beta carotene ,lycopene ,low calories ,low sodium ,  high water content and  low cholesterol .Tomatoes can be eaten as  a raw ,salad ,sandwich ,sauce ,soup, juice ,for preparing gravy  vegetables  ,chutney , and many other dishes  .China is the  largest producer of tomatoes .
 - Tomatoes are natural cancer fighter,it can reduce the risk of several cancers including prostate ,throat ,mouth ,cervical ,esophagus ,stomach ,colon , rectal and ovarian cancers ,because tomatoes are having amazing amount of lycopene ( it is a phyto chemical )  and have anti oxidant A  and C fight free radicals which can cause cell damage .
-  Tomatoes keep your blood sugar in normal level because tomatoes are very good source of chromium which help to regulate the blood sugar .
-Tomatoes protect against the high blood pressure and regulate the heart rate because of its potassium content ..
- It helps to reduce the total cholesterol levels because it is having very low cholesterol and high fiber content .
- It reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke .
- Tomatoes helps to remove the impotency and helps to increase the sperm count .
- It helps to cure the urinary tract infections .
- It fight against oesteoporosis ,it build strong bones because of its vitamin K and calcium content ,these are good for strengthening and repairing bones .
- It reduce the risk of macular degeneration , prevent night blindness and improve the eye sight ,because of its vitamin A content .
-It improves the brain function and prevent alzheimers diseases .
- They are very good for skin porosity and also make your skin less sensitive to ultra violet rays .It can be used for preparing many skin care and beauty products .
-Tomatoes are richest source of potassium .one cup of tomato juice is having 534 mg of potassium .half a cup of tomato sauce is having 454 mg of pottasium  .Potassium plays an impotant role in nerve signals ,fluid balance ,high BP ,insulin resistance ,chronic fatigue syndrome muscle weakness bloating and intestinal disorders .
- It can help to prevent kidney stones and gall stones .
- It helps  to reduce your weight because it is low calorie ,low fat ,high fiber and high water content .
- Tomatoes can reduce the chronic pain because it is rich in bioflavonoids and carotenoids ,which are known anti inflammatory agents .
- Tomatoes  cooked with olive oil  is good for absorption of carotenoids and lycopene .
 Add this heathy and nutritious tomatos on your regular diet for healthy living .          

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