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The gall bladder is a hollow and  small sac that sits on the right side of the body just under  the liver .  Main purpose of the gall bladder is to store bile also called gall needed for the digestion of food .The gall bladder is part of the biliary system and serves as a reservoir for bile which produces by the liver .  The liver produces bile and then it flows through the hepatic ducts into the gall bladder .It is concentrated by the removal of some water and electrolytes . Before a meal the gallbladder may be full of bile and about the size of a small pear  after meals it will be empty and flat like a deflated balloon . In adult gallbladder measures approximately 8 cm in length and 4 cm in diameter when fully distended .

Bile juice is a greenish brown  liquid .Bile juice mainly contains cholesterol ,water ,bile salts and a pigment called bilirubin .

 Gall stones are harden substances  that develop in the gallbladder or bile duct Gall stones are the most common problem to affect the gallbladder . Gallstones generally form when the bile is saturated with either cholesterol or bilirubin . Nearly 20 percentage of the people are suffering from  gallstones  in common ,but  more  woman are suffering from gallstones than men .

There are two types of gallstones , cholesterol gall stones ( made up of cholesterol )  and pigment gall stones ( made up of pigment bilirubin ). Only minority of the gall stones cause symptoms .Most stones are passed along biliary system . Symptoms may occur  a sudden pain the upper right part or center of abdomen ,pain between the shoulder blades ,nausea ,vomiting ,indigestion ,bloating and heart burn  . 
Obesity ,sex women workers ,people above 60 years ,fasting ,diabetes ,weight loss ,high cholesterol ,high fat diet these are the risk factors for  forming gall stones . Complications of gall stones are inflammation as cholecystitis, blockage of common bile duct with jaundice ,blockage and inflammation of pancreatic duct ( pancreatitis ) and increased the risk of gall bladder cancer .
We should treat this gall stones .
Homeopathy is the best alternative remedy for dissolving gall stones .Homeopathic medicines like calcaria carbonica ,lycopodium ,nuxvomica ,thuja ,cheledonium ,beriberi vulgaris ,phosphorous    will dissolve small and medium sized gallstones without any side effects .



 Aloe vera - 400 grams 
Honey - 500 grams
Whisky or Brandy - 50 ml 
  - Take  nearly 400 grams of  fresh  aloe vera .
 -  Remove the thorns presents over there  . 
  - Cut them into very tiny pieces .
   - Take  a clean and dry bowel add aloe vera pieces , brandy or            whisky and honey to it 
  - And mix it well .
   - Keep the mixture in a clean and airtight bottle .
   - Store this mixture  in the refrigerator .
    - Have  this mixture 3 teaspoon full , 3 times daily ,  30 minutes        before food .
   - It can be stored for only 10 days .
  - It prevents and cures stomach cancer  ,colon cancer ,lung cancer ,breast cancer ,ovarian cancer ,liver cancer ,leukemia  , malignant tumors etc . 
 This  is very easy and simple for preparation and  also very effective natural medicine  for curing cancer without side effects .



Germinated green gram    - cup ( nearly 50 grams ) 
chopped brahmi leaves    - 1 table spoon 
grated coconut                - 1 teas spoon 
grated carrot                   - 1 teas spoon 
 Chopped tomato             - 1 teas spoon 
chopped curry leaves        - half  teas spoon 
chopped coriander leaves   -  half teas spoon 
Chopped onions                 - 1 teas spoon 
chopped green chillies     - half teas spoon 
salt                                   - to taste       

Method of preparation 
 Mix all the ingredients in a bowel and then  add salt to taste and then serve it . 

This salad  is rich in dietary fiber anti oxidants like vitamin B ,vitamin C ,and K ,  low calories and many nutrients like  iron , ,protein ,selenium ,potassium ,calcium etc .
It helps to 
 - Improves memory because  
- Removes  constipation 
- Easily digestible  .
 - Improves immunity power .
- Elevate anemia ,increase the  production of RBC .
- Reduce the High blood pressure 
- Reduce the high sugar levels in diabetes.
- Reduce cholesterol.
- Gives fulfilment to the stomach 
- Highly nutritious and easy to prepare 
- Very cheep in cost 


Zika virus is a member of virus family Flaviviride and genus Flavivirus .It is transmitted by day time active mosquitoes  such as Aedes aegypti and aedes albopictus .Zika virus infection is known as Zika fever .It can transmitted by the sexual contact to the fetus . In 1950 s it was spread from Africa to another countries .Now Zika virus is spreading rapidly across Latin America ,and the caribbean ,causing birth defects in the New born babies of some mothers who have been infected .
Zika virus to be a global health emergency .In response the World Health Organisation (WHO ) has declared a crisis and government officials in Brazil ,Colombia ,Ecuador and Elsalvador are advising women to avoiding pregnant for up to two years .More than 20 south American countries have confirmed cases of the virus and it has since spread to Denmark .The virus has been linked to thousands of the birth defects microcephaly where in babies are born with  smaller heads and brains ,other problems like  seizures ,vision problems ,hearing loss ,intellectual dis ability ,developmental delay ,problems with movement and balance .These problems can range from mild to severe and are often life long in some cases can be life threatening .
Anyone who is living in or travelling to an area where Zika virus is found who not already been infected is at risk for infection .A person bit by one infected mosquito take about 2 - 7 days to show symptoms like 
- mild fever , skin rash ,conjunctivitis .muscle and joint pain ,weakness ,fatigue ,women who are pregnant major defects due to which children are born with visibly smaller heads severely limiting their mental and physical abilities .Zika virus is related to dengue ,yellow fever ,Japanese Encephalitis .

Homeopathic medicines for zika virus infection 

Homeopathy has been successful on treating many epidemic diseases like cholera ,dengue ,yellow fever ,conjunctivitis ,swine flu etc .Homeopathy has a huge role to play a prophylactic when diseases spread abruptly over a large areas . For Treating  zika virus infection we can use  homeopathic medicines like eupatorium perfoliatum ,bellodonna ,rhustox .These medicines are having similar symptoms of zika virus .These medicines will give great relief from zika virus infection .


K 3  ( kidney meridian ) acupressure point is located inside the foot in depression midway between the tip of the medial malleolus and  the attachment of the achilles tendons .
 It helps to cure many diseases We can press this point with our thumb or acupressure rod  in a  press and release manner for 1 to 2 minutes daily  morning and evening for curing diseases like impotence ,spermatorrhea ,frequent urination ,lumbar pain ,tinnitus ,headache ,tooth ache ,cough ,asthma ,diabetes ,insomnia ,dizziness ,blurred vision ,swelling pharynx ,kidney diseases ,ankle pain ,tonifies the kidneys and strengthens the low back.
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Boerhavia diffusa is  a medicinal ,flowering spreading weed ,widely dispersed  throughout India ,the Pacific and southern parts of united states .It is commonly known as punarnava ,which means rejuvenates the body .Boerhavia diffusa is belongs to the family of nyctaginaceae .This medicinal herb is mostly spread on the ground  as  a weed during the rainy season in India but dries in summer .

The leaves are small with whitish color on the lower surface and upper surface is green color .Flowers are very small pinkish and red color .The whole plant has medicinal property ,taste of this herb is bitter and pungent . This herb is called mukaratai saaranai or saranaththi in Tamil ,hog weed in English ,Punaranava in Hindi and Bengali ,Raktakunda in sanskrit ,varshabu in telugu .

This plant contains many useful nutrients and phytochemicals like  punarnavoside ,retenoids ,boeravinones , alkaloids vitamin A ,B ,C ,D and E , pottassium ,iron ,liganas ,flavones  ,14 amino acids including 7 essential aminio acids Plant proteins  sterols etc .

punarnavoside is reported to have diuretic ,anti inflammatory ,anti fibronolytic ,anti bacterial ,anti spasmoodic  ,anti cancer ,anti amebic  activity against entamoeba histolytica and anti microbial  property .
Many research studies shows that in take of this herb  root and juice of this whole plant is helps to 

  •  cure kidney disorders  
  •  urinary problems 
  • respiratory problems 
  • asthma 
  • obesity 
  • abdominal pain 
  • enlargement of spleen 
  • jaundice 
  • digestive problems 
  • liver disorders  
  • cold and cough
  • UTI  ( Urinary Tract Infection) problems 
  • edema associated with kidney dis function 
  • uric acid deposit 
  • intestinal worms 
  • skin diseases 
  • anemia 
  • nervous weakness 
  • constipation 
  • night blindness 
  • promotes mucus removal from bronchial tubes ,
  • night blindness 
  • heart problems  
  •  high blood pressure
  •  Leucorrhea 
  • Rheumatism 
  • Encephalitis fight against joint  pain and edema ,
  • Stomach disorders 
  • Diarrhoea 
  • Good for diabetes 
  •  Increases insulin levels .

root powder 3-6 grams per day 
fresh juice of this plant 5 - 10 ml daily 
You can add this  medicinal greens on  your diet .  Add some ghee while for preparing food items with it .
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World cancer day is being observed this year Thursday February 4th with the theme of " we can i can " to raise awareness of deadly disease cancer and encourage its prevention ,detection and treatment .
Cancer is a uncontrolled growth and spread of cells .It affects all most any part of the body .The growths often invade surrounding tissue and can metastasize to distant sites .
The most common cancer death in our society are due to the cancer affecting in lung ,stomach ,liver ,cervical  and breast .according to WHO reports 30 percent of the cancer deaths are due to high body mass index ,low in take of fruits and vegetables ,lack of physical activity ,tobacco use and alcohol use .
Tobacco is said to be the most risk factor for cancer as it cases 22% of the global cancer death and 77 % of lung cancer death world wide .Breast ,cervical and colon ,rectal cancer can be cure if detected early and treated well .
To prevent cancer you should take more  natural food stuffs such as   fiber rich fruits ,vegetables ,nuts ,whole grains ,pulses ,sprouts ,greens omega 3 fatty acids ,omega 6 fatty acids and herbs .

Carrots ,garlic ,onion ,ginger ,mint leaves ,corriander leaves
,spinach ,drumstic leaves ,turmeric ,cumin seeds ,manaththakkali
leaves ,tomato ,blue berries ,kiwi fruit ,apple ,guva ,lemon ,amla ,broccoli,strawberries ,almonds ,walnuts ,pistha ,cashews ,soya been ,aloe vera ,sour sop ,yellow and red peppers ,tender coconut ,karisalankanni keerai ,curry leaves , fish  ,egg ,curd ,ghee ,olive oil ,sesame seeds ,pumpkin seeds ,cucumber seeds  etc

Aloe vera is a very effect and wonderful herb for  cancer fighting and curing .It has an antioxident ,and anti inflammatory property .It prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body . you can take aloe vera  weekly twice in the form of juice ,  aloe vera gel  with honey 

Sour sap fruit juice is having antioxidants and many phyto chemicals .This is the best fruit for preventing and curing cancer in early stage .Take this fruit juice weekly twice will help you  to prevent cancer .malaivembu ,nilavembu ,bermuda grass also fight the cancer cells .
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Bauhinia tomentosa is  a medicinal plant  mostly found in India ,Sri Lanka ,Zimbabwe and tropical areas of Africa . (Now it is grown in world wide countries ).It is a small tree with maximum height of 4  meters .It has dropsy slender branches with a scrambling stem .Greenish bark is smooth and some times hairy .Greenish leaves are deeply divided and eliptic in nature ,margin entire .Flowers are bell shaped with large ,yellow petals with a dark maroon patch at the base ,fruit pale brown is a pod .from December to march the plant produces large bell shape flowers that are bright yellow with a deep maroon colored centre .These beautiful flowers turn pink maroon on the second day .Fruits are appear January to June and peas like slender velvety light green when young and turning a pale brown with age .
It belongs to the family of fabaceae .The genus name bauhinia honors herbalist brothers from the 16 th centuray Johann and Caspar bauhin .They were identical twins making it a very opt name as the two lobes of the leaves when foled together are identical .This medicinal plant is called iruvachchi  maram in Tamil
St Thomas tree in English ,kupu - kupu in malayalam ,kural in Hindi ,Phalgu in in Sanskrit .
Roots ,bark ,seeds ,leaves  and flowers are used to cure many diseases in Indian system of medicine Ayurveda , traditional  ,natural and home remedies This plant contains  many useful nutrients and phytochemicals like carbohydrates ,Beta carotene ,iron , soluble and insoluble dietry  fiber ,vitamin C ,alkaloids , ,flavonoids ,oleic acid ,palmitic acid ,phenol ,quercetin ,saponins ,stearic acid ,sterols ,tannins etc .
Decoction of this plant parts is used to cure constipation ,liver disorders ,skin diseases ,tumors ,warts ,digestive problems ,Diarrhoea ,dysentery ,kidney diseases ,improve aphrodisic action  in men .
Many studies reveals that bauhinia has 
antioxidant ,immunomadulatory , anti inflammatory  .
anti ulcer  ,anti bacterial ,anti cancer ,analgesic  ,Hypoglycemic ,and anti diarrhoeal activity .You  can take decoction of this plant bark ,leaves and flowers  30 to 50 twice a day .
you  can add this leaves to your daily diet  in the form of chutney ,koottu and soup .  Regular in take of this leaves in your diet  will be help you to cure above said disease .

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