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K-27, LI-11, SP-6 - These  are the most important and very helpful acupressure points for boosting immunity and prevention from flu and some inflammations. Pressing these points 1 to 2 minutes each, daily will help you to boost immunity and protect you from other diseases. Everyone should know these three points for their healthy life.

K-27 (Kidney meridian 27)
This is the last point of the kidney meridian. It is also called immune boosting super master and energy button. It is very helpful for people who are prone to upper respiratory problems and flu symptoms like shortness of breath and cough, low immunity, always feeling sick, fatigue etc. It helps to tune the total energy of the body and boost immunity. It is located in below the each side of the colar bone as shown in the figure. Right hand must be used to press the left side point and vice versa. Press this point daily 1 to 2 minutes morning and evening for better feel.

LI-11 (Large intestine 11)
This point is located on the outsid…