Today is world heart day take the path to a healthy heart.Heart is one of the vital organ in our body it is so unique for its function .A organ weighed about 250 g -300 g like a human fist.A healthy life style will make your heart stronger.
  "SAVE YOUR HEART"through natural methods.
-Have a heart friendly diet like fruits ,vegetables ,whole grains,fish,unsaturated fats,limit sodium,fiber rich foods ,low fat diary products ,protein rich food like pulses.
-Omega 3 fatty acids are good for our heart.
-Be active,do brisk walking for 40 minutes or a regular moderate exercise it is the gift for our heart because it will keep our blood cholesterol,blood sugar and blood pressure in normal levels. 
-Be free from stress,anxiety ,anger , depression,loneliness because they are the enemies for our heart.
-Avoid smoking,liquor and tobacco for healthy heart.
-Happiness is the good mentor for our heart.
Add your regular diet with food stuffs like spinach, drum stick leaves ,mint leaves,coriander  leaves, curry  leaves,  all beans varieties,garlic ,onion,pepper,ginger, blue berries,grapes, orange,apple,pine apple,banana,amla ,oats, barely ,wheat,corn. Bengal gram ,peas,soya bean ,walnuts, almonds,fish and olive oil.  






OATS PLANT                                                              
 The nutritious ,fiber rich and healthy oat meal  is a popular and commonly used cereal  in world wide .Biological name of this oats is Avena sativa .Oats have numerous uses in food .It can be used porridge ,backed food items like oatcake ,oat cookies ,bread ,biscuits ,and also prepare in many sweets and various dishes .Most commonly they are crushed into oatmeal or ground into fine oat flour .It has more health benefits .It contains dietary fiber ,selenium ,potassium ,phosphorous ,magnesium ,zinc ,sodium ,carbohydrates , protein ,fatty acids ,amino acids ,anti oxidants ,manganese ,folates and,vitamin B complex . Oats are generally available in prepackaged containers as well as bulk bins .Largest commercial produces of oats includes USA ,Finland ,Germany and Poland .
- Daily consumption of a oat meal can lowers the LDL cholesterol and elevate the HDL cholesterol,because it is rich in fiber beta glucan,that will help to reduce the blood cholesterol .
- It reduces the risk of cardio vascular diseases and also prevents the arteries from hardening .
-Oat meal contains a antioxidant called avenanthramide ,it fight against cancer and reduce the risk breast and colon cancer .
- It  regulates the high blood pressure and prevents in developing blood pressure because of its high potassium content .
- It encourages the slow digestion and stabilizes the blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetic patients  and also reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes because of its fiber content .
-It boosts our immune system .
- It regulates the function of kidney.
- It helps the formation RBC in the blood . 
- It improves the functions nerves  and thyroid gland .
- It gives more energy  to our body .
- It helps to maintain and reduce the body weight .
 You   can have this oat meal with apples ,blueberries ,dates ,walnuts ,almonds ,fig  ,milk and sugar also .Add this healthy cereal on your regular diet .


Suryanamaskar is the ancient ritual of saluting the sun .Suryanamaskar has its pride of place in yogasana and it  gives innumerable health benefits to our body .It gives combined benefits of asanas ,pranayama and exercise .It is very good exercise to our organs like liver ,kidney ,spleen lungs ,pancreas ,intestines  etc .It is very beneficial in cases of bronchial asthma ,irregular menstruation ,constipation ,initial stage of arthritis and diabetic mellitus .Regular practice of suryanamaskar ,the body will be always  active ,fresh and young .The functions of our body organs will be improve .12 poses constitute one suryanamaskar . one must move from one pose to the other in a continuous motion .
Pose 1.
   First stand erect ,keeping legs together and knees straight .And then do namaskar ,fold the arms and bring hands  to in front of the chest .Thumbs must be touch the middle of the chest and fore arms be kept outward stiff and eyes should be closed ,breathing should be normal .
Pose 2.
  Open your eyes and while inhaling ,raise the arms ,bend backwards from the waist without bending the knees .
Pose  3. 
 While exhaling ,bend slowly forward and try to touch the ground without bending at the knees .
Pose 4.
 While inhaling ,move the right leg back as for as possible .keeping the knees and toes of the right leg on the ground ,and then raise the head ,bend your spine backward and look upward .The left leg should remain at the knee the palms flat on the ground in line with the left foot .
Pose 5.
   Holding the breath ,move the left leg back like the right leg ,knees and toes touching the ground .Raise your body like a sloping plank with palms and toes touching the ground .
Pose 6 
 While exhaling ,go down making the forehead ,chest ,knees ,palms ,and toes touching the ground  ,abdomen should not touch the ground .
Pose 7
While inhaling ,raise the front part of the body supported by the palms and bend backwards to the maximum with eyes looking towards the sky .The knees must touch the ground .
Pose 8. 
 This pose is same as pose 5 .While doing this pose exhale breathing.Pose 9 
This pose is same as pose 4 with the difference that the right
leg is brought forward. While doing this pose Breathing: Inhale
Pose 10This pose is same as pose 3 While doing this pose  Breathing: Exhale
Pose 11
This pose is same as pose  2 – While doing this pose Breathing: Inhale
Pose 12
This pose is same as pose 1 –While doing this pose Breathing: Exhale, Inhale and Exhale.



Method -1 
-Take some amount of white pepper.
-Add some milk to it.
-And grind it well to make a paste .
-Apply this paste on your head , leave it for 30 minutes.
-After that wash your hair thoroughly.  
           ( OR )
Method -2
  Take some amount of poppy seeds and add milk to it and grind it well to make a thick paste and then add small amount of lemon juice  to it and mix it well .Apply this paste on your head and leave it for 30 minutes .And then wash your hair thoroughly .

These are the effective,easy and very suitable method for dandruff free hair. 


Ardha pavan muktasana 

    1 . Lie down on the mat ,back with the feet close together . 2.     Place the palms besides the body .  3. now inhale and then raise your right leg and bend it at the knee bring the thigh nearer to the abdomen .4.Interlock the fingers ,while exhaling press the thigh against the abdomen ,5. hold this posture for 10 seconds .6. while inhaling stretch the leg raise and while exhaling bring the leg down .7. Repeat the same with your left leg .8. do it 5 to 6 times with both legs .This asana is very suitable  for women .
Ardha pavan muktasana 

Benefits of this Asana 
1. This asana is very helpful to regulate the menstrual cycle for women  and  it helps to relieve the menstrual cramps  ,during the heaviest day of menstrual cycle .
2.It is  helpful  in removing the gas accumulated in the digestive tract .
3. It is good for back pain and abdomen pain .
4. It  improves the functions of liver ,spleen ,stomach ,kidney and pancreas . 


Celery is one of the very common and highly nutritious plant vegetable use around the world which helps to cure various  health disorders . All parts of this plants are having medicinal property .This plant grows up to 1 meter height . The largest producer of this celery is united stated .It is a major plate vegetable  in USA . Celery leaves are strongly flavored  , it is used in salads ,soups burger ,sandwiches ,and used  garnishing for many dishes.Celery contains many vitamins like vitamin A ,vitamin C ,vitamin K ,vitamin B2 and B5 .Minerals like calcium ,potassium ,magnesium ,sodium  and folates .antioxidants ,phytonutrients ,trptopan ,molybdenum amino acids ,beta carotene and dietary fiber .Celery contains very low calories ,100 grams of a celery is having only 14 calories .
 - It gives cardio vascular support ,relaxing the muscles around the arteries and allowing blood vessels to dilate  and regulate the blood pressure also ,because it contains pthalides ,calcium ,potassium and .magnesium .
-    In take of celery  prevents against cancer , Coumarins in celery is very effective in the prevention of cancers like colon cancers ,bladder cancer and stomach cancer .
- Celery promotes a healthy immune system because of its high content of vitamin C ,
- It helps to reduce the blood cholesterol ,the pthalides in celery may also lowers the cholesterol
- It gives good supports to the bones and nervous system .
- Celery extract have to improve the integrity of stomach lining ,decrease the risk of gastric ulcer  and regulate the stomach secretions .
- It helps to cure arthritis because of its anti inflammatory property .
-Celery helps to flush out excess fluid from our body because its sodium and potassium content .
Celery seeds are used to treat colds ,arthritis ,liver and spleen disorders in ayurvedic system of medicine .It helps to reduce in weight because it is having low calorie and rich in dietary fiber .
Raw celery ,juice can be taken for reducing the blood pressure .


Pranayama is the perfect breathing technique  ,that helps to keep the mind calm ,happy , and peaceful .Pranayama is  a part of yoga.All toxins from our body  will eliminated  through pranayama .Nodishodhan pranayama or  alternative nostril breathing is simple ,safe ,beautiful and effective pranayama yoga technique  that will help to proper functioning  of  brain  and nervous system . It is very easy to learn and it has many health benefits .

1 . Sit comfortably on a mat with your spine erect and shoulders relaxed,  keep your eyes closed .
2 . Place your left hand on the knee palms open to the sky  ,thump and index finger gently touching at the tips of the finger . ( chin mudra ) .
3. Place the tip of the index finger and middle finger of the right hand in between the eyebrows .
4. The ring finger and little finger on the left nostril and the thump on the right nostril .
 5. Press your thump down on the right nostril and breathe out gently through the left nostril .
6 . Now breathe in from the left nostril and then press the left nostril  gently with the ring finger and little finger .
7 . Remove the right thump from the right nostril , breathe out from the right .
8 .Breathe in the left nostril and then press the left nostril and exhale from the left .
9 . Now you have completed one round of nadishodan pranayama .
10 . Like that way you have to continue inhaling and exhaling from alternative nostrils .After every exhalation remember to breath in from the same nostril.
11. Complete 9 such rounds by alternative breathing  by each nostrils .  
Benefits of this pranayama 
 - It provides good O2  supply to the brain and it enhances the brain function .
 - It helps to reduce anxiety ,stress ,depression and other mental illness .
- It gives relaxation and removes fatique .
- It boost the energy of the body .
- It removes the CO2  and other physical impurities from the bottom of our lungs .
- It helps to cure the sinus problem , asthma ,allergies and other respiratory problems .
- It helps to improve the functioning of nerves .
- It regulates the body temperature .
 - It enhances the sleep .
 - It helps for proper digestion 
- It helps to rejuvenating the endocrine glands .
 -It energizing the functions of all organ of the body .
Practice this pranayama  daily for  the better health.  



 Pudina is a tasty ,healthy ,edible,common  ,nice green  and perennial  herb is simple to grow in any where . It grows faster ,up to 30 to 100 cm height .The binomial name of this mint is Mentha spicata . Pudina herb is well known throughout the world .It is native to Europe and South east Asia ,but has become naturalized in other parts of the world .  Pudina leaves have a pleasant ,aromatic and,sweet flavour with a cool refreshing  taste .Its curative properties have been known for over 2000 years .Mint leaves packed with lot of nutrients like calcium ,iron ,folic acid ,phosphorus ,magnesium , manganese ,protein ,dietary fiber ,carotene ,vitamin A ,vitamin B complex ,vitamin C ,antioxidants and phyto nutrients .There are many types of mints likes apple mint  or pepper mint,water mint ,pineapple mint ,orange mint  and spearmint .
 Pudina is used for a variety of products such as tooth paste ,candies ,mouthwash ,liquor ,inhalers ,mouth fresheners ,chocolates ,chewing gums ,lipsticks , mint balms ,hair oils  ,face wash ,flavouring agent ,and many cosmetic products .The fresh leaves of mint can be prepare tea ,soup ,juice,chutney  and garnishing food items at home .There are lot of ayurvedic and herbal medicines that are manufactured by using mint leaves to prevent various disorders. .
-  Drinking a pudina juice after a meal works as a natural medicine 
for treating hyper acidity ,heart burn ,indigestion ,stomach pain ,stomach cramps ,diarrhea ,flatulence ,nausea and vomiting .
- It soothes the digestive system and cure all digestive problems .
- The recent study shown that the mint tea is very helpful for the treatment of hirsutism in women .
-  Mint has high  content  of salicylic acid which helps in faster shedding of dull and dry skin ,which in turn helps to avoid clogging of pores resulting, glowing and  pimple free skin .
- It prevents tooth decay ,beets bad breath ,kills bacteria in the month ,and keep your teeth and tongue clean  because mint leaves are having anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties .
- It fight against cancer because of its anti oxidant property and perillyl alcohol the phyto nutrients present in it .
- Oil from puthina leaves   is very useful for treating cough ,cold ,sinus ,throat ailments ,sprains ,muscle cramps and headaches .The strong and refreshing smell of mint acts as a quick remedy in reducing the headaches and cold symptoms .
- It is a very good appetizer because it is rich in aroma ,can activate the salivary glands and the digestive enzymes in our body .
- Mint scent is very effective for decongestant nose ,throat ,bronchi ,lungs and asthma .
- It stimulate the menstruation and induces sweating .
- It gives relief from insomnia ,dizziness  and joint pain.
- It is very good for treatment acne ,boils ,and other allergic skin infections .
- It improves the immunity system of the body and eliminates toxins from the body .
Add this wonderful mint leaves on your regular diet .


Highly nutritious ,delicious , dark red  and edible vegetable is a small herbaceous plants with dark green leaves ,growing under ground .Botanical name of this beet root is Beta vulgaris. There are some verities in beet root such as
Red color ,orange color ,yellow color and white color .Beet roots being naturally colorful  and bright red color  because the pigment betacyanin is present in it .Beet roots  make an excellent and healthful garnish for artistic presentation of a meal . The deep red beet roots can be cooked ,boiled , baked  as vegetable , for preparing sweets,sidedishes and using them as raw for salads , juice etc. 
.It is packed with lot of nutrients .Beet roots contains vitamins like vitamin A ,vitamin B complex and vitamin C ,minerals like calcium ,iron ,magnesium .sodium ,phosphorus ,folic acid ,boron ,nitrates ,oxalic acid ,carbohydrates ,protein ,soluble dietary fiber ,beta carotene ,trytopan ,betacyanin and flavonoids .Drinking of beet root juice 
 - Increases the blood flow to the brain and able to fight the progression of dementia in aged people because it contains nitrates .
- Beet roots contains high amount boron ,which is very helpful to the production of human sex hormones .
- It is a very good tonic for liver and gallbladder .
- It  relax the blood vessels ,lowers the blood pressure , fight against the heart diseases and stroke .
-It helps to cure the digestive problems .
- It also contain trytopan which relaxes the mind and creating a sense of well being .
- Because of its folic acid  content ,it is very helpful for DNA synthesis with in the cells .
- Raw oxalic acid found in beet roots is known to be a good solvent of inorganic calcium deposit in the body .
- It protects against cancer ., because it is rich in anti oxidant and phytochemical compound glycline betanine .
- It is very helpful for pregnant  women ,for tissue growth and proper development of baby spinal cord .
- It is a good source of carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin ,it is very beneficial to the eye health  especially retina .
- It enhances the  energy and stamina .
- It boost the immune system and fight against inflammation of the body .
- It helps to reduce the body weight because it contains low calories. 
 - It gives anti aging effects .
Add this highly nutritious vegetable on your regular diet .


 1 . Bottle gourd ( pices ) -- 150 grams 
 2. Banana stem (  pieces )  -- 150 grams
 3 .Curry leaves  -- 30 grams
curry leaves
 4 . Horse gram  --  30 grams
 5 . little salt and pepper
 Method of preparation
 Wash and clean the ingredients ,add 1  liter  of water to it ,boil it to make half a liter.Filter it and then add little salt and pepper to it ,and then have this soup with empty stomach ,twice a day .This will be help  you to reduce your weight soon.There is no side effects ,because all ingredients are food items only.This soup is very healthy ,natural , low calorie and  nutritious one .This is  very suitable for obese person .


Acupressure is a very effective system of Chinese medicine .The results of this system is almost miraculous  . Acupressure is a safe ,natural and very effective method to induce labour pain for pregnant women .Painless ,drug free 
normal vaginal child birth is  possible for all women .Acupressure antenatal care for pregnant women helps to  prepare the body for a normal child birth .Acupressure points are pressed to help,to soften the cervix ,relax the muscles and tendons ,and to calm the mind . Pressing acupressure points before 3-4 weeks of women due date will help the pain less normal child birth.
.Points to be pressed
  SP6 ( Spleen meridian )
SP-6 (acupressure point)
 SP6 is located on the inside of your leg ,just above your ankle .Locate the highest peak of the ankle with the help of fingers ,4 fingers width up your leg in the tibia bone .Press this point with your thump ,in the press and release manner up-to 14 to 21 times or 1 minute till due date .You should press this point during the 9th month of pregnancy or 3 to 4 weeks before the due date . This will help you surely painless normal delivery. (Note ; you should not press this point on early stage of pregnancy )
Pressing this point will help to cure the menstrual problems  and improve the general health in young women .


  The banana flower is the  flower of banana plant growing under the bunch of  tiny bananas .It is large and maroon colored cone shaped flower with cream colored florets layered inside ,and it is hangs from the bottom of the bunch  of bananas .The banana flower has several alternate names like vazhaipoo ,banana heart and banana blossom .Banana flowers are edible ,highly nutritious,  slightly  bitter and starchy taste.The banana plant is the largest herbaceous flowering plant.  Botanical name of the banana  plant is musaparadisiaca .The native of this plant is India and southeast  Asia .
 Banana flower is used for preparing many recipes like stews ,soups ,salads .stir fry dishes, meat dishes and it can be eaten raw .The florets of the banana flowers need to be cleaned well before they are cooked as a vegetable . It has  a lot of medicinal property .Banana flowers are rich vitamins like C and E, flavonoids ,protein , minerals like potassium,calcium,iron,copper,phosphorous,magnesium and dietary fiber.It is free from sodium.This flower has been used as a traditional medicine to treat bronchitis ,constipation ,menstrual cramps and ulcer problems.It boosts mood and reduces the anxiety because the banana flowers are having high levels of magnesium.It regulates the blood pressure   .The study results of the journal phyto theraphy research shows  ,the oral intake of banana flower extract for 30 days may significantly reduce the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients  and increase the hemoglobin levels . 
 Banana flower has an antioxidant ,anti microbial and hypo glycemic activities .The food science and bio technology recommended the use of banana flowers extracts to make health supplements due to its medicinal  properties .
The Himalayan home remedies says ,consuming of cooked banana flower with curd is most efficient way to treat the excessive bleeding during mensturation .It reduces the bleeding associated with menorrhagia .It lowers the blood cholesterol ,and promotes the functional efficiency of kidneys .Add this banana flower in your diet regularly .


Now a days type 2 diabetes is being a common disease .We should check our blood sugar level periodically after 35 years .Main causes of type 2  diabetes is lack of exercise , intake of high calories  food and being a over weight .Type 2  diabetes is reversible  one .For that you have to take low calories ,fiber rich and nutritious diet .Following diet will help the type 2 diabetes patients get reversible .
You should fallow this diet for 10 to 14 days this  diet will surely bring blood sugars normal and get reversed from type 2 diabetes.
                                     DIET CHART
6 o clock          - Chew 2 leaves of insulin plant with empty stomach

6.30 AM            -1 glass of lime juice  add with 2 ml of honey                    
                            prepare with hot water) or 1 cup of  green tea  or                                                                                                  
                            hibiscus tea  (or) 100 ml of skimmed milk  
                                             ( without sugar )
8 o clock        -  1 cup of oats porridge with one cup of boiled mixed                  vegetables .( beans ,cluster beans ,broad beans ,bitter gourd,ivy gourd,spinach ,drumstick leaves ,ladies finger ,banana flower ,banana stem )4 pieces of walnuts(or)almonds.
11 o clock -  1 cup of tomato juice or 1 cup of orange juice   ( or ) 1 cup of carrot juice ( without sugar ) (or) 1 cup of butter milk  with 30 grams of germinated peas .

Lunch 12:30  -  small size chapatis - 2  with  1 cup of  vegetable    salads( cucumber ,onion ,radish ,cabbage ,celery ) with guava fruit     or kiwi fruit or apple ( 50 grams ) 

4 o clock  - 1 cup of tea ( prepared with skimmed milk,without sugar )with 30 grams of boiled chana .

Dinner 7:30 PM  - 2 idlis with coriander chutny  ( or ) garlic chutny  ( or) curry leaves chutny  ( or ) small onion chutnuy .( use only olive oil ) with one small piece of papaya (or)4-5 numbers of  jamun fruits (or)30 grams of grapes(or)2 pieces of dates. 

10 o clock  - 100 ml of skimmed milk ( without sugar )



Ziziphus jujuba is a small deciduous tree or shurb, with strong ,thorny branches and plenty of leaves, reaching a height of 5- 10 meters. The leaves are  shiny green and ovate . It is belongs to buckthorn family. It is commonly called jujube, red date, Chinese date, Indian date. The other name of the fruit is  ilanthappalzham  in tamil ,regi pandu in telugu ,yelchi hannu in kannada. The jujube fruits have many medicinal properties . It is commonly grown in Asian countries. The leaves of this tree are very useful for reducing weight.
 Take hand full of  jujube tree leaves, clean and wash them thoroughly and add 500 ml of water, boil it to make it 200 ml, filter it and then have this soup in the empty stomach early in the morning. After one hour you can have your meal. Continuously take this for 40 days this will help you to reduce your weight admirably. This is very effective and  side-effect less remedy for reducing weight.


 Curry leaves are very essential ingredient which are added for flavoring to curries ,stews ,soups ,legumes ,pickles .butter milk ,rasam ,sambar ,chutneys and other vegetable dishes  in south Indian cooking .It is a small tree or shrub that grows to about 6 m  height and it is cultivated all most all regions in India. The native of the plant is India and Srilanka .The dark green aromatic leaves are slightly bitter taste .It is commonly known as curry leaves and kadipatta .Botanical name of this plant is murraya koenigii .Because of its medicinal and curative properties it is used  in ayurveda for the treatment of various disorders .
 Curry leaves are rich in calcium ,iron ,folic acid ,phosphorous ,vitamin A ,B,C ,and E,dietary fiber ,antioxidants and carbazole alkaloids .
- It stimulate the digestive enzymes , helps to break down the food                                                                   more  easily and helps to remove the digestive disorders .
- It controls the blood sugar levels and prevents type 2 diabetes .
- It controls diarrhoea  because  it contains carbazole alkaloids .
-  It  can helps to maintain eye sight and preventing cataract because it is rich in vitamin A .
- It prevents premature graying of hair and promotes hair growth .
- It helps in absorption of iron because of its vitamin C , folic acid content.
- It  helps to improve the immune system .
- It is used to treat bruises and skin eruptions.
- It is used to treat morning sickness ,nausea and vomiting .
- It used for external application , insect stings and bites poisonous creatures .
  - It helps to reduce the body weight .
- It helps to control the total cholesterol levels and it lowers the LDL cholesterol and increase the HDL cholesterol .
- It prevents the growth of damaging  harmful free radicals  from the body and prevent cancer because of its anti oxidant property .
- It helps to improve the  blood circulation.
- It regulates the bowel movements because of its fiber content .
- It protects the liver.
 It has an anti inflammatory ,anti diabetic and anti oxidant properties.



Highly nutritious and delicious peanuts are grown under the ground .Peanuts are not nuts , actually it belongs  to the legume family .The world largest peanut producer  is china . Peanuts are cultivating world wide.Peanuts are free from sodium ,and have very low glycemic index .Peanuts contains lot of nutrients like floate ,niacin ,manganese ,zinc ,copper ,selenium ,phosphorus , calcium ,protein ,dietary fiber ,vitamin ,E , B,and D, ,arginine ,monounsaturated fats ,resveratrol ,tryptopan .antioxidants such as oleic acid,and phyto chemicals .Peanuts can be eaten as a raw ,dryroasted ,boild ,salted ,peanut cakes ,peanut candy bar and peanut brittle.It is a healthy snack. Eating  with dried fruits also very tasty .It has numerous health benefits .Many research studies shows that ,
- It helps to improve the memory power because of its niacin content .
- It promotes healthy bones and teeth because it contains calcium and vitamin D .
- It helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases  ,because it rich in monounsaturated fatty acids  like olelic acid .
- It helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol and increase the HDL cholesterol .
- It lowers the risk of weight gain .
- It protect against cancer because it contains a phytosterol  and resveratrol .
- It reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and gall bladder stones.
- It helps the  growth and development of the body  because it is rich in protein  and amino acids .
- It is good for constipation because it contains dietary fiber.
- It promotes good digestion .
- It helps the production of serotonin because it is a good source of tryptopan .serotonin gives anti depression effect.
 Eating peanuts a regular part of once diet is good for health .
Consumption of small amount of peanuts are good for health,because it contains more energy.



  Chromium is an essential trace mineral that plays an important  role in carbohydrate and fat metabolism .It has a glucose tolerance factor and it helps the body cells properly respond to insulin .There are two main forms  of chromium one is trivalent chromium ,and another one is hexavalent chromium .Trivalent chromium is found in the foods and it is used by our body .Many research  shows that 
- Chromium helps in activation of several enzymes that are necessary for carving out various metabolic processes.
- It enhances the production of fatty acids and HDL cholesterol.
- It helps to prevents the hearts diseases and type 2 diabetese .
- It helps to maintain the normal total chlesterol levels .
- Deficiency of chromium may lead to the symptoms of insullin resistance .
-It helps the carbohydrates and fat metabolism.

- Chromium is involved in nucleic acid metabolism .Nucleic acids are building blocks of DNA the genetic material found in every cell .
- It has a glucose tolerance factor because  it plays a vital role in        controlling blood sugar levels .
As per the national institute of health ,the adequate in take of chromium is recommended for adults is 20 to 35 mcg (micro grams )per day .Studies have found low levels of chromium leads to type 2 diabetes. 
Chromium rich food stuffs 
 Turkey chicken ,sweet potato, corn ,whole grains ,meat ,sea foods ,brewers yeast ,tomato ,broccoli ,onion,garlic ,fresh chilies ,mushrooms ,green pepper ,apple ,banana ,egg,cheese and wine .
Chromium rich foods in take is more safe than chromium supplement .


Sea buck thorn berry is a small yellow and orange to red color berry with sour taste ,native to China ,Russia and Mongolia .This fruit is also known throughout the world as sandthorn , sandorn ,and the wonder berry .The botanical name of this fruit is hippophae .They typically grow in dry ,sandy areas .It is also called " holy fruit of  the Himalayas" . Sea buck thorn berry is rich in micro and macro nutrients .This fruit is richest source of vitamin C .( 300 - 1600 mg / 100 g ) which is 4 - 100 times higher than any other vegetable and fruit .More than 200 clinical and scientific studies shown that this fruit contains 190 nutrients ,vitamin B1 ,B2 ,C ,D, K and P ,omega 3 ,omega 6 ,omega 7 and omega 9 essential fatty acids , 42 lipids ,60 anti oxidants ,17 amino acids , 20 mineral elements ,organic acids ,folic acid ,flavonoids , carotenoids ,phenols ,terpenes and tannin.Sea buck thorn berry  fruit  has  lot of medicinal properties.It was used in China for over 12 centuries as a medicine ,respiratory problems ,stomach disorders and good blood circulation. In China many drugs have been developed from this fruit .This fruit  is used in jam ,jellies ,juice ,sports drinks ,ice creams ,cosmetics and medicines . Sea buck thorn juice and oil is highly nutritious .Sea buck thorn oil is approved for clinical use in hospitals in Russia and China .Studies proved that 
- It enhances the immunity power of the body .
- It promotes healthy skin and hair .
- It supports the healthy cardiovascular system.
- It will helps the healthy digestion .
- It enhances the eye health for better vision.
- It fight against cell damaging free radicals  and prevent cancer .
- It helps to relieves sore joints and prevent  joint pains  .
- It providing anti aging  benefits .
- It supports healthy cell reproduction and cell rejuvenation .
- It promotes healthy urogenital lining .
- It support proper brain and nerve function .
- It supports growth and development  of the body .
- It removes fatigue and promotes stamina .
- It regulates the emotions because naturally it contains "Serotonin " 
   a neuro transmitter that helps to regulate emotions .
- It has an anti inflammatory property .
- It regulates the blood sugar levels .
- Sea buck thorn oil is very effective for cuts ,burns ,any kind of skin damage
and for glowing skins .



 Dandruff is a common scalp disorder and the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp .It is often cause itching ,irritation ,redness in the scalp ,white flakes on the scalp and in the hair ,it may be fallen on their shoulder and face ,greasy patches on the skin ,white flakes may looking oily ,head may feel itchy ,tingly ,sore ,crusting and scaling rashes  on scalp . Over production of sebum , unclean habits ,excessive in take of oily foods, stress and emotional problems  these are some causes of dandruff.The severity of dandruff may fluctuate with seasons as it often worsens in winter .Most of the people are affected by this problem .
Remedy for dandruff 
 Poduthalai is medicinal ,creeping and annual herb.Which is very common in the wet habitations of India .Botanical name of this plant phylanodiflora greene .It is a common weed in a majority of the subtropical and tropical countries . Poduthalai leaves are very effective  and helpful to cure dandruff that is why it is called dandruff  controller. For preparing a poduthalai thylam take same amount  of coconut oil and take same amount of poduthalai leaves juice mix it well and  boil it for 10 to 15 minutes . After that cool it and store it in a proper container .  .Apply this oil on your scalp ,leave it for 1 hour and wash it .Weekly twice or thrice you can do it like this .This will help you  to control and prevent dandruff.
Poduthalai thylam ( oil ) is available at siddha medical stores .
Poduthalai powder is also available  in herbal  stores .Take some amount of poduthalai  powder add some  water to  make a paste.  Apply this paste on your scalp and leave it for 1 hour and wash it.This will also help you to cure dandruff. 


Liver is the most important and largest organ in the body .The liver is located on the right side of the abdomen ,just below the rib cage .Functions of the liver  are,  breaking down the harmful substances ,digesting food ,absorbing nutrients ,removing waste products ,eliminating the toxin from the blood ,and moderating the chemical levels in the body .There are many kinds of liver diseases .The liver disease is also called hepatic disease.Liver problems are caused by excessive and regular in take of medicines and  drugs , poisons ,virus infections like hepatitis A ,B,C,D and E  , taking too much of alcohol, cancer and liver cirrhosis .
Symptoms of he liver diseases 
  1. Indigestion 2. Nausea 3. Vomiting 4. Constipation 5. Deficit of fat soluble vitamins like A,D ,E and K 6. Intolerance to fatty foods 7. Abdominal bloating 8.Anger and irritability 9. Headache (migraine headache with nausea ) 10.Depression 11. Hyper cholesterolemia 12. High blood pressure 13. heart attacks 14 .Stroke 15. weight gain  and inability to lose weight even while dieting  16.lipomas and other fatty tumors  17. sluggish metabolism 18. pot belly 19.fatty liver 20. too low levels of lipids .21.poor concentration and foggy brain .
Herbal remedy for liver diseases
 Phyllanthus niruri is herbal and medicinal plant used in ayurveda since 2000 years .This herb is very useful for curing liver diseases .
Take approx.10 -15 grams leaves of this plant ,wash it well and eat it in the empty stomach for 30 days .Name of this plant is in other languages are keela nelli  in tamil, niruri  in English , nila nelli  in kannada , nela usiri in telugu , bhumbi amla  in sanskrit .In ayurveda it is called as bhumyamalaki .keezha nelli powder and capsules are available in the herbal stores .You can use this for getting cure and preventing  liver diseases .
Name of the medicine:
Liv- 52 is a excellent  herbal combination medicine for liver diseases.Take 2 -3 tablets thrice a day for 30 days .It is available in the herbal medicals .
Homeopathic remedy for liver diseases
 Name of the medicine :
 Chelidonium -Q(mother tinture) is prepared from chelidonium majus plant  .Take 5 -10 drops of  chelidonum -Q with half a cup of boiled and cool water and stir it well and then have it  twice a day up to 3-4 weeks (OR)Chelidonium - 30 ,3-4 globules thrice a day for 30 daysThis is a very best and safe medicine for liver diseases.