1 . karisalankanni leaves - 30 grams 
2 . Hena flower             - 3 bunches 
3. hibiscus flower         -  4 number
4 . Amla                      -5 numbers 
5 . kadukkai               - 1 
6  Curry leaves      - 25 grams 
7 . coconut oil            - 1 liter 

Method of preparation 
- Clean all the ingredients and make a paste all above said ingredients except coconut oil .
- Add coconut oil in the pan ,allow it warm .
- After few minutes add the paste to it .
- Allow it to boil in the low flame for 15 to 20 minutes .
- And then allow it to cool .
- After that filter this oil and store it in a safe container .
You can apply this oil on your hair as a daily hair oil .This  is very good ,  more effective  and best natural oil for hair fall and hair growth .


Asthma is a disease that causes the airways of the lungs to swell and narrow ,leading to wheezing ,cough ,tightness in chest ,chest pain and shortness of breath .The lining of the air passages swells and the muscles surrounding in the air ways become tight .This reduces the amount of air that can pass through air ways .

Common asthma triggers are

  • Dust
  • mites
  • pet animal's hair
  • Cold weather
  • moulds
  • pollen grains
  • common cold
  • stress
  • tobacco smoke
Some people have a personal family history of allergies .

Common symptoms of asthma are 

  • cough
  • wheezing
  • shortness of breath

Severe symptoms like drowsiness, confusion,rapid pulse rate, chest pain, sweating, tightness in chest, decreased level of consciousness and anxiety due to short breath may also occur sometimes.

Homeopathic remedy 
Homeopathy treats the person as a whole . Homeopathy is the only system of medicine which tries to cure diseases instead of trying to provide symptomatic relief . 

Following homeopathic medicines have been found very effective and cures  in many cases of asthma:

Blatta orientalis Q 
This is very good medicine to cure asthma . This will give immediate relief from severe asthma symptoms , This very good for asthma associated bronchitis and cough. It is mostly suitable for obese person with asthma complaint .It is available in homeopathic medicals .
Morning  and Night 
8 to 10 drops with 30 ml of boiled and cooled water .30 minutes before taking food for 10 days .

Justicia adhatoda 
Violent cough with tough expectoration ,tightness of chest great fear of suffocation ,cough associated with vomiting .This also very good medicine in homeopathy to cure asthma . 
Justicia adhatoda - 30 
morning  afternoon and night    thrice  a day .
3 to 4 pills  30 minutes before taking food for 2 weeks .

This very best medicine for asthma symptoms like sudden wheezing with suffocation and heaviness in the chest ,difficult in coughing ,sweating ,nausea ,worse from movements .
Ipecacuna  - 30 
morning afternoon and night      thrice a day .
3 to 4 pills  30 minutes before taking food for 2 weeks .

Antimonium tartaricum 
 Asthma symptoms with bronchitis ,cough and chest pain .This very suitable  medicine for above symptoms with asthma .
Antimonium tartaricum -30 
3 to 4 pills thrice day  30 minutes before taking food for 2 weeks.



A delicious and highly nutritious dates are cultivated in many countries and used as a staple food for thousands of years .The botanical name of the date is phoenix dactylifera .Dates are one of the very best  ,sweet and versatile foods .Dates packed with lot of nutrients like iron ,folates ,copper ,selenium ,protein carbohydrates ,magnesium ,manganese ,vitamin A ,vitamin B 1 ,B 2 ,B 3 ,B 5 ,B 6 ,vitamin K ,23 types of amino acids ,carotenoids ,flavonoids ,anti oxidants ,zinc ,potassium ,aluminum, ,chromium ,nickel ,lead ,strontium ,cobalt ,arsanic ,barium ,fructose , glucose .,linolenic acid ,linoleic acid and palmitoleic acid .

It helps to 

  • It fight against the constipation because of its high dietary fiber content ,which helps  to move  waste smoothly through your colon .
  •  improve the hemoglobin levels and maintain the balance of oxygen  in the blood , because of its iron and folate content . 
  • regulates the heart beat and blood pressure because of its high content of potassium .
  •  prevent the night blindness ,and eye related problems because it contains a vitamin A .
  • prevent colon cancer ,mouth cancer ,breast cancer , ,lung cancer ,uterus cancer  and pancreatic cancer because of its carcinogenic properties and anti oxidants .
  • fights against aging because of its antioxidants .
  • Because of its high content of sugars ,it provide more calories .
  • keep healthy hair ,healthy skin and healthy muscles ,because of its vitamins and mineral content .
  • control diarrhea because of its potassium content
  •  regulate the kidney function .
  • regulate the thyroid function because of its selenium content .
  •  prevent  the type 2 diabetes because of its chromium content .
  •  prevent heart diseases and stroke .
  •  prevent the  absorption of LDL cholesterol 
  •  commonly used as a remedy for alchololic intoxication .
  •  boost your nervous system because of its B complex content .
  •  increase the sexual endurance and reducing sterility caused by various sexual disorders .
  •  regulate the digestive process .
  •  blood coagulation because of its vitamin K content .

This fruit is popularly used in and around the world include  raw and dried dates ,date paste ,date vinegar ,bakery products ,date syrups and fruit salads .Add your daily diet such a wonderful ,delicious  and highly nutritious fruit .


 Needed ingredients 
 1 , Thuthuvalai greens - 75 grams
2 . Black gram dhal - 10 grams 
3 . cumin seeds  - 10 grams 
4 . Dosa batter  -  7 cups 
5 . Green chillies - 2 
6 . ghee - one teaspoon 
7 . Salt to taste 
Method of preparation 
- First clean and wash the thuthuvalai greens .
- Fry the thuthuvalai greens and green chillies  with ghee .
-Add cumin seeds and black gram dhal with fried thuthuvalai and chillies ,grind it well with the help of mixer .
- Add this grinded ingredients to the dosa batter .
- Mix it well  
 - Add some salt to taste .
- Prepare a dosa with this mixture .
This is very excellent and very good  food for asthma patients .It improves the digestive power ,and  it helps to cure cough ,cold ,and asthma . it improves the immunity power .Thuthuvalai is  a medicinal herb . It is used in Indian alternative system of medicines and home remedies  as well as using for preparing food .


LI 20 ,EX 1 ,UB 2 ,LI 4 ,SP 6 These  acupressure points will help to relieve the sinusitis problem .Press this points with your thumb ,press and release manner for 1 to 2 minutes ,morning and evening .
LI 20 (Large intestine meridian )
 This point is located on the nasolabial groove of the opposite sides .( Either side of the edge of the nose point shown in the figure)
EX 1 ( Extra meridian )
 This point located between the eyebrows in the midline ( Usually women keep bindi on that place )
EX 1
EX 1

UB 2 (Urinary bladder meridian )
This point is located on the middle tip of  the eyebrows  ,directly above the depression of the eyes .
UB 2

LI 4 ( Large intestine meridian )
This point is located on ,when the fore finger and the thumb are adducted at the highest point of the muscles on the back of the hand .

SP 6 ( Spleen meridian )
This point is located on the inside leg , four fingers breadth upwards from the top middle edge of the ankle .
SP 6


 Watercress is a semi aquatic and aquatic perennial herb usually grows in the banks of slow running streams and rivers in Asia ,America and Europe .It is a oldest leafy vegetable consumed by man . Botanical name of this watercress is Nastuytium officinals .It is a medicinal herb and having many therapeutic values .It has a strong  ,pungent and peppery taste , it is  only added to juices ,salads and other ingredients 
The high content of iodine in watercress will prevent and cure thyroid deficiency .  It prevent and cures goiter and it will relieve the symptoms of hypothyroidism .For hypothyroidism you can take this watercress juice or salads which will help the hypothyroid patients to get cure this deficiency .This  is very good and excellent herb for hypothyroidism .Not only this but also it is having amazing health benefits .
Watercress is rich in vitamin A ,B complex ,C ,and k ,soluble dietary fiber ,folates ,betacarotene ,calcium ,phosphorous ,iron ,iodine ,potassium and antioxidants .
- It is very good for treating various types of anemia because its iron and folates  content .
- It lowers the risk of cancer and prevent premature aging because of its antioxidants .
- It helps to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates from intestine .It is very useful for diabetic patients .It prevents and treat high blood sugar because of its high content of soluble dietary fiber .
-  It is very helpful to treat chronic bronchitis because of its sulphur glycosides content .
- It helps to maintain strong and healthy bones and teeth.
- It has an aphrodisiac effect because of its zinc and iron content .
- It helps to improve the digestive functions .
- It helps to prevent the DNA damage to blood cells .
-  Application of watercress juice on your scalp is very helpful  to treat  dandruff and prevent hair loss .
- It is very great for eye health because of its vitamin A content ,lutein ,zeaxanthin and antioxidants property .
- It is very helpful for relieving eczema and other skin problems .
- Chewing watercress makes strong  teeth and cures bleeding gums .
- It is very helpful for blood coagulation because of its excellent source of vitamin K .
- It enhances the fertility and  breast milk .
- It is very helpful for enlargement of prostate gland or hydrocele .
- It helps to reduce the heart problems and cholesterol .
This herb is available at Chinese herbal stores .


1 , Vallarai juice  .
  - It increases the memory power .This is the best memory inducer .
  - It helps to remove nerves problem ,It is very good for diabetic neuropathy .

2 .Pudina juice 
 - It is very good remedy for digestive problems . ( Gas formation ,indigestion ,loss of appetite  ) 
- It cures acne ,hiccoughs and skin related problems .
3 . Amla juice 
- It is very good for hair growth ,and  prevent premature graying hair .
-  It is very good for anemia ,it helps iron absorption .
- It prevents aging and gives beauty to our body .
4 . Kalyana murungai leaves juice 
-  It reduce your body weight and cholesterol .
5 . Tulsi juice 
 - It cures cough ,colds ,asthma ,and sinus problems .
6 . Mudakkaththan juice 
- It helps to relieves gas problems .
-  It cures joint pains .
- It cures constipation 
7 .Thuthuvalai juice 
- It cures cold ,sneezing  , cough and asthma .
- It is good for improving memory power .
8 .Musumusukkai juice 
-  It is very good for alergic rhenities ,running nose and cold .
9 .Karisalankanni juice  
- It improves eye sight and prevent eye problems .
- It improves hair growth .

10 . Drumstic leaves juice 
-  It is very good remedy for hyper tension ,It reduces the BP and increases the RBC production .



Strongly pungent and aromatic ajwain seeds are one of the common and popular spice found in India and middle East Asia. The scientific name of  these seeds are  trachysperm copticum. This plant is small and annual herb which grows up to 2 to 3 feet height. This seeds are olive green to brown in color. It has similar appearance with cumin seeds. These seeds smell like thyme as it contains thymol and essential oil.  Tese are having many health benefits ,because of that the seeds have been used  long in traditional systems of  Indian medicines like ayurveda, unani, herbal and home remedies. It contains vitamins like thyamine,  riboflavine, niacin, minerals like calcium, phosphorus,iron,protein,dietary fiber, carbohydrates, essential oil , antioxidants and thymol.
- It is very effective in stomach problems like indigestion, flatulence, nausea and relieve colic pain in babies because of thymol, a effective chemical present in it.
- It is very helpful for pregnant and  lactating women for their digestion, good circulation, reducing inflammation and improve the production of breast milk.
- It cures hiccups instantly.
- It keeps the heart healthy, improves the nerve impulse and over all circulation.
- It helps to get rid of rhematic and arthritic pain due its anti inflammatory and anesthetic property .
- It is very good for  relieving coughs and asthma ,the thymol present in its is a local anesthetic ,anti bacterial ,and anti fungal  agent,it helps to relieve congestion due to formation of phelem even in severe cases .
- It helps to improves the total vitality of the body .
- Apply this paste on your head for relieving migraine headache .
- It  relieves tooth ache ,earache and sore throat ,hoarseness of voice and pharyngitis .
- It prevents bad breath .
- It enhances the appetite .
- It enhances the kidney and liver function .
- This seeds are added to the breads ,biscuits ,snacks ,soups ,sauces  , some food items ,and flavoring drinks .
In tamil it is called omam .This omam water is very good for digestive problems .Traditionally this water is used for all digestive problems  in many Indian households .



- 5 litres of water 
- 5 teaspoons of cumin seeds. 
-  Add the cumin seeds to boiling water and boil well.
- Allow this water to cool.
- Drinking jeera water after the meal is  a tradition in many parts  of Indian households .
- Cumin seeds are also known as jeera ,is an important spice  in Indian kitchen for its distinctive flavour and aroma.
-  This medicated water is popular in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
- It improves saliva secretion.
- It strengthens the stomach muscles.
- Drinking jeera water helps in digestion and reduces acidity.
- It increases appetite.
- It helps to relieve from abdominal gas formation and cure  digestive problems.
- It helps to improve immunity power.
- It helps in the better enhancement of the pancreas and liver  for their juice secretion.
- It helps in lowering blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.
- This water increase the production of RBC and eliminate  anemia.
- This water has an antiseptic properties.
- It improves the kidney function
- It regulates the menstrual cycle in women.
- It will increase the production of breast milk during lactation
- It is very helpful for pregnant woman.
- It aids for common cold and sinus.
- It strengthens the circulatory system.
- It helps to get sound sleep.
- It helps to reduce the urinary problems.
- It helps to regulate the bowl movement.

- This is helps to proper functioning of thyroid gland .
- It helps to prevents growth of free radicals in the body .
- This Water is an excellent source of dietary fiber, iron, copper ,calcium, potassium ,magnesium ,selenium and manganese. 
- This water contains very good amount of the  B complex like  thyamine,riboflavine, nyacin and B6, vitamin A ,C and E.
- These seeds are also rich in many flavanoids and phenolic antioxidants such as carotene, zeaxathin and leutine.
Have this highly nutritious jeera water daily.


 1. Amla                - 10 numbers 
2.  Red chillies     - 20 numbers 
3 . Black gram dhal  - 25 grams 
4 .Mustard seeds  -  5 grams 
5 . Asafoetida        - 5 grams 
6 . Gingelly  oil - 
7 . Salt      -    needed amount 
8.Curry leaves for seasoning 


-  Wash the  amla  and remove the seeds .
-  Take  some oil  in the frying pan and add seed removed  amla ,black gram dhal and red chillies to it and fry it well.
- After that grind it in the mixer .
- Put some oil in the frying pan add mustard seeds ,asafoetida and curry leaves to it  for  seasoning.
- And then add the grinded ingredients to it .
- Fry it for 5 minutes .
- Now amla chutney is ready .

Benefits of this amla chutney 
- It helps elevate the anemia and prevent anemia .
- It improves digestion 
- It improves immunity power and prevent infectious diseases .
- It is very good for hair growth ,prevent and remove premature grey hair. 
-  It is very good for diabetic and BP patients .
- It removes constipation 
- It prevents vitamin C deficiency.
- It prevents aging .
Add this  cheep ,best ,and highly nutritious chutney  on your daily diet ,It can be  used as a side dish for iddly ,dosa ,chappathi and rice.


World AIDS Day is celebrated on 1 December every year to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS  international  World AIDS Day has the theme: "Getting to zero: zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths".The WHO’s focus for the 2013 campaign is improving access to prevention, treatment and care services for adolescents (10-19 years), a group that continues to be vulnerable despite efforts so far.