The delicious ,small ,red and round fruit has edible skin and sweet flavor .This fruit is also known as Chinese dates .Binomial name of this fruit is ziziphus jujuba .It is a small tree achieving height 5 -10 meters generally along with thorny limbs .The fruit is usually first green in color and as they grow they will turn in purple or even dark red color .It is originated in China .It is a popular medicine in China for thousands of years ,they have been cultivated in China since thousands of years ago .China is the largest producer of this fruit .This fruit contains high levels of glucose and fructose ,vitamin B1 ,vitamin B2 ,vitamin C ,vitamin A ,calcium ,potassium ,full of sapennis ,oleanolic acid ,urolic acid ,flavonoids ,sterols ,antioxidants  and small amount of copper ,iron ,and zinc . It is  loaded with 18 essential aminoacids .It is an excellent source energy .

Many medical researches shows that 
- jujube fruits extract have the capacity to help low and high blood pressure.
- it helps to treat anemia .
- It helps to reverse the liver disease and  inhibit the growth of tumor cells that can lead to leukemia .
- It helps to reduce the blood cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.
- It  is used in the skin care products ,to diminish wrinkles , reduce the redness and swelling ,relieve dry  ,itching skin  , wounds ,and treat sun burn .
- The flavonoid apigennis contains antioxidants as well as anti inflammatory and anti tumor properties helping to reduce the risk of cancer ,liver impact ,digestion and other allergies .
- And used to treat lack of appetite ,fever ,hysteria ,inflammation ,asthma ,eye problem ,stress ulcers and improving muscular strength .- jujube seeds are used to treat anxiety and insomnia in traditional Chinese medicine .
- Jujube leaves are used to treat obesity .
In food it is used in variety of recipes .You can eat jujubes as a fresh ,dry them to use in tea ,candies ,wines, and syrups .


 The yellow ,juicy ,alkaline ,and flavorful lemon is the favorite , essential  and widely used citrus fruit  all over the world .The lemon is a small and ,spreading ever green trees growing up to 10 to 12 feet in most cultivated plantations .It is belongs to the family Rytaceae of the genus citrus .Scientific name of this fruit is citrus limon .It is the smallest fruit among citrus fruits ,contains more nutrients than other citrus fruits like orange and grapes .It is one of the lowest calorie fruit among the citrus group , native to Asia .It contains more nutrients like vitamin C ,potassium ,calcium ,copper ,folates ,pantothenic acid ,pyridoxin ,beta carotenes ,zen-xanthin and lutein ,vitamin A ,antioxidants and flavonoids .
- It helps  to prevents , treat  survey and develop resistance against infectious agents ,scavenge harmful ,pro inflammatory free radicals from the blood ,because it is an excellent source of vitamin C ,a powerful  water soluble  anti oxidant .
- It helps to control heart rate and blood pressure because it is rich in potassium ,potassium is an important component of the cell and body fluids .
- It helps to lowers the LDL ( bad cholesterol )blood cholesterol and increase the HDL ( good cholesterol )
- It helps to reduce the body weight because it contains only low  calorie and no fat .
- It helps to increase the production of White blood cells which gives  immunity to the body .
- It is found to be anti carcinogenic which lowers the rate of colon ,prostate  ,oral ,lung and breast cancer .
- It has 22 anti cancer compounds includes hesperetin ,naringin ,naringenin are the flavonoid glucoses , and anti - oxidants alpha ,  beta carotenes ,zen-thanin and lutein .
- It will destroy the bacteria of cholera ,diphtheria ,typhoid  ,viruses of malaria ,swine flu and other deadly diseases because of its anti microbial property .
- Bioflavonoids in lemon prevents internal hemorrhage .
- Lemons  are acidic to the taste ,and one of the most alkaline forming foods.This makes them great for balancing a highly acidic condition in the body .
- Lemon juice helps to dissolve gallstone ,calcium deposits ,uric acid deposits and kidney stones .
- Lemon is a very good stimulant to the liver .
 - Lemon peel contains the potent phytonutrient tangerelin which has been proven to be effective for brain disorders like Parkinson,s and Alzheimer,s disease .
- It helps to destroys the the intestinal worms .
- It very good for diabetic patients because it has a low glycemic index .
- It very helpful for diabetic retinopathy because of its  phyto chemical rutin content .
- Lemon is the only food in the world that is anionic compound .( anion with negative charge )
- It helps to cure acne and pimples .
- It helps to  reduce the pigment melanin in the human body .
- It helps to prevent common cold .
- It helps to relieves the colic pain and gastric problems .
- It helps to treat urinary tract infections and gonorrhea .
- It protects againts aging because of its anti oxidant property .
- It gives glow  skin .
- Lemon  juice used for cleaning cookwares .
- Lemon oil is used in aromatherapy to treat various diseases .
-Lemon juice is also used as a short term preservative on certain foods that tend to oxidize and turn brown being sliced such as apples ,bananas ,and avocados . 
- Lemons are used to prepare juices ,sqaushes ,confectionaries like pies ,cakes ,pastry dough ,lemon liquor,lemon pickles ,lemonade ,soft drinks , garnishing various food items ,facial creams ,detergents soaps and various cosmetic items .
  Add this  highly beneficial and healthy fruit on your diet for healthy living .


Mangoes are wonderful ,delicious ,highly nutritious  with unique flavor ,fragrance ,taste ,seasonal and most popular fruit in tropical regions .The mango is the national fruit of India and the Philippines .Mango tree is the national tree of Bangladesh .India is the largest producer of mango in the world with nearly 40 percent of  the world production . Various varieties of mangoes grow abundantly in world wide countries .Scientific name of the mango is Mangifera Indica . It belongs to Anacardiaceae family .Mango is a tropical tree cultivated in many regions of India and now distributed world wide in many continents .In Tamil Nadu the mango is referred to as one of the tree royal fruits along with banana ,jack fruit for their sweetness and flavor  .Mango leaves are used to decorate archways and doors in Indian houses during wedding and other celebrations .

    It contains lot of health promoting nutrients like vitamins ,minerals ,antioxidants and flavonoids .According to the many research studies 
- It protects against cancers like breast ,colon ,prostate and leukemia because of its polyphenolic antioxidant compounds .
- Mango fruit is an excellent source of vitamin A , Flavonods like Beta carotene ,alpha carotene ,and Beta -cryptoxanthanin .it is very good for good vision ,it also prevent night blindness and dry eyes .
-It helps to reduce and regulate the high blood pressure and heart rate ,it helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke because it is having a good source of potassium ,potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids .
- It helps the body  to develop resistance against infectious agents and scavenge harmful free radicals because of its powerful antioxidant vitamin C content .
- It helps to relax the body because of it is a good source of vitamin B6 (phyridoxine ) ,B6 is required  for GABA hormone production with the brain .
- It has moderate amount of copper ,manganese and zinc  ,it is a co-factor for many vital enzymes ,and also require for the production of red blood cells .
-  It helps to lowers the total blood cholesterol and reduce the LDL cholesterol .
- It helps to improve the digestion and remove the constipation because of its good content of dietary fiber and pectin .
- It helps to reduce the body fat because it is having no fat .
- It helps to improve the sex drive in humans because of its vitamin E content .
- Tartaric acid ,malic acid ,and citric acid found in this fruit to maintain the alkali reserve of the body .
- Raw mangoes and peel of this fruit is having many phytonutrients and trivalent chromium which helps to prevent  the type 2 diabetes .
- It helps to remove the pimples ,blackheads and pores .
- It gives an anti aging benefits because of its antioxidant property .
- It helps to improve the complexion .
- Mango seed oil is helpful to treat hair loss ,grey hair and dandruff .
- Mango fruit is good for asthma ,hair loss ,constipation ,piles ,diarrhea ,dysentery .heart problems ,stroke ,morning sickness ,liver disorders ,spleen enlargement ,leukorrhea , eye problems etc .
 The mangoes are used as a raw fruit , used to making sauce ,squash ,jam ,jellies ,juices ,fruit salads ,ice creams and many sweets .Dried mango skin and seeds are also used in Ayurvedic medicines .


 Sesame seeds are one of the oldest oil seeds crops known by human ,domesticated well over 3000 years ago .It has one of the highest oil contents of any seeds  .Botanical name of this seeds are sesamum indicum . In Tamil it is called " ellu " .Sesame seeds are small ,pleasant  nutty flavour and high oil content .The delicious ,crunchy sesame seeds are widely considered  as a healthy foods .It is used in culinary as well as in traditional medicines in Indian system of alternative medicines for their nutrient content ,preventive and curative properties .The largest producer  of sesame seeds is India and largest importer is Japan .It is one of the chief commercial crop in Nigeria ,Sudan and Ethiopia .

It contains several health benefiting nutrients like calcium ,iron ,zinc , manganese ,selenium ,copper ,magnesium ,fiber , thiamine ,riboflavin ,niacin ,phyridoxine ,folic acid ,protein , potassium ,phosphorus ,vitamin E ,monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids like palmtic acid ,palmitoleic acid ,oleic acid ,linolelic acid ,linolenic acid , steraic acid and elcosenoic acid  etc .
- Oil extract from this seeds are rich in omega 3 ,omega 6 .and omega 9 fatty acids which are very good for our heart .
- It helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol and rise the HDL cholesterol which is beneficial for our heart .

  •  prevent the risk of coronary heart diseases and strokes .
  •   prevent the diabetes .
  •  very good  high protein vegetarian diet .
  •  reduce the risk of cancer because of its antioxidant property .
  •   reduce the high blood pressure .
  •  protect against DNA damage from radiation .
  • prevent  headaches and migraine headaches .
  •  promotes healthy and beautiful skin .
  • reduce the the risk of skin cancer .
  •  very good natural anti inflammatory agent .
  • heels the sore foot and other wounds .
  •   very good for joints and bones .
  •  promote hair growth .
  • prevent the scalp problems .
  •  gives natural sun screen effect .
  • cure anemia because of its iron and folic acid content .
  • It is very helpful for enzyme synthesis ,hormonal production, red blood cell production ,cardiac and skeletal muscle activities .
  •  reduce the neurosis ,anxiety and stress .
  • prevent respiratory problems .
  •  improve the liver functioning .
  • prevent  the teeth from cavities .
  • reduce the premenstrual syndrome in woman .
  • reduce the  risk of intestinal parasites .
  •  promotes thyroid function .

Dry fried sesame seeds sprinkled over toasts ,biscuits ,breads ,cakes .salads ,stir fries  and preparing various dishes . Sesame oil is mainly used for cooking .It is also used for oil pulling .


Red grapes 

 Delicious and highly nutritious grapes are small round or oval shaped berries that feature semi translucent flesh encased by smooth skin .Grapes are native to Europe and Mediterranean regions but now widely cultivated all around the world . Grapes cultivated in Asia as early as 5000 BC . Grapes were also pictured in hieroglyphics in ancient Egyptian burial tombs . Some verities of grapes contain edible seeds while others are seedless . Red or purple grapes rich in anthocyanins ,white -green grapes are rich in tannins ,catechin .Antioxidant compounds are densely concentrated on the skin and seeds .Commercially it is cultivated for different purposes eaten as a table fruit ,fresh fruit ,dried fruit and wine production .
Grapes are storehouses of health promoting phyto nutrients such as poly phenolic antioxidants ,vitamins and minerals .The color of this fruit is presence of poly - phenolic pigments in them .Grapes contains vitamin C,vitamin B 2 ,Vitamin B 6 ,vitamin A ,vitamin K , copper ,folates , sodium ,calcium ,iron ,carbohydrates ,sugar ,soluble and insoluble fiber ,phosphorus ,magnesium ,selenium ,fatty acids ,aminoacids ,phytonutrients polyphenol ,phenols ,resveratrol ,placeatannol ,beta carotene ,lutein ,zeaxanthin etc .
- It helps to regulate the blood sugar levels and it helps to reduce insulin resistance because of its phyto -nutrient content ,fiber content and low glycemic index .
- It helps to reduce the high blood pressure because of its high potassium content .
- It helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol and prevent  the heart diseases and stroke .
- It is very good for heart .
- It is rich in resveratrol powerful antioxidant which protect against cancer ,coronary heart diseases ,degenerative nerve disease ,Alzheimer,s disease ,viral and fungal diseases .
- It helps to reduce and maintain normal body weight because it has less calories and no cholesterol .
- Anthocyanins are present in red grapes which have anti - allergic ,anti - inflammatory ,anti microbial as well as anti cancer activity .
- It helps to prevent aging .
- It helps to prevent the microbe relaxed problems like food born diseases .
- It helps for protein metabolism ,collagen formation and good functioning of nervous system .
- It helps to cure constipation because of its fiber content .
- It helps to cure indigestion and irritation in the stomach .
- It is very good for anemia because of its vitamin C content ,folates and iron content .Vitamin C is very essential for absorption iron in the body .
- It will give quick remedy from fatigue .
- It helps to reduce the uric acid deposit in the blood .
- It helps to boost immunity because of its vitamin C content .
- It helps to prevent from common cold as well as serious health issues .
- It helps to prevent cataract .
Add this highly nutritious fruit on your daily diet for healthy living .



 Delicious ,red colored , heart shaped ,most popular ,and highly nutritious strawberries are having lots of health benefits .It is native to France now it is a commercial crop in all over the world .This plant is a creeper belongs to the family Rosaceae of the genus fragaria .Scientific name of this fruit is Fragaria x ananassa .It is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma ,bright red color ,juicy texture and sweetness .It is consumed in large quantities either fresh or in such prepared foods as preserves fruits ,fruit juice ,pies ,ice creams ,milk shakes ,chocolates and strawberry aroma is used in many industrial food products and nutrients .It is the most popular fruit and flavouring substances all over the world .

It is packed with lots nutrients .It is an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese .It is very good source of  fiber ,iodine ,and folates .It is good source of copper ,potassium ,biotin ,phosphorus ,magnesium vitamin B6 ,vitamin A ,omega 3 fatty acids , anti oxidants , Phytonutrients ,anthocyanins ,flavonoids ,tannins ,hydroxy -benzoic acid ,hydroxy cinnamic acid ,ellagic acid , quercetin etc .

  •  Strawberries are excellent source of vitamin C which helps to prevent infection and boost immunity .Eight strawberries have more vitamin C than an orange .
  •  has an anti allergic properties .
  • It helps to
  •    prevent the cardiovascular disease through reduce the LDL cholesterol because of its omega 3 fatty acids .
  •  regulate the blood pressure because of its potassium content .
  •  Strawberries are low in calories and no fat content it helps to reduce and manage the body weight .
  • very good for diabetic patients and constipation  because it is having  low glycemic index ,and good fiber content .
  •  reduce the blood sugar levels because of its ellaginnins and poly phenol content .
  •  Because of its folic acid content it is very good for pregnant women .
  •  fights all types of cancer because of its antioxidant property . 
  •  boost memory that why it is very good for alzheimers disease .
  •  prevent hair loss .
  • very good for our bones .
  •  promotes proper function of thyroid gland because of its iodine content .

Add this tasty and highly nutritious fruit on your daily diet for healthy living .