Sesame seeds are one of the oldest oil seeds crops known by human ,domesticated well over 3000 years ago .It has one of the highest oil contents of any seeds  .Botanical name of this seeds are sesamum indicum . In Tamil it is called " ellu " .Sesame seeds are small ,pleasant  nutty flavour and high oil content .The delicious ,crunchy sesame seeds are widely considered  as a healthy foods .It is used in culinary as well as in traditional medicines in Indian system of alternative medicines for their nutrient content ,preventive and curative properties .The largest producer  of sesame seeds is India and largest importer is Japan .It is one of the chief commercial crop in Nigeria ,Sudan and Ethiopia .

It contains several health benefiting nutrients like calcium ,iron ,zinc , manganese ,selenium ,copper ,magnesium ,fiber , thiamine ,riboflavin ,niacin ,phyridoxine ,folic acid ,protein , potassium ,phosphorus ,vitamin E ,monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids like palmtic acid ,palmitoleic acid ,oleic acid ,linolelic acid ,linolenic acid , steraic acid and elcosenoic acid  etc .
- Oil extract from this seeds are rich in omega 3 ,omega 6 .and omega 9 fatty acids which are very good for our heart .
- It helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol and rise the HDL cholesterol which is beneficial for our heart .

  •  prevent the risk of coronary heart diseases and strokes .
  •   prevent the diabetes .
  •  very good  high protein vegetarian diet .
  •  reduce the risk of cancer because of its antioxidant property .
  •   reduce the high blood pressure .
  •  protect against DNA damage from radiation .
  • prevent  headaches and migraine headaches .
  •  promotes healthy and beautiful skin .
  • reduce the the risk of skin cancer .
  •  very good natural anti inflammatory agent .
  • heels the sore foot and other wounds .
  •   very good for joints and bones .
  •  promote hair growth .
  • prevent the scalp problems .
  •  gives natural sun screen effect .
  • cure anemia because of its iron and folic acid content .
  • It is very helpful for enzyme synthesis ,hormonal production, red blood cell production ,cardiac and skeletal muscle activities .
  •  reduce the neurosis ,anxiety and stress .
  • prevent respiratory problems .
  •  improve the liver functioning .
  • prevent  the teeth from cavities .
  • reduce the premenstrual syndrome in woman .
  • reduce the  risk of intestinal parasites .
  •  promotes thyroid function .

Dry fried sesame seeds sprinkled over toasts ,biscuits ,breads ,cakes .salads ,stir fries  and preparing various dishes . Sesame oil is mainly used for cooking .It is also used for oil pulling .

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