Solanum trilobatum is a  popular medicinal plant used in Indian alternative system of  medicines like  siddha ,ayurveda , herbal medicines ,folk and home remedy for curing many diseases .It is a thorny creeper that bears bluish purple flowers and small sized fruits belongs to the family of solanaceae with genus solanum native to India especially it is found  every were in Tamil Nadu .It is propagated by seeds .It is called kayakalpa moolikai in siddha and ayurvedic medicines .
Common name of this plant is purple fruited pea egg plant ,thai night shade , tamil name of this plant is tudhuvalai ,in sanskrit achuda .This plant is having anti bacterial ,anti fungal and anti tumour activities .This leaves of this plant is having Solamarin phytochemical  , antioxidants and many valuable nutrients .It is cheep and easily available having curing properties medicinal plant .
- This leaves are  bitter in taste used to cure throat infection ,cold , cough ,headaches ,flu and repeated sneezing .
- It prevents cancers like oral ,uterus and throat cancers because of    its anti tumor activity .
- It gives strength to bones because it is rich in calcium .
- It boosts energy 
- It improves men ,s fertility and vitality .
- It boosts memory and cure dullness of hearing .
- It improves blood circulation .
- It helps to control diabetes .
- It is good for gastritis ,nerves ,asthma ,eosinophilia ,tuberculosis ,difficulty in breathing ,constipation ,rheumatism ,lung disorders , all digestive problems and respiratory problems .
- We can make various dishes like  juice ,kasayam ,soup ,chutney ,rasam ,kuttu  ,kulambu etc.from this leaves .
-   We can use both fresh and dry leaves powder with honey for curing diseases like  asthma ,cough and cold .
 - We can add ghee to it  for preparing many dishes .


 Cassia auriculata is a much branched , an ever green medicinal shrub with attractive bright yellow color flowers belongs to the family of fabaceae  .It has many medicinal properties and cures many diseases . In Tamil it is called Aavaaram poo .There is a Tamil proverb about this plant " aavaarai pooththirukka saavaarai kandathundo " the closest meaning of this aavaaram flower gives longevity to life .It can be seen in the dry places ,sea coast  and  road sides of India and Srilanka .Traditionally it has been used for curing diabetes .It is used in Indian system of alternative medicines like siddha ,ayurveda ,herbal ,and folk medicines for curing many diseases .The whole plant  have medicinal properties and used for many ailments .It contains antioxidants ,cardiac glucosides ,anthraguinones and tannins .Flowers of this plant is  having  an anti bacterial ,anti diabetic and laxative property .
It is very useful in 
- Controls diabetes 
- urinary problems 
- kidney disorders 
- regulating menstrual cycle 
- skin related problems 
 - removes body bad odor
- treat conjunctive eyes
- good laxative 
- improve complexion in women 
- reduce body heat and burning foot 
- reduce dryness of the skin  
- rejuvenate the body 
- apply this flower past on  your face and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes after that wash your face  with water your face will glow .
- flower powder is mixed with sikkakkaai is used for hair wash that results you will get a lustre and healthy hair .
- The leaves and flowers past is used as a scrab or soap for bathing .
- flowers and buds are used for preparing tea instead of normal tea for diabetic patients .It will reduce the blood sugar levels drastically.Take one teaspoon full of this flower powder add one glass of water to it and boil it to make a half ,filter it add some milk and sugar to it and then have as a tea . 
- The root is used for preparing  decoctions against fevers ,diabetes ,constipation ,urinary problems ,gout and gonorrhea .
- we can make a dish from this flower with green gram dhal and red gram dal adding green chillies ,onion ,cumin seeds and coconut .This is good for our health .
flower powder is available in  all herbal stores .


Alfalfa is a common flowering , perennial and medicinal herb that originated in Asia  and first cultivated in Persia . Now it is cultivated world wide countries .The binomial name of this Alfalfa is medicago sativa belongs to the family of fabaceae .
 It is also known as lucerne flower . It grows well in drought like climates and its roots have ability to go up to 5 meter deep in soil .It was the first herb known to man . It is normally lives four to eight years but it can live more than 20 years .It is widely grown for the animal fodder .It is an excellent hay for herbivores .
It is highly nutritious ,good natural source of nitrogen which is good for improving soil and extensive root system .It contains numerous amount nutrients like vitamin A , vitamin B complex like B1 ,B2 ,B6 ,B12 , vitamin C , vitamin E and  vitamin K ,minerals like calcium ,magnesium ,potassium ,phosphorus ,silicon ,sodium ,zinc ,copper ,iron ,molybdenum ,manganese ,sulphur ,folates ,protein and amino acids like lysine ,valine leucine ,isoleucine and L - canavanine .
Extract of this herb is used in curing many diseases  ,used as a general tonic in homeopathic system of medicines , herbal and natural system of medicines . Traditionally it is one of the best herb for treating many ailments .Alfalfa sprouts are easily available in herbal shops ,super market in food section .we can make a  tea from this sprouts . 
It helps to 
- Fighting against  type 2 diabetes 
- Heals peptic ulcer and all digestive problems .
-  Normal blood clotting because of  its vitamin K content .
- Regaining the health.
- Good tonic for liver ,kidney ,digestive organs ,grandular and musculoskeletal systems .
- Cure enlarged prostate glands 
- Good for pregnancy and  breast feeding 
- Fight against  all types of cancer 
- Lowers the blood cholesterol levels 
- Prevents heart disease 
- Reduce high blood pressure 
- Good for parkinson,s disease 
- Prevents stroke 
- Cure thyroid problem 
- Good for epilepsy 
- Prevents glaucoma 
- Very good to treat asthma ,anemia and body odor 
- Clears the blood ,liver and bowel .
- Good for hair loss 
- Good for skin dis orders 
- Curing kidney problems 
-Boost immune system 
- Good for arthritis ,gout ,rheumatism ,fatique ,estrogen deficiency and  ,osteoporosis .
- Good to treat short sightedness .
- Fight against leukemia .
- For growth and weight gain of the body .


   Terminalia Arjuna is a evergreen ,tall tree with light yellow flowers and cone shaped leaves belongs to  the family of combretaceae .It is one of the sacred tree of India .It acquired social and religious sancity with passage of time.It is  a common tree found in throughout India and mainly grown in national parks ,banks of the rivers and streams.It is commonly known as Arjuna tree in english ,thella maddi in telugu ,arjuna in marathi and hindi ,maruthamaram in tamil .The bark  extract of the arjuna is used in the Indian system of alternative medicines like  ayurveda , herbal medicines ,folk medicines and  homeopathic system of medicines for curing many diseases . Traditionally it was used as medicine for many ailments .In sanskrit the word arjuna means bright .
Many research studies found that terminalia arjuna bark contains triterpene ,glycosides ,termiarjunaside ,arjuetoside with oleanolic acids ,arjunolic and arjunic acids ,cardenolide ,large quantities of antioxidants ,flavonoids ,lannins minerals like calcium and magnesium .
- Arjuna has an antioxidant property this is helpful for treating angina  pains and cardiovascular problems .
- It improves cardiac muscle function ,protects heart tissues from damage , myocardial changes induced by chronic beta adrenoceptor stimulation mitral valve regurgitation and pumping action of the heart .
- Arjuna has a mild diuretic and blood thinning property ,it enhances the blood lipids lowering activity and maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels .
- Inhibits the growth of cancer cells especially in the breast .
- Protects against DNA damage from toxins .
-Due to anti ulcer effects of arjuna prevents the damage of gastric mucosa in the stomach .
- It has  an antibacterial activity against staphylococcus epidermis.
- Bark extract of Arjuna is used in many diseases like vertigo ,dryness in mouth ,hearing impaired ,violent heart palptations ,pain in left chest ,radiating pain in left arm .insomnia ,numbness in extremities  ,hypertension ,scanty and yellow urination ,edema in legs ,numbness in hands ,leg pain .excessive gas formation in empty stomach ,headaches ,rheumatic pains ,piles ,cough with chest pain anorexia ,ecchymosis under eyes .The juice of this leaves are used for earache and dysentery .This wood is used in making boats ,agricultural implements ,house building  etc .