Anemia is a medical condition in which the red blood cells or hemoglobin is less than normal level .For men hemoglobin levels of the blood is less than 13.5 grams / 100 ml and women  hemoglobin levels are less than 12 grams / 100 ml are considered as a anemic patients .Anemia affects millions of people world wide.Anemia is one of the most prevalent public health problems in most of the developing countries .Anemia is caused by  iron deficiency ,B12 deficiency and folic acid deficiency.Iron deficiency anemia is a common nutritional deficiency in  world wide. It is  prevalent among women ,( pregnant and lactating women ),school children ,adolescents and aged people .B12 deficiency and folic acid deficiency caused megaloblastic anemia .Hooke warm infection also cause anemia .
Symptoms of anemia 
 1. Tiredness 2. Pale skin 3. Dizziness 4. Depression 5.Head ache 6. Cold hands and feet 7.Short breath 8. Chest pain 9.Weakness 10. rapid heart beat  11. Constipation  12. Sore tongue 13. Numbness in fingers and toes 14 .puffy face 15.pale eyes and nails 16 .swelling in legs 17 .Weight loss 18 .sleeplessness 19.difficulty in walking . 20 .giddiness 21 .black stools .
Natural remedy for anemia 
 Take more green leafy vegetables like spinach ,drumstick leaves ,curry leaves ,koncura leaves  ,ladies finger,sundaikkai ,fenugreek seeds ,jaggary ,seasame seeds ,fig ,dates ,germinated pulses and grains , whole grains ,brown rice ,goose berry ,orange ,pomegranate ,peanuts ,eggs ,sea food ,milk ,cheese ,meat ,fortified foods with B12 vitamin ,poultry foods these foods helps to prevent and cure  anemia .

Vitamin C helps to absorption  of the iron.
Take dewarming tablets once in a six month regularly . Take Iron ,folic acid and B12 supplements for anemia. Consult with physician for proper dosage.( It will differ from person to person )


Tonsils are lymph nodes in the back of the mouth and top of the throat .We have two tonsils .One on the either side at the back of the mouth .Tonsils are made of soft glandular tissue and are part of the immune system .They normally help to filter out the harmful micro organisms and to prevent infection in the body .They also produce antibodies to fight infection .But sometimes the tonsils themselves become infected .Inflammation of the tonsil glands are called tonsillitis .A bacterial or viral infection may cause tonsillitis .
Tonsillitis is very common in children .
 symptoms of tonsillitis 
 1. Sore throat 2 . Difficult in swallowing  3 . Headache  4 . Fever  
5 . Bad breath  6 . Ear pain 7 . Tenderness of the jaw and throat  8 .Nausea 9 .Vomiting  10 . Abdominal pain 11. Loss of appetite 12 . Cold and cough.
Homeopathic remedy 
 It is a safe and life long remedy for tonsillitis . 
Name of the medicine 
 Tonsillon ,tonsilites .
 These medicines are combination of some homeopathic medicines which  helps to cure tonsillitis .These medicines are available at homeopathic medicals .
Take 4 to 6 pills  per day ,daily in the  morning and night before food  ( 30 minutes before taking food ) for 30 days .


The sinuses are hollow and air filled spaces in the skull ,that is behind the fore head ,nasal bones ,cheeks and eyes. That are called paranasal sinuses. Sinusitis refers to an inflammation of the sinus passages caused by pathogenic microorganism like virus ,bacteria or fungal infection .Any infection of nasal passages that cause it to swell can affect the opening of the sinuses. If the opening is blocked air and mucus secretions collect and cause pressure on the sinus cavity walls .If the nasal passages are swollen extending to the bone of the sinuses ,air can not enter that cavity and a vacuum is created .This causes the mucus membranes to be tugged away from the bones they line and produce pain .Humans have 4 pair of the sinus cavities .
1. Frontal sinus ( in fore head )
2. Maxillary sinus ( behind cheeks )
3. Ethmoid  sinus ( between the eyes )
4. Sphenoid sinus ( deep behind the ethmoids )
The cells of the inner linning of each sinus are mucus secreting cells ,epithelial cells and some cells that are part of immune system .
Acute sinusitis symptoms  are present up to 4 weeks .Headache ,fever ,bad breath , stuffy nose  ,nasal discharge ,sore throat fatigue ,pain behind the the eyes ,ear pain ,toothache ,tenderness of the face ,loss of smell ,cough often and worse at night  these are the symptoms present during the acute sinusitis  problem.Chronic sinusitis symptoms are present more than 3 months  .Cold ,high fever along with thick and dark nasal discharge,cough  and severe headache these are the symptoms presents during  the chronic sinusitis problem .
 Deviated nasal septum ,nasal polyps ,allergic rhinitis ,colds and over usage of nasal steroids that may cause sinusitis problem .
Auyurvedic remedy for sinusitis 
 Take cephagraine ayurvedic  tablets  with  cephagraine nasal drops for one week to 10 days to curing sinusitis problem . This is safe and no side effects .
 Take 4 tablets daily  in the  morning  and night after food .Pour 2 drops of cephagraine nasal drops to each nastril early in the morning with empty stomach .You can use ayurvedic rasanadi tailam ( oil )
for taking  head bath  to get cure  from  sinusitis problem .Apply this oil on your head and leave it for 1 hour after that you can take bath with hot water .You can use this oil  for regular head bath. This will help you to cure the sinusitis .


 Dengue fever is caused by dengue virus that are transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes .The  bite of Aedes mosquitoes during the day time can cause a result dengue  fever .Dengue fever is also known as a break bone fever .The symptoms  of dengue fever such as headache ,fever ,vomiting ,severe joint and muscle pain ,swollen of lymph glands ,rashes in the skin ,bleeding gums ,black stools ,liver enlargement ,restlessness ,lethargic  feeling ,abdominal pain ,low levels of platelets  in the blood .Dengue fever is prevalent throughout the tropical and subtropical areas .
Nilavembu is a medicinal herb native to  India and Srilanka capable of curing and preventing dengue fever .Botanical name of this plant is andrographis paniculatais .Popularly known in English, Creat and kariyat .Extremely bitter taste in all parts of the plant.It is also a called king of bitters .It grows to a height of 30 -110 cm in moist and shady places .This plant is having small flowers and yellow seeds .It can be found in variety of habitats ,such as hill sides ,coastline ,and distributed with cultivated areas such road sides ,farm and wastelands .  It is a versatile medicinal herb known for its many positive uses for human health  .It is a effective antibiotic ,antiviral ,anti parasitic and immune system stimulant .It is used in siddha ,ayurveda ,traditional and other alternative medicines .Research studies shows that nilavembu can cure and prevent the 64 types of fevers that has been classified and categorised in siddha literature .It is an effective and antiviral ,traditional medicine .In India union health ministry ,Tamil Nadu government ,siddha and allopathic doctors are also recommended to take nilavembu syrup for curing dengue fever.Most of the people benefited from this medicine.Nilavembu syrup is now available in the market .This syrup is very effective for malaria fever ,chikungunya , dengue fever ,cancers and digestive problems.


A wonderful ,world healthiest ,edible ,green vegetable spinach is a flowering plant in the family of amaranthaceae. Spinach is an annual plant which grows up to 30 cm height .It may survive over winter in temperate regions .It is native to central and south Western Asia .Binomial name of this plant is spinach oleracea.Now the united states and the Netherlands are among the largest commercial producers of spinach .It is available in the market year around .Spinach has a high nutritive value and rich in phytonutrients.It contains nutrients like potassium ,folic acid  ,iron ,calcium,copper ,selenium ,magnesium ,manganese ,zinc ,omega 3 fatty acids ,niacin ,phosphorous ,dietary fiber ,vitamin A ,vitamin B2 , vitamin B6 ,vitamin C ,vitamin E ,vitamin K,beta carotene phyto nutrients like,luetin ,neoxanthin and violaxathin .
- Glycoglycerolipds found in the spinach can help to protect the lining of the digestive tract from the damage.
 - It protect against prostate cancer because its high content of epoxyxanthophylls ,flavonoids with its anti cancer property.
- It protects eyes from cataract age related muscular degeneration .
- It promotes the synthesis of osteocalin and protect against bone damage .
 - It helps for good digestion and prevent constipation because it contains a dietary fiber.
 - It helps to maintain the normal blood sugar levels .
 - Potassium within the spinach helps to reduce the high blood pressure and regulate the heart rate .
 - It protects diseases like stroke ,atherosclerosis ,cardio vascular diseases .
 -It helps to reduce the body weight because it is having low calories .
 -It helps to remove the alzheimers  diseases by limiting neuronal damage in the brain .
 -It protects red blood cells and help to form the red blood cells .
 -It regulate the growth and development of the body .
  This is a versatile food .It can be eaten raw in the salad ,sandwich ,soup ,pastas and cooked dishes .Regular consumption of spinach in the diet help to prevent osteoporosis ,anemia ,cancers and cardiovascular diseases.



        A wonderful ,delicious,highly nutritious ,dark colored and edible fruits are having a lot of medicinal properties.Black berries are about 2 inches height and 3-4 cm breadth.It looks like a raspberry.Black berries are perennial plant .It grows wild in many parts of the world during the warm months.The small and dark black berries are popular ingredient in pies,tarts,jellies,jams and wine. Mexico is the leading producer of black berries.It composes of juicy pulp with a single seed in it.This fruits contain several nutrients like vitamin B,vitamin C,vitamin K,potassium,iron,calcium,dietary fiber,tannin,water,pectin,phyto chemicals like poly phenols ,flavonoids,anthocyanins,salicylic acid and ellagic acids.Anthocyanins are responsible for their dark color.

-It promotes digestive health.
-It fight against cancer.
-It reduce uric acid levels in the blood and prevents gout.
-It lowers the LDL cholesterol because of its pectin and soluble            
-It fight against cold because of its vitamin C content.
-It reduce the risk of cardio vascular diseases.
-It helps to maintain the good memory.
-It is good alert for brain.
-It helps in coagulation of blood because of its vitamin K content.
-It helps to remove the constipation.
-It promotes the healthy tightening of tissue.
-It control diabetes.
-It helps to strengthen the bones.
-It helps to remove the acne and wrinkles in the skin.
-The leaves of this fruit also have medicinal properties using as a   
  mouth wash,anti diabetic, over bleeding in menstrual 
  period,diarrhoea and dysentery.    
-Oils from this seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids,omega 6 fatty 
  acids,protein,dietary fiber,carotenoids, ellagictannis and ellagic 



This plant is a shrub ,tinged with purple colored stem ,flowers are yellow colors ,blooms in the evening .Botanical name of this plant is abutilon indicum .Tamil name of this plant is thuthi .English name of this plant is country mallow and flowering maples .It belongs to malvaccae family .It is used in ayurveda ,folk medicines ,siddha unani and tibetian medicine system.It is distributed throughout the hotter parts of the India  It is very easy to grow and maintain .This plant survives for about six months .Thuthikkeerai is well kown in tamil home remedy for constipation .Fresh green leaves can be cooked with green gram dhal ,chillies , garlic and ghee.This preparation is taken with rice regularly

 to cure constipation and haemorrhoids .It is well known remedy for diseases of gums and can be used as a mouthwash .It is used to treat acne ,cold ,fever ,lung ailments ,tuberculosis ,bronchitis ,urinary track infections and tooth pain as a home remedy .The whole plant is used as a natural cure for various diseases .This plant contain several compounds such as phenolics ,terpenoids ,flavanoids ,pigments ,vitamin A ,C and E that have been associated with protection from chronic diseases such as heart diseases ,cancer ,diabetes ,hypertension as well as other medicinal remedy for jaundice ,piles ,ulcers ,headaches ,gonorrhea ,gout and leprosy .This plant possess analgestic activity ,anti fungal activity ,anti microbial activity and hepato protection activity ,It stimulate the intestinal secretions .It helps for safe and quick pregnancy .The flowers are used to increase semen in men .


                                                                   BLUE BERRIES
The highly nutritious and delicious blue berries are perennial flowing plant with indigo colored  berries in the section cyanococcus within the genus vaccinum. Blue berries are native to north america .Now it is cultivated in many countries like south america ,chile ,argentina ,south africa ,uruguwy ,new zealand and australlia.The largest producer of blueberries is the north america .
Fresh blue berries are now available throughout the year  on many of the world continents.Blueberry is one of the highest antioxidant capacities among all fruits ,vegetables and spices.Blueberries are small blue to black colored fruits with a green flesh.Blueberries are packed with antioxidant like anthocyanin,flavonoids and phenols ,vitamin  like C ,E ,B and  A minerals like copper ,potassium ,selenium ,zinc , iron manganese,and  magnesium.These are rich in fiber and less in saturated fat ,cholesterol , sodium  and low calories. Many research study about blueberries shows that,
   - It helps to rejuvenate the pancreas .
  -  It helps to regulate the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.
  -  It lowers the total blood cholesterol levels and triglycerides.
  -  It lowering the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.
  -  It will help to improve  the heamoglobin levels  in the blood. 
  -  It will improve the functions of thyroid gland and prevent hypo-
  -  It reduce the risk of gout.
  -  It protect against the cancer .
  -  It boost your immune system and prevent infections .
  -  It helps to improve the vision .
  -  It helps to promote urinary tract health .
  -  It helps to prevent or delay the age related muscular                                                degeneration ,cataract and myopia etc.
  -  It helps to keep away the constipation.
  -  It promotes better gastrointestinal and digestive health.
 -   Blueberries are very good anti depressants.
 -   It helps to improves the brain function .
 -   It helps to reduce the body weight in obese persons.
 -   Blueberry juice was used as a cough medicine and the leaves and roots were ground into powder to treat number of ailments.



The delicious and highly nutritious papaya fruit is packed with a lot of vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients. It is widely cultivated tropical fruit tree. The botanical name of this plant is Carica Papaya. Papaya contains soft, easily digestible flesh with a good amount of soluble dietary fiber. This fruit is available in the market throughout the year. Fresh ripe papaya fruit is richest source of vitamin C and excellent source of vitamin A and flavanoids like beta-carotene, luteine, zea-xanthin and crypto-xanthin. These fruits are rich in B-complex vitamin like thiamin(B1), riboflavin(B2), pyridoxin(B6) and folic acid. It also has good amount of potassium. In addition to this, it also has papain and chymopapain.

  • Papaya reduces the risk of cancers like colon, prostate, lung, uterus, etc.
  • It is very low in calories i.e., 100 gms of this fruit has 40 calories.
  • It helps to reduce weight.
  • It improves the body metabolism.
  • It helps to maintain the normal heart rate and blood pressure.
  • It helps to relieve nausea.
  • It helps to reduce inflammation, asthma, oestero-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • It is very useful for the treatment of various skin irritations and wounds.
  • It helps to reduce blood cholesterol level.
  • It regulates the menstural cycle.
  • It improves the skin complexion.
  • It stimulates the ovarian secretion, estrogen and healthy function of the mammary glands for breast development.
  • It prevents the cataract formation in eye.
  • It is very helpful for the prevention of atherochlorosis and diabetic heart disease.
  • It helps to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol.
  • It helps the normal bowl movement and thus prevents constipation.
  • It enhances the immune system of the body.
  • Papain obtained from raw papaya and tree is used for tenderizing the meat.
  • Papaya seeds have been proven natural remedy for many ailments.
  • It regulates the normal pH level of the body.
  • The seeds and leaves are useful in treating intestinal worms found in the human.
  • The seeds are used to treat stomach problems and ringworm infection.
  • It controls the premature aging.
  • It is very useful for muscular degeneration.
  • Papaya shampoo is good for hair and dandruff
  • It has restorative property that can help soften the skin and give smoothness and good appearance.
  • It removes the man's fertility because it contains arginine.
  • Unriped papayas may cause uterine contractions which may lead to miscarriage as it contains papain enzyme.
  • Pregnant women should avoid taking unriped green papaya.
  • Unriped papaya can however be used safely as a cooked vegetable.
  • Papaya can be taken in the form of fruit, juice, salads, milkshake, jam, jelly, etc.,
Please try to grow this delicious, highly nutritious fruit tree in your home garden.

GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE (sugar destroyer)

Gymnema is a perennial,medicinal and woody climbing shrub native to tropical forest of 
 India and Africa . The leaves are used to make medicines.Gymnema has a long history of use in India's Ayurvedic system of medicine and homeopathic system of medicine. Another name of this climber is gurmar,vishani,madhunushini. Gurmar in hindi means destroyer of sugar.The plant is stomachic,stimulant,laxative,diuretic and anti diabetic.It possess anti microbial,anti hyper cholesterolemic,hepatoprotetive,anti inflammatory and sweet suppressing activities.The chemical constituents of Gymnema includes gymnema saponins, gymnemic acid, tartratric acid,gurmarin,calcium oxalate ,glucose,stigma sterol,betaine ,insosital,choline.Gymnemic acid form Gymnema sylvestre has antidiabetic properties which reduce the blood sugar considerably.
- It  boost your insulin secretion.
-It promotes degeneration of beta cells in the pancrease.
- It inhibits the glucose absorption from intestine .                           
- It increases the utilization of glucose .
- It helps to normalize the blood sugar levels.
-It is very useful for cough ,malaria and insect bites.
-It is very helpful for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
-It lowers the serum cholesterol ,and triglycerids .
-It supports the normal appetite levels. 
-It prevents cardiovascular diseases,heart attacks and stroke.
-It helps to reduce the body weight .
-It activates the uterus.
-It stimulates the circulatory system ,
-It helps to reduce the gastric problems.



1.Gymnemasylvestre or siru kurinjan 2.pippermint  3.henna 4.aswagandha  5.bilva 6.bhumi amla or keelanelli 7.aloevera these aer the some important herbs used in ayurvedic medicine .

    - diabetes, asthma ,hydrocele.
2. Pippermint

  - pain killer ,digestive problems
3. Henna

  - anti inflammatory ,burning 
4. Aswagandha

 - restorative tonic ,nerve disorders ,stress.
5. Bilva

 - constipation ,dysentry ,diarrhoea.
6. Bhumi amla 

 - Jaundice ,anemia
 - Wound healing ,laxative ,skin burns ,skin care .


     The thyroid gland is situated  just below the  voice box in the two sides of the neck .Under active of thyroid glands leads to hypothyroidism .Above 40 years most of the people are suffering from hypothyroidism .Especially more women are affected by hypothyroidism .
Symptoms of hypothyroidism
 - Weight gain 
-  Fatigue 
 - Constipation                           
 - Depression 
 - Mood swing 
 - Cold sensitivity 
 - Irregular menstrual periods
 - Brittle hair 
 - Dry skin 
 -memory problem
      Iodine ,selenium ,potassium ,protein ,fatty acids ,fiber ,vitamin A ,B ,C ,D and vitamin K are very essential for proper functioning of the thyroid gland .
Food Stuffs for hypothyroidism
  Iodised salt ,cheese ,milk ,yoghurt ,fish ,eggs ,meat ,parsley ,radish  ,banana ,oatmeal ,barley ,potatoes ,black walnuts ,coconuts ,onion ,garlic ,brown rice ,almonds ,cashew nuts ,apricots ,apples ,pears ,dates,olive oil ,coconut oil ,ginger ,wheatgerm ,avocados ,groundnuts ,butter ,spinach ,cherries ,tomatoes ,pineapples , raspberries,mushrooms and flax seed oil  are the natural food stuffs  which will help in the production of thyroid hormones. Hypothyroid patients can take all above said food stuffs for proper functioning of thyroid gland .




Calendula officinalis is a  natural and attractive flower plant used to make medicine . It is commonly referred to as marigold .This is an annual herb from asteraceae family .Calendula species have been used traditionally as culinary and medicinal herbs . It has been used traditionally for abdominal cramps and constipation.These flower petals are edible .This can be used fresh in salads .Dried flowers are used to color cheese or as a replacement  for saffron.A yellow dye has been extracted  from this  flowers..Calendula extracts have been antiviral ,anti genotoxic and anti inflammatory porperties.Calendula tincture is used to topically for treating acne ,reducing inflammation ,controlling bleeding ,treating wounds ,varicose vein ,inflammation of rectum ,hemorriods  etc  .Calendula oil is still used as an anti - inflammatory,anti tumor agent and a remedy for healing wounds .It contains carotenoids ,flavonoids and essential oil .Calendula oinment , calendula after shave lotion , calendula face cream ,calendula oil , calendula soap , calendula baby cream , calendula skin cream ,foot care cream ,bath gel ,hydrating facial lotion  these products  are available in the market .In homeopathic medicinal system ,mother tincture is prepared from calendulla and is using to treat many diseases .




    The natural ,miraculous ,ever green ,cancer killer graviola tree is found in the rain forest of south and north America.The fruit from the graviola tree is a miraculous natural cancer killer 10,000 times stronger than chemotherophy .This is completely natural and has no side effects.A study published in the journal of natural products following a recent study conducted at catholic university of south korea stated that one chemical present in graviola was found to selectively kill colon cancer cells at 10,000 times the commonly used chemotherophy drug .Research shows that with extracts from this graviola fruit is now may be possible to attack cancer safely and effectively with an natural therapy that does not cause extreme nausea ,hair loss and weight loss .
    --    It protect your immune system and avoid deadly infections .
    --    Feel stronger and healthier throughout the course of the treatment .
    --    Boost your energy and improve your outlook on life .
    --  Extracts from this tree ,kill cancer cells in 12 types of cancers including colon ,breast ,prostate ,lung and pancreatic cancer.This is selectively hunts down and kills only cancer cells . It does not harm healthy cells . This fruit extract has  an anti tumorous ,anti parasitic ,hypotensive and anti depressive properties .It contains annonaceous acetogennis .
 Various parts of the graviola tree including the bark ,leaves ,roots ,fruits and fruits have been used for centuries by medicine to treat heart diseases ,asthma ,liver problems ,arthritis ,nerve disorders , ,cold ,fever ,cough ,diarrhea ,hyper tension and depression.This fruit is kown as
 Soursop in english ,katu aatha palam in tamil ,ramseetha palam in kannada .This fruit is very large and the sub acid sweet ,white pulp is eaten out of hand or more commonly used to make fruit juice and sherbs.Just drink some sour sop juice yourself as prevention from cancer time to time .Try to grow this miraculous graviola tree in your garden .



     Costus igneus is a medicinal plant ,the leaves  of this plant helps to build up insulin in the human body so it is commonly known as insulin plant in India.This plant is cultivated in  India  mostlly for its    medicinal properties ,where as in other parts of the world it is cultivated for ornamental purposes.It gives wonderful and unbeleivable cure for diabetes. It is widely used in  an ayurvedic medicinal system .In ayurvedic treatment diabetic patients are advised to chew down the 2 - 3 fresh leaves of insulin plant  early morning in empty stomach  for a month .There is also dried and ground powder of the leaves now available in the market.
   According to international journal of ayurveda research was published a study of this plant ,it helps to reduce the fasting and postprandial blood sugar levels bringing them towards normal  because of the hypoglycemic action can be due to the release of insulin and insulin sensitizing action or a combination of both .The leaves taste a little sour like tamarind leaves .The native of this plant is southeast Asia ( Indonesia ).The maximum height of this plant is about two feet.The flowers are orange in color and look beautiful .Costus igneus plant grows very quickly.propagation of this plant is by stem cutting .The leaves of this plant contain ascorbic acid ,protein ,iron ,B-carotene ,fiber ,tocopherol ,phenols ,flavonoids ,vitamin C  antioxidants .It is also used to promote longitivity ,treats rashes ,reduce fever ,asthma ,bronchitis,and for dewarming .


                                                                 The delicious and highly
nutritious Feijoa fruit is also known as pineapple guava ,guavasteen and fig guava.Botanical name  of this fruit is Feijoa Sellowiane.The feijoa was first cultivated in the wilds of southern Brazil in 1815 by German botanist Freidrich sellow .Feijoa is an evergreen ,perinneial  small tree .It produces an attractive red flowers in spring seasons .The fruits are oval shaped and green color with a whitish bloom . The length of this fruit is approximately 20 mm to 80 mm .The fruit has sweet and aromatic flavour .The skin is thin and inedible and encloses with a whitish layer of granullor flesh and contains 20 to 30 very small seeds. Pulp of the fruit is eaten by scooping it out from within the skin .

   Feijoas are excellent source of fiber ,iodine  and potassium .Good sources of vitamin Bcomplex ,vitamin  C and K,folic acid ,amino acids ,flavonoids and manganese .
- It prevents cancers and inhibiting the growth of tumors .
- It prevents the cardiovascular diseases.
-It lowers the blood cholesterol .
-It regulates the blood pressure .
-It induces a better function of the intestine .
-It is helps to formation of red blood cells .
- It promotes the function of thyroid gland .
- It balances the body PH level.
- It helps to improve the body immunity against common cold and    seasonal allergies .
-It removes the constipation .
- It regulates the blood sugar levels .
- It protects the kidney and improves the kidney function .
- It helps for blood coagulation.
- It is good for nerve function.
- It helps to maintain the body weight.
- It maintains the healthy metabolism of the body .
  Feijoas can be eaten in the  form of  raw , adding  cakes ,ice creams ,yogurt ,cookies , Feijoa wine , feijoa gin  ,fruit juice and fruit salads.Add this highly nutritious and heathy fruit to your daily diet.


 The natural isotonic, highly nutritious ,most refreshing ,electrolytic and sweet beverage consumed worldwide for its nutritious and health benefits .Tender coconuts are getting from coconut trees .The coconuts palms are grown abundantly along the cost of tropical environment .The scientific name of the tree is cocos nucifera .Coconut tree is called the " Tree of life" for its miraculous healing properties and usefulness. It is one of the most useful  species of plant life known to man.   Tender coconut is the liquid endosperm is the most nutritious and whole some beverage.Tender coconut water is packed with 
sugars ,bioactive enzymes ,electrolytes , aminoacids , fatty acids ,vitamins like B complex such as riboflavin ,niacin ,thiamin ,phyridoxine ,and vitamin C antioxidants ,folates ,minerals like potassinum ,calcium ,iron ,mangnese ,megnesium  ,and zinc.
It is more nutritious than whole milk .It contains less sodium than any other energy drink .Tender coconut water is used as the universal donor making it identical to human blood plasma .Tender coconut  water is very good for jaundice ,urinary diseases ,urinary stones ,pimples ,measles ,heat boils ,sunburn ,itching ,diabetes ,cancer ,peptic ulcers ,nausea ,vomiting and liver diseases .It has been used to treat dehydration caused by diarrhea ,dysentery ,cholera ,and the electrolytic balance of the plasma. The osmolarity of the tender coconut is slightly greater than that of WHO recommended ORS(oral rehydration solution ). Tender coconut water is excellent drink for old and sick people.It helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases ,stroke , hypertension and kidney diseases because of it contains more amount of potassium and less amount of sodium.It lowers the blood cholesterol ,and helps to increase the body metabolism.It has an anti aging ,anti carsinogenic and anti thrombotic effects because it contains cytokinins . It has anti bacterial and anti viral property .It considered to be very safe drink for children ,pregnant and lactating women .It is  a quick energy booster.Fresh tender coconuts are readily available in the markets in tropical countries year around. Have this highly nutritious natural health drink daily for your healthy life.