29 September it is!

Every year this day is celebrated as World Heart Day by World Heart Foundation, to raise global awareness about heart diseases and stroke. This year's theme is 'My heart, your heart'. This emphasizes on looking after of our hearts and the hearts of our loved ones.

In this fast paced world, heart diseases have become a norm mainly due to unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle which includes consumption of unbalanced diet, overeating, junk food, consumption of alcohol, smoking, diabetes and lack of exercise. Necessary heart-healthy diet must be taken to prevent heart diseases.

Natural foodstuffs for healthier heart

Healthy foods like whole grains, nuts like walnuts, almonds & peanuts, yogurt, garlic, onion, fiber rich foods like variety of beans, mushrooms, pomegranate, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries amla, pears, tomato, cocoa, dark chocolate,drumstick leaves, hibiscus flower, capsicum, lotus flower, fish (salmon, tuna, etc.), flax seeds, olive oil, etc. are the foodstuffs that are good for heart health.

Acupressure points for healthier heart

Press the acupressure points P6 and H9, daily for 1 to 2 minutes to prevent heart diseases.

P6 - This point is located in 3 fingers width from the wrist crease between two tendons as shown in the image.

H9 - This point is in the inside corner of the little finger's nail as shown in the image.

Heart diseases can thus be prevented following a natural and healthy diet rather than spending precious time and money for the cure of the heart diseases.


Yellow Karisalankanni and Keezhanelli are the effective and best herbs for treating fatty liver.

Yellow Karisalankanni

Eclipta prostrata (or) yellow karisalankanni is a very important medicinal herb found all over India during rainy season. In Indian system of Ayurveda, this herb is called as bringaraj. This herb has lots of nutrients, antioxidants, plant chemicals, flavonoids, alkaloids, thiopenes, coumestans, polyacetylenes, etc. Regular consumption of karisalankanni will prevent liver damages. We can use this herb as a green in our daily diet. This herb cleans and detoxifies the liver.
Method 1 
Chew 10 to 15 leaves of karisalankanni in empty stomach daily morning for 30 days.
Method 2  
Take 5 grams of karisalankanni powder with 5 ml of honey in stomach continuously for one month.


Phyllanthus Niruri or Keezhanelliis a very important medicinal herb found in India. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and hepato-protective properties. This herb will cure all types of liver diseases including jaundice. We can use this herb to treat fatty liver with no side effects.
Method 1
Take 5 to 10 grams of keezhanelli leaves paste. Add  30 ml of boiled and cooled cow milk with honey in empty stomach daily in the morning for 30 days .
Method 2
Take 5 to 10 grams of keezhanelli powder with 30 ml of warm water with 5 ml of honey .

This is the best and natural remedy without side effects for curing fatty liver.


Dark circle is a blackish or bluish discoloration of the skin around the eyes. Dark circles under the eyes will negatively affect the look of a person and may intensify the aged look. So, it needs to be treated so as to maintain the facial beauty and personality.


There are numerous causes for dark circles like lack of sleep, unbalanced or poor diet, stress, dehydration, fatigue, allergies, sinusitis, eye strain, prolonged usage of devices like computer, TV and cell phones, eczema with itching, eye infections, anemia, hereditary, UV rays, etc.

Helpful homeopathic medicines

Homeopathy provides a safe, effective and permanent remedy for dark circles. There are many homeopathic medicines available to treat dark circles without any side effects. Some of these are as follows: phosphoric acid, kali phos, ferrum mettalicum, cina, beriberi vulgaris, lycopodium, sepia, beri beri aqufolium, calendula, thuja and natrum mur. These homeopathic medicines works wonder in removing the dark circles.

Directions to use

  • Take equal amount of beri beri aqufolium Q*, calendula Q* and thuja Q*.
  • Mix it well and keep it in a clean and air tight bottle.
  • Apply this mixture on the affected area.
  • Allow it to dry for 2 - 3 hours.
  • Repeat this twice a day for 2 to 3 weeks.
This will help skin glow, clear all dark circles, pigmentation, spots as well as acne scars.

(*Note: Q after the name of the medicine indicates mother tincture.)