Botanical name : Sanvevieria trifasciata
Family                : Asparagaceae
Common names  : Snake plant,viper's bowstring hemp

Botanical name :Mollugo mudicaulis
Family              :Molluginaceae
Common name   :Parpadagam
mollugo mudicanulis

Botanical name   : Trichopus zeylanicus
Family                  : Trichopodaceae
Common name      : Arogyapachchai
Trichopus zeylanicus
Botanical name      : Commenlina benghalensis
Family                     : Commelinaceae
Common name         :Bengal day flower,kankawa
Botanical name       : Argemone mexicana L
Family                      :Papavareacea
Common name          : biramadandu,prickly poppy,Mexican poppy
Argemone mexicana



Bryonia alba is a very effective ,popular homeopathic medicine ,having tremendous medicinal values and using for treating various diseases.The father of homeopathy Dr. Samuel Hahnemann found this medicine and used for curing many diseases during 17th century.Bryonia alba is a poisonous plant we should not consume directly.
Bryonia alba is a herbaceous ,perennial vine of cucurbitaceae family.Native of this herb is Europe,north Iran and it has been introduced to the united states.In generally this herb is called in the names of mandrake,wild vine and wild hops.
Bryonia alba flowers are white in color and roots are yellow in color.Birds are the common dispersal mechanism for the plant.
The root of this herb is chopped and steeped in alcohol to obtain mother tinctures and dilution in homeopathic system of medicine for curing many diseases.

This is the best medicine for treating flowing diseases:
  •  dry cough with sharp pain in chest
  • dry mouth
  • dry lips
  • sore throat
  • Over thirst 
  • headaches like migraines and always present headaches
  • Moving aggravation 
  • Inflammation in joints
  • pain in slightest moving 
  • cold 
  • influenza
  • red and swollen nose
  • coated tongue
  • back pain,
  • sciatica pain
  • vomiting 
  • inflammation in eyes 
  • broken bones
  • swollen and stiff muscles
  • Arthritis
  • Gout,
  • constipation 
  • stools are large and hard or absent together 
  • burning pain while passing tools 
  • pain in abdomen 
  • pain in breast and hard aggravated with pregnancy and lactation.
  • irritable mood
  • gastritis
  • mumps
  • fever
  • bad odour from mouth
  • stitching and shooting pain head ,
  • problems will increased after eating 
  • tooth ache
  • liver problems
  • typhoid fever
  • pneumonia fever etc.




Gastrointestinal problem is a common problem in world wide.It can be easily cured by acupressure points.Acupressure points are very helpful to give relief in various stomach problems like gas formation,flatulence,acidity,indigestion,burning sensation in stomach and heart,stomach pain,bloating, reflux,diarrhoea ,nausea,vomiting,constipation,irritable bowel syndrome,anorectal pain,hemorrhoid,perianal infections,colitis,colon polyps,colon cancer,lower back pain,gastrointestinal discomfort, fatigue,etc

Many factors affects the gastrointestinal tract like
food habits,taking too much of  spicy foods,sour and oily foods ,junk foods,irregular food habits,taking low fiber diet, fast eating,not chewing properly,taking antibiotics,aspirin,anti steroidal and anti inflammatory drugs,pregnancy period etc.

CV 12 ,CV 6,St 36,Sp 4,P 6,St 25 these are  very important acupressure points to relieve gastrointestinal problems.

CV 12  (Conception vessel meridian 12)

This is very opt point for gastrointestinal problem .This acupressure point is located on midway of the body line ,4 thumbs width above the belly button.

CV 6 (Conception vessel 6)

This  acupressure point is located in the midway of the body line, 2 thumb width below the belly button.

St 36 (Stomach meridian 36)

Stomach meridian 36 acupressure point is located in the 4 fingers width below the bottom of the knee cap,along the outer boundary of shin bone .This acupressure point is very excellent point for gastrointestinal problem
and also gives immunity to our body.

Sp 4 (Spleen meridian 4)

Spleen 4 is located in the foot arch one thumb width from the ball of the foot towards the heel.It is another potent point for digestive problems.

P 6 (Pericardium meridian 6)

Pericardium 6 is one of the vital acupressure point for acid reflux,and heart burn ,nausea ,vomiting.It is located in the middle of the inner wrist crease ,2 thumb fingers width below the wrist crease between two tendons.

St 25 (Stomach meridian 25)

Stomach meridian 25 is located in 2 thumb width parallel and along side the center of the belly button.
Press CV 12,CV 6,ST 36,SP 4,P 6,ST,25 all these acupressure
points with your thump or blended edge of the pen or pencil or acupressure rod for 1 to 2 minutes daily.Gradually you will get relieve from gastrointestinal problems.