Lemon grass is a perennial plant with thin , long fibrous leaves and having strong lemon like aroma and taste ,so it is called lemon grass .Cymbopogon or lemon grass is belongs to the family of poaceae ,native to Australia and tropical Asia . There are over 50 spices of lemon grass are available .It is one of the favored herb for preparing herbal tea and also used  commonly  in  preparing  food items like  ,soups ,salads ,and curries . It is having a lot of therapeutic and medicinal properties .
Common names of this plant includes lemon grass ,barbed wire grass ,silky heads ,fever grass and citronella . In India it is called choomana poolu .Lemon grass grows year -rounds in tropical climates with warm temperature .It does not usually produced seeds ,it produce with the portion of the root .It can survive indoor and outdoor environments . It is easily available from  in any ethnic stores ,health food stores and super markets .It contains more nutrients , good source of vitamin A , vitamin C ,copper ,zinc ,folates magnesium ,iron  ,calcium ,manganese ,phosphorus ,antioxidants ,phytochemicals  and very little amount of B complex vitamin .Lemon grass is  used for many common ailments because  it is having anti - microbial ,anti - inflammatory ,anti - oxidant and anti cancer property .
Using a lemon grass helps to 
- Prevents cancer because of its anti cancer agent citral and preserves healthy tissues .
- Reduce the high blood pressure because of its high content of potassium .
- Increase the body ability to repair damaged connective tissues such as cartilage ligaments ,tendons and injuries .
- Reduces high fever because of its anti- phyretic property so it is called fever  herb.
- very good for malaria fever .
- Prevent bad odor of the body by controlling exceessive sweating .
- Good for arthritis ,gout and inflammation of the urinary tract because of its anti - inflammatory and anti- septic property .
- Helpful for iron defeciency anemia because it contains more amount of iron .
- Relives gastero intestinal infections .
- Protect liver and pancreas from toxins because of its antioxidant property .
-  Promote good digestion because of its high fiber content .
- Strengthen the nerves .
 -  Alleviating  stress  , and depressive symptoms because of its anti depressant property .
- Removes skin diseases and acne 
- Fight germs in wounds ,it may applied externally .
- Prevents and control  diabetes . 
- Reduce the blood bad cholesterol levels .
- Reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases .
- Relieves constipation 
- Boost immune power 
- Boosts memory 
- Useful for parkinson ,s disease Alleviate certain respiratory problems including laryngitis ,colds ,sore throat ,muscle spams ,joint pain , stomach pain and head aches .

15 TH WORLD HEART DAY ( 2014 )

World heart day is  globally celebrated on  29th  September of every  year by world heart federation  since the year of 2000. They are creating  awareness about cardiovascular diseases ,stroke   and promoting  preventive measures that reduce the risk of heart diseases .Theme of this  15th world heart day  is on creating heart healthy environment by ensuring the people are to make healthy choices wherever they live work and play .It encourages  the people to reduce   the cardiovascular risk and promotes heart healthy planet .

Heart is a vital organ of our  body .We have to save our heart for  long and healthy living .In world wide most of the people are suffering from heart diseases and more deaths are caused by heart attacks and strokes  .We have to protect our heart from  heart diseases .Through the diet and natural ways we can protect our heart from cardiovascular diseases .

Following things are good for your heart 

- Doing a  regular exercise will  play a very important role in cardiovascular health.It facilitates weight loss or maintaining normal weight ,normal blood pressure , increase the levels of good cholesterol ( HDL ) improves the blood circulation reduces the stress by releasing endorphin hormones ,prevents stroke and heart attacks.Walking is the best exercise for your heart than any other exercise  . 40 to 50 minutes walking a day for 5 days a week will keep your heart healthy .
- Taking  6 to 7 hours  sleep will reduce the cardiovascular problems .
- Avoiding smoke is good for coronary heart diseases and blood circulation 
- Avoiding  or moderate amount  of alcohol .
- Reduce the stress 
- being happy always 
- Take moderate amount of salt 
- Less in take of fatty foods 
- Taking more vegetables and fruits rather than animal foods .
- 5 serving of fruits and vegetables in a day .
- Doing  simple yoga asanas  like savasana and bhujangasana  will strengthen your heart .
-Doing breathing exercise and meditation for 10 minutes a day .
- Pressing acupressure point   P 6 ( in pericardium meridian ) ,which  is located on the hand palm side of your wrist two thump width above the  middle of wrist crease on your arm .Press this point for 1 to 2 minutes  a day with your thump .This point is called heart protector .

Natural foods stuffs that boost your heart health 

- Walnuts , almonds  ,pistachios are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and dietary fiber.Omega 3 fatty acids helps to reduce the plaque formation in the arteries ,fiber content  is for good digestion .
- Flax seeds contains compound called lignin it is good for heart .
- Fish such as solmon per a week can lower the risk of heart diseases because of its omega 3 fatty acid content  helps to lowers the triglycerides and prevents the irregular heart beat .
- Garlic and onions that are acting as a blood thinner .
- Consuming a kidney beans twice a week lowers the the risk of heart diseases  because of its soluble fiber content and high protein content helps to repair the damaged muscles and build over all strength .
- Small piece of dark chocolate a day helps to boost the body ,s antioxidant levels and protects heart diseases .
- Tomatoes , bananas ,pomegranates ,lemons ,carrots ,green beans  ,cluster beans ,red grapes   ,pears ,blue berries ,guava , drumstick leaves ,lemon grass , green tea ,curry leaves ,hibiscus flower ,white lotus flower , raisins ,red and yellow colored fruits and vegetables ,fiber rich whole cereals and pluses ,sprouted grains and pluses , olive oil , sesame seeds pumpkin seeds ,spinach ,all greens ,mint leaves ,coriander leaves  ,soy bean ,all bean varieties ,pepper  and ginger .These foods are good for our heart .Regular in take of this foods will protect our heart from cardiovascular diseases   .


Euphobia hirta is medicinal herb belongs to the family of euphorbiaceae ,commonly known as asthma weed and snake weed .This herb is look like a climber and can be found in plenty in the banks of rivers ,lakes and damp places .This is found in the countries like  India ,srilanka ,Japan ,philippines and most of the east Asian countries .It has reddish ,whitish tinge and grows lusciously during the rainy seasons .This herb is used in ayurveda ,siddha and herbal medicines for treating many diseases .This plant has lot of medicinal properties .The other name of this herb is in amman pacharisi in tamil ,nanapala in Telugu ,duddhi in Hindi ,akkigida in kannada ,nilappala in malayalam ,dugdhika in sanskrit .It has  a laxative ,astrigent ,refrigent properties .
-  Apply the paste of this leaves externally to cure swelling and ulcers .
- Milky extract of this plant  is very good remedy for warts .Apply the milky extract on this plant on warts for 2 to 3 days the warts will go off with in the days .
 - The leaves can be prepared as a chutney ,taken with rice is  good for constipation and body heat .
-- This plants leaves are good for mouth ulcers ,stomach ulcers  and chapped lips .
  - It is very effective in treating anal fissures .
 - Flower paste  of this herb is mix with cow,s milk ,and then have this  mixture in the morning for a week is helps to secretion of milk in lactating mothers .  
- Leaves paste  of this plant is mixed with buttermilk is a very good remedy for leucorrhoea in woman . 
  - This plant leaves paste is given with milk is good remedy for blood in urine ,constipation ,body heat and skin itching .
 - Good for infertility in men .


Gymnema sylvestre is a  traditional ,wonderful  ,precious and medicinal herb belongs to the family of asclepladaceae . It has a long history of use  in alternative system of Indian medicines  like Siddha ,ayurveda and herbal medicines for the treatment of diabetes  and weight reduction . It is  a woody climbing shrub native to tropical forests of southern and central India and Srilanka .The common name of this plant are gymnema ,cow plant ,gurmari ,gurmar and miracle plant 

.Leaves of this plant contains gymnemic acids , parabin ,glucose ,carobhydrates ,flavonnoids , quercitol ,lupol ,beta amyrin and stigmasterol .The hindi name gurmar means  destroy the sugar  .Chewing of this leaves suppresses the sensation of sweet ,this effects due to the presence  of gymnemic acid in  gymnema leaves .The leaves  are used to make medicines .It is used to treat many health problems like type 1 and type 2 diabetes ,gastric problems ,weight reduction ,water retention ,laxative ,diuretic ,appetite suppressant ,cough and malaria fever .
It  helps to
-  Reduce the absorption of sugar from the intestine .
- Supports healthy glucose metabolism 
 - Increase the insulin secretion .
- Reduce the insulin resistance .
 - Regeneration of pancreatic cells because it contains gymnemic acid ,gymnemic acid has anti diabetic and anti inflammatory properties  .
 -  Lowers the bad cholesterol  ( LDL cholesterol  ) and triglycerides .
 - Treat obesity and maintain normal weight .
 - This herb may be taken in the form of capsule ,liquid extract ,whole leaf ,leaf powder ,form of tea ,soup etc .
  - Gymnema sylvestre pills ,capsules ,powder ,liquid extract are available in  Indian alternative medical shops .
 - In homeopathic system of medicine  mother tincture is prepared from gymnema leaves and used  to treat  diabetes .


Pulsatilla nigricans is  a perennial ,flowering  and medicinal  plant belongs to the family of ranuculaceae , native to north and southern Europe . It has a simple  and erect stem , the height of 1.5 meters with flowers .The leaves are feather like bipinnatifid with linear segments .Flowers are numerous ,bell shaped dark violet color to blue color .The root of this plant  is thick and short sends of several strong fibers .The whole plant is covered with  silky hairs . The flowers pulsate from the winds .Changing the flower position as the wind changes its direction  .

The name pulsatilla is derived from the Latin word pulsate  ,meaning to beat or  stride .The name nigricans is derived from the word niger , meaning to dark color, as the flowers of this plant are usually dark in color .When the plant is rubbed it exuded acrid vapour . It has an acrid and burning taste .Pulsatilla always found in groups on dry and sandy soil ,having small water .The other names of this plant are meadow anemone ,wind flower and shame faced maiden .Mother tincture is prepared from the whole plant when it is flowering during the month of May and August .It is used in Homeopathy for treating various diseases in different potencies .

This plant was anciently used for eye ailments and inflammation as a home remedy .This plant contains lactones ,saponins ,anemone cauphor ,tannins and volatile oil .It is having anti bacterial and antispasmodic effects .This herb is often called queen of homeopathic remedies because of its medicinal and curing properties .
In homeopathy it is used to treat various diseases like fever ,headaches ,arthritis ,bronchitis ,chicken pox ,cold ,cough ,digestive problems ,measles ,mumps swollen glands ,nausea ,vomiting ,diarrhea ,menstrual problems , inflammations ,tooth ache ,migraine headaches ,sinusitis ,skin problems ,nerve disorders ,insomnia ,asthma ,boils ,eye and ear infections  .


 Lycopodium clavatum is the most wide spread species in the genus lycopodium of the clubmoss family lycopodiaceae .It is also known as wolf 's foot clubmoss ,stag 's horn clubmoss , foxtail clubmoss ,running clubmoss and ground spine .It is perennial ever green plant that grows in pastures ,woodlands heaths and moors of great Britain ,North Europe  and North America .They are flower less ,vascular ,terrestrial plants with widely branched ,erect ,prostate or creeping stems with small ,needle like leaves that cover the stem and branches thickly . 
    The pale yellow pollen collected from the spores are used to make a homeopathic remedy called lycopodium .The pollen of this plant is odorless ,water resistant and highly flammable .It is also used to do coating for pills .The whole plant was used to heal kidney diseases .Mother tincture prepared from this plant is used for curing many diseases in homeopathy .This medicine is acts on blood vessels ,bones ,joints ,liver ,kidneys and heart .
   This medicine is recommended  in homeopathy for the treatment of fever ,back pain ,bed wetting ,constipation ,digestive problems ,mouth ulcers ,mumps ,gout ,,joint pain ,early stage pneumonia ,muscle cramps ,food poisoning ,cystitis ,lung ailments ,gastroenteritis ,dyspepsia ,bloating and gas formation in the stomach ,right side pains   ,abdominal pain , Skin problems like eczema and psoriasis .This very good medicine in homeopathy for curing all diseases without side effects .


 Magnesium is an very essential mineral in human metabolism .Magnesium involved approximately 300 biochemical reactions in the body . Its  play a key role in bone metabolism , 50 TO 60 percentage of the magnesium is stored in our bones . It is essential for ,maintaining nerve function ,normal muscle function ,building strong bones ,maintaining heart beat and healthy immune system .Daily requirement of the magnesium is 400 mg for an adult .Magnesium deficiency and low intake of magnesium leads to many diseases like bone loss ,muscle spams ,cardiovascular problems ,high blood pressure ,diabetes ,migraine head aches ,anxiety ,depression , fatigue ,nerve weakness ,inflammations  and cerebral infraction .We can over come through by taking magnesium rich natural food stuffs .
Magnesium rich foods stuffs are 
Pumpkin seeds ,spinach , kale ,almonds ,cashew nuts ,brazil nuts ,sesame seeds ,peanuts ,walnuts ,sunflower seeds ,fresh beans ,soybeans ,pinto beans .kidney  beans ,chick peas ,brown rice ,barley ,oats .millets like ragi ,kambu ,varagu ,jowar ,thinai ,avocado ,bananas ,dried fig ,dates ,rasins ,dark chocolates ,fish ,low fat dairy foods ,cumin seeds .celery ,tomatoes ,watermelon ,rye ,mustered seeds bell peppers and basil leaves .
Above said food stuffs are rich in magnesium .In take of these foods helps to maintain magnesium levels in our body and prevent magnesium deficiency .





  We all aware of the health benefits eating of papaya fruit but we are not much aware of papaya leaf extract health benefits .It has lot of medicinal properties ,due to this property  it gives relief against some deadly diseases like dengue fever and cancer .Papaya leaves contains important nutrients like vitamin A ,B, C and E , carbohydrates ,protein ,calcium ,phosphorous ,iron ,antioxidants  ,flavonoids ,fiber ,water , enzymes chymopapin , papain and 50 more active nutrients .Papaya leaf juice is quite bitter in taste .Papaya leaf extract is a traditional method for curing dengue fever .
Several research studies indicated that 
papaya leaf juice helps to  
   - boost platelets  counts and also prevents and relieve the  symptoms of dengue fever because of its chymopapin and papain enzymes  . Having 20 to 25 ml of papaya leaf juice twice a day for a week gives quick results  at the time of dengue fever .It is a ,simple , inexpensive, and the best  natural method for treating dengue fever .
- Papaya leaf extract is having an anti malarial properties ,because of this it used for preventing malaria in certain areas .
- It protects the intestinal wall because of its tannin content .
- Papaya leaf juice is used for removes intestinal worms .
- Fight against viral infections like common cold - 
- Gives glowing and healthy skin because of its vitamin C,vitamin A content , acting as a skin cleansing agent and used for preparing several beauty products .
- Effective in  treating eczema .
- Healing open wounds and sores .
- Enhances the insulin sensitivity .
- Promotes hair growth ,strengthens the hair ,prevents badly thinning hair  and dandruff and used in the preparations of anti dandruff shampoo .
-  very great for acne 
-  good laxative .
-  prevents aging .
- Good for prostate enlargement ,nerve pain and elephantoid growth
-  Great remedy for preventing and treating gastrointestinal tract disorders ,intestinal parasite infections and as a sedative and diuretic .
- It has cancer fighting properties against wide range of tumors like cervical cancer ,liver cancer ,,breast cancer , lung cancer and pancreatic cancer without any toxic effects on the body ,
-Increases the immunity power against cancer .
-  Inhibits the growth of micro organisms .
- Relieving menstrual pain .
-  Relives the asthma symptoms ,( Papaya dried leaves are folded like a cigar ,and it is smoked by the asthmatic patients for relieving from asthma ).
- The milky juice collected from the papaya tree is the  very good remedy for warts and corns .
- papaya leaf extracts are available in the market as capsules ,tea leaves and in the powder form also for consumption .


    Touch me not plant is a creeping annual herb native to south and central america ,found in all over the world in tropical regions .It is a medicinal herb using in ayurveda and home remedy for curing many diseases .The leaves of this plant will be fold when we touched or shaken ,to protect them from predators ,re- opening minutes later , so it is called humble plant ,shameful plant .It is a pan tropical weed ,grows mostly in shady areas ,under trees or shrubs .The stem is slender branching and sparsely to densely prickly ,growing to a length of 1.5 m .The common names of this plant are sensitive plant , shameful plant ,humble plant ,sleeping grass and touch me not .Botanical name of this plant is mimosa pudica  belongs to the family fabaceae .In other languages like Tamil thotta surungi ,in malayalam thotta vaddi .

This plant is very effective in treating a wide range of disease conditions like allergy ,asthma ,hypertension ,blood cholesterol ,mouth and lung cancer ,piles ,premature ejaculation ,menstrual problems ,  stomach ulcers etc .
- Chemical compounds like mimocin ,galactose are found in this plant helps to inhibit DNA replication in cancer cells . 
- It is an excellent natural  remedy for insominia .
- Reduce the swelling and pain in joints .
- very good for depression 
- Very good home and ayurvedic remedy for diabetes .
We can use this in the form of leaf extract , kasayam ,and powder .
 -Apply the past of this plant leaves on swelling joints and leave it for over night and then wash off  ,this will help to reduce the swelling and pain in the joints .
- Take 30 ml of juice of this plant  for 7 to 10 days morning and evening will help to reduce the high blood sugar levels in diabetic patients .


Guduchi is an ancient ,an  important ,famous ,powerful , and divine herb having full of medicinal properties used in Indian system of ayurvedic  medicines  for curing  many diseases  . It is called Jivanti ,it means life giving ,because it can literally give your life back .Guduchi is an herbaceous  ,tall climbing medicinal  shrub of the family menispermaceae , found in tropical areas of India ,myanmar and srilanka .It is typically growing in deciduous and dry forests .The leaves are heart shaped ,the succulent bark is creamy white to grey in color ,with deep clefts spotted with lenticels ,puts out long slender aerial roots and is often grown on Neem and mango trees .Botanical name of the guduchi is tinospora cordifolia ,in Tamil ,shindhil kodi ,amirtavalli . In telugu tippa teega ,in malayalam amruthu ,in kannada amruthaballi ,n hindi Giloy . The other name of this plant amirta is indicating the importance and healing body from various diseases  .
All parts of the guduchi are used for various medicinal purposes .This herb contains  many  phytochemicals like diterpenoid ,cordifol ,tinosporin ,cardifolide ,heptacosaflol ,glycosides ,isocolumbin etc .It is considered to  be one of the best rejuvenating herbs  in ayurveda .This plant is having many properties like antioxidant ,antitumor ,hypoglycemic ,anti microbial ,diuretic,hepatoprotective and antipyretic property .
- It is an excellent herb to take as an immune booster and powerful nutritive  general tonic for fight against many diseases .
- It is a powerful detoxyfier for liver because of its hepato protective property .
  - Good for treating liver disorders due to infections like hepatitis .fresh juice of this guduchi will helps to recover hepatitis soon .
- It is a blood purifier and general debility enhancer .
- Very strong immuno stimulant  with very good cycotoxic effects ,good for treating cancer .
- very effective in reducing rheumatic complications .
- It enhances the grasping power ,memory and recalling abilities .
- It delays the signs of aging .
- Increases longevity ,strength .
- It is helps to treat digestive ailments such as hyper acidity ,colitis ,loss of appetite and vomiting .
- It improves better complexion ,voice ,energy and luster of skin .
- Good for anemia ,cardiac debility ,diabetes ,sexual debility .
- Household remedy for chronic fever ,relieves burning sensation ,increase energy and appetite.
- Guduchi juice with cow,s milk is very effective in combating leucorrhea .
- It strengthen the tissues .
- promotes vitality 
- It helps cell rejuvenation .
- It supports proper functions of the nervous system .
- It helps to lowers the high blood sugar in diabetic patients because of its anti diabetic property .
- It is also traditionally used to promote longevity and to support healthy reproduction .
 - It is effective in treating for constipation ,tuberculosis and leprosy ,skin disease  and fever .
- Guduchi is available in the form of capsules  and powder in herbal and ayurvedic medical stores .


Bay leaves are referred to the aromatic leaf of the bay laurel plant belongs to the Lauraceae family . Bay leaves trees are native to  Mediterranean region .Bay leaves have lot of healing and  medicinal property .Scientific name of the  bay leaf tree is Laurus Nobilis .Bay leaves are used in soups ,meat ,chicken ,sea food preparations ,some vegetarian dishes like veg biryani ,kurma and sauces . These leaves very important to make biryani that is why it is called biryani leaf in Tamil Nadu.

The bay leaf plant is tall ,conical and ever green tree growing up to 30 feet height .Yellow or greenish star shaped flowers appear in this tree.Bay leaves gives a pleasing and sweet aroma when added to the dish .It is an important spice in the moghulai style of cooking biryani and kurma .Both fresh and dried leaves are used  in cooking and impart a distinctive flavor and aroma .The fresh leaves are very mild and do not develop their full flavor until several weeks after picking and drying .

 Bay leaves have antibacterial ,anti- fungal ,anti -inflammatory ,carmiative ,diaphoretic ,diuretic and astringent properties .It contains more content of vitamin C ,vitamin A ,calcium ,potassium ,iron ,folic acid ,zinc ,selenium ,magnesium and many phyto chemicals .This leaves have many volatile components such as alpha pinene .beta pinene ,nycene ,limonene ,linalool ,eugenol etc are known to have been antiseptic ,anti oxidantants ,digestive and anti cancer properties .

Benefits of the bay leaves are 

- It boosts immune system of the body because of its vitamin C  content .
- Prevents all types of cancer because of its chemo protective    properties .
- Very effective in treating hair loss ,dandruff  and head lice  .
- Good for insulin resistance diabetes , reduce the insulin resistance   and  regulate the blood sugar levels .
- Prevents heart from heart attacks and stroke .
- Reduce blood cholesterol and triglycerides level .
- Alleviate the digestive problems like indigestion ,bloating and  constipation .
- Regulates the functions of heart .
- Good for treating kidney stones and kidney infections .
- Very effective in fighting the symptoms of cold ,flu infections .
- Important for DNA synthesis and red blood cell production because of its folic acid content .
- Good for eye vision because it is having a powerful anti oxidant  vitamin A .
- Regulates the nervous system and body metabolism because it  contains  B complex vitamins like niacin ,pantothenic acid and  riboflavin .
- Stimulate appetite .
- Bay leaves powder acting as an insect repellent .
- Gives clean teeth .
- Regulate menstruation .
- Very effective for treating migraine  head ache ,diabetes ,abdominal pain ,colic pain ,bacterial infection ,fungal infection ,high blood pressure ,muscle pain ,paralysis athritis, respiratory infections and flu .