Gymnema sylvestre is a  traditional ,wonderful  ,precious and medicinal herb belongs to the family of asclepladaceae . It has a long history of use  in alternative system of Indian medicines  like Siddha ,ayurveda and herbal medicines for the treatment of diabetes  and weight reduction . It is  a woody climbing shrub native to tropical forests of southern and central India and Srilanka .The common name of this plant are gymnema ,cow plant ,gurmari ,gurmar and miracle plant 

.Leaves of this plant contains gymnemic acids , parabin ,glucose ,carobhydrates ,flavonnoids , quercitol ,lupol ,beta amyrin and stigmasterol .The hindi name gurmar means  destroy the sugar  .Chewing of this leaves suppresses the sensation of sweet ,this effects due to the presence  of gymnemic acid in  gymnema leaves .The leaves  are used to make medicines .It is used to treat many health problems like type 1 and type 2 diabetes ,gastric problems ,weight reduction ,water retention ,laxative ,diuretic ,appetite suppressant ,cough and malaria fever .
It  helps to
-  Reduce the absorption of sugar from the intestine .
- Supports healthy glucose metabolism 
 - Increase the insulin secretion .
- Reduce the insulin resistance .
 - Regeneration of pancreatic cells because it contains gymnemic acid ,gymnemic acid has anti diabetic and anti inflammatory properties  .
 -  Lowers the bad cholesterol  ( LDL cholesterol  ) and triglycerides .
 - Treat obesity and maintain normal weight .
 - This herb may be taken in the form of capsule ,liquid extract ,whole leaf ,leaf powder ,form of tea ,soup etc .
  - Gymnema sylvestre pills ,capsules ,powder ,liquid extract are available in  Indian alternative medical shops .
 - In homeopathic system of medicine  mother tincture is prepared from gymnema leaves and used  to treat  diabetes .