Euphobia hirta is medicinal herb belongs to the family of euphorbiaceae ,commonly known as asthma weed and snake weed .This herb is look like a climber and can be found in plenty in the banks of rivers ,lakes and damp places .This is found in the countries like  India ,srilanka ,Japan ,philippines and most of the east Asian countries .It has reddish ,whitish tinge and grows lusciously during the rainy seasons .This herb is used in ayurveda ,siddha and herbal medicines for treating many diseases .This plant has lot of medicinal properties .The other name of this herb is in amman pacharisi in tamil ,nanapala in Telugu ,duddhi in Hindi ,akkigida in kannada ,nilappala in malayalam ,dugdhika in sanskrit .It has  a laxative ,astrigent ,refrigent properties .
-  Apply the paste of this leaves externally to cure swelling and ulcers .
- Milky extract of this plant  is very good remedy for warts .Apply the milky extract on this plant on warts for 2 to 3 days the warts will go off with in the days .
 - The leaves can be prepared as a chutney ,taken with rice is  good for constipation and body heat .
-- This plants leaves are good for mouth ulcers ,stomach ulcers  and chapped lips .
  - It is very effective in treating anal fissures .
 - Flower paste  of this herb is mix with cow,s milk ,and then have this  mixture in the morning for a week is helps to secretion of milk in lactating mothers .  
- Leaves paste  of this plant is mixed with buttermilk is a very good remedy for leucorrhoea in woman . 
  - This plant leaves paste is given with milk is good remedy for blood in urine ,constipation ,body heat and skin itching .
 - Good for infertility in men .


  1. can you help by giving how many flowers or quantity of paste we can use for lactating mothers per day?

  2. Can i use the powder to treat warts? Or only the milk will cure