15 TH WORLD HEART DAY ( 2014 )

World heart day is  globally celebrated on  29th  September of every  year by world heart federation  since the year of 2000. They are creating  awareness about cardiovascular diseases ,stroke   and promoting  preventive measures that reduce the risk of heart diseases .Theme of this  15th world heart day  is on creating heart healthy environment by ensuring the people are to make healthy choices wherever they live work and play .It encourages  the people to reduce   the cardiovascular risk and promotes heart healthy planet .

Heart is a vital organ of our  body .We have to save our heart for  long and healthy living .In world wide most of the people are suffering from heart diseases and more deaths are caused by heart attacks and strokes  .We have to protect our heart from  heart diseases .Through the diet and natural ways we can protect our heart from cardiovascular diseases .

Following things are good for your heart 

- Doing a  regular exercise will  play a very important role in cardiovascular health.It facilitates weight loss or maintaining normal weight ,normal blood pressure , increase the levels of good cholesterol ( HDL ) improves the blood circulation reduces the stress by releasing endorphin hormones ,prevents stroke and heart attacks.Walking is the best exercise for your heart than any other exercise  . 40 to 50 minutes walking a day for 5 days a week will keep your heart healthy .
- Taking  6 to 7 hours  sleep will reduce the cardiovascular problems .
- Avoiding smoke is good for coronary heart diseases and blood circulation 
- Avoiding  or moderate amount  of alcohol .
- Reduce the stress 
- being happy always 
- Take moderate amount of salt 
- Less in take of fatty foods 
- Taking more vegetables and fruits rather than animal foods .
- 5 serving of fruits and vegetables in a day .
- Doing  simple yoga asanas  like savasana and bhujangasana  will strengthen your heart .
-Doing breathing exercise and meditation for 10 minutes a day .
- Pressing acupressure point   P 6 ( in pericardium meridian ) ,which  is located on the hand palm side of your wrist two thump width above the  middle of wrist crease on your arm .Press this point for 1 to 2 minutes  a day with your thump .This point is called heart protector .

Natural foods stuffs that boost your heart health 

- Walnuts , almonds  ,pistachios are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and dietary fiber.Omega 3 fatty acids helps to reduce the plaque formation in the arteries ,fiber content  is for good digestion .
- Flax seeds contains compound called lignin it is good for heart .
- Fish such as solmon per a week can lower the risk of heart diseases because of its omega 3 fatty acid content  helps to lowers the triglycerides and prevents the irregular heart beat .
- Garlic and onions that are acting as a blood thinner .
- Consuming a kidney beans twice a week lowers the the risk of heart diseases  because of its soluble fiber content and high protein content helps to repair the damaged muscles and build over all strength .
- Small piece of dark chocolate a day helps to boost the body ,s antioxidant levels and protects heart diseases .
- Tomatoes , bananas ,pomegranates ,lemons ,carrots ,green beans  ,cluster beans ,red grapes   ,pears ,blue berries ,guava , drumstick leaves ,lemon grass , green tea ,curry leaves ,hibiscus flower ,white lotus flower , raisins ,red and yellow colored fruits and vegetables ,fiber rich whole cereals and pluses ,sprouted grains and pluses , olive oil , sesame seeds pumpkin seeds ,spinach ,all greens ,mint leaves ,coriander leaves  ,soy bean ,all bean varieties ,pepper  and ginger .These foods are good for our heart .Regular in take of this foods will protect our heart from cardiovascular diseases   .

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