Lemon grass is a perennial plant with thin , long fibrous leaves and having strong lemon like aroma and taste ,so it is called lemon grass .Cymbopogon or lemon grass is belongs to the family of poaceae ,native to Australia and tropical Asia . There are over 50 spices of lemon grass are available .It is one of the favored herb for preparing herbal tea and also used  commonly  in  preparing  food items like  ,soups ,salads ,and curries . It is having a lot of therapeutic and medicinal properties .
Common names of this plant includes lemon grass ,barbed wire grass ,silky heads ,fever grass and citronella . In India it is called choomana poolu .Lemon grass grows year -rounds in tropical climates with warm temperature .It does not usually produced seeds ,it produce with the portion of the root .It can survive indoor and outdoor environments . It is easily available from  in any ethnic stores ,health food stores and super markets .It contains more nutrients , good source of vitamin A , vitamin C ,copper ,zinc ,folates magnesium ,iron  ,calcium ,manganese ,phosphorus ,antioxidants ,phytochemicals  and very little amount of B complex vitamin .Lemon grass is  used for many common ailments because  it is having anti - microbial ,anti - inflammatory ,anti - oxidant and anti cancer property .
Using a lemon grass helps to 
- Prevents cancer because of its anti cancer agent citral and preserves healthy tissues .
- Reduce the high blood pressure because of its high content of potassium .
- Increase the body ability to repair damaged connective tissues such as cartilage ligaments ,tendons and injuries .
- Reduces high fever because of its anti- phyretic property so it is called fever  herb.
- very good for malaria fever .
- Prevent bad odor of the body by controlling exceessive sweating .
- Good for arthritis ,gout and inflammation of the urinary tract because of its anti - inflammatory and anti- septic property .
- Helpful for iron defeciency anemia because it contains more amount of iron .
- Relives gastero intestinal infections .
- Protect liver and pancreas from toxins because of its antioxidant property .
-  Promote good digestion because of its high fiber content .
- Strengthen the nerves .
 -  Alleviating  stress  , and depressive symptoms because of its anti depressant property .
- Removes skin diseases and acne 
- Fight germs in wounds ,it may applied externally .
- Prevents and control  diabetes . 
- Reduce the blood bad cholesterol levels .
- Reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases .
- Relieves constipation 
- Boost immune power 
- Boosts memory 
- Useful for parkinson ,s disease Alleviate certain respiratory problems including laryngitis ,colds ,sore throat ,muscle spams ,joint pain , stomach pain and head aches .

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