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Mudra to energize the body - PRANA MUDRA

PRANA MUDRAOur body is made up of five basic elements (panchabootha) - water, fire, air, space and earth which are represented by our hand fingers in our body. Most of us would have seen Mudras using fingers in some form or the other, either in dance poses or in yogic and meditation postures.

Today we will see about Prana Mudra.
ProcedurePrana Mudra is done by joining the tip of little finger and ring finger with the tip of thumb in both hands leaving other fingers in a straight position. This has to be for 20 to 30 minutes.

This mudra can be performed either in normal sitting position (sugasana) or padmasana or even tadasana. Eyes need to closed while practicing this mudra. The breathing should be normal and the total concentration needs to be on the breathing while performing this mudra.

Regular practice of this mudra will help to 
Energize the whole body. Activate the all chakras in our body.Improve blood circulation & eye sight.Cure fatigue, general debility, low endurance, mental…


SOLAR CHARGED WATERSun is a natural gift of God, and the light from it has been the source of life for most of the life forms on Earth. Sunlight is the biggest single source of Vitamin D. Our country is bestowed with more sunlight than most of the European and American countries, yet our people are suffering from vitamin D deficiency.
Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption in our body and its deficiency causes problems like weak bones and teeth, arthritis, rickets, osteoporosis, etc. and it might even lead to type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. To prevent these problems, a threshold amount of Vitamin D must be taken which can be achieved by a simple method as said below.
Drinking water, that is taken from bore wells or ground water needs to be taken in clear glass or metal containers and has to be kept in sunlight for 4 to 5 hours. This method purifies the water and the UV rays from sun destroys most of the bacterial, viral and parasitic pathogens. The disinfected water can then be consume…

Weird shaped fruit with great medicinal uses - THE BUDDHA'S HAND

The Citrus medica var.sarcodactylis is a rare and wonderful yellow colored finger like fruit mainly  found in Lower Himalayas and China. It belongs to the Rutaceaefamily. This fruit is also known as five fingered citron, five fingered mandarin and Buddha's hand.

This fruit grows on shrub or small tree, that grows about 6 feet in height with long, irregular branches which has pale green color leaves and white colored flowers. The yellow colored fruit is spilt into a number of sections somewhat resembles like a human hand. It has a thick skin, seedless and juice less little flesh.

This fruit is very fragrant and is mainly used for perfumes in clothing in China and Japan. This fruit is given as religious offering in buddha temple. It is cultivated as a fruit crop or as an ornamental tree in home gardens. It grows well in temperate conditions. These fruits are available in the month of November to January. 

Chinese superstition holds that this Buddha's hand brings peace, luck and pro…


The homeopathic medicine, Agnus castus is prepared from the leaves, tender stem and dehydrated berries of the vitex agnus-castus. It is commonly known by other names like chaste tree, chaste berry, etc. through homeopathic method of preparing mother tincture and is diluted to various potency which is used for treating many diseases.Vitex agnus-castus is indigenous to the Mediterranean region and Central Asia. It is an aromatic shrub. It belongs to the family of  Lamiaceace
Agnus castus is very effective in treating impotency as well as infertility in men. It offers excellent cure for completely impotent, cold and sagging genitals, premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction for men and useful for treating sterility among women.
It is  helpful for women who have lost their sexual interest.useful for nursing mothers as it will increase the breast milk secretion.used for premenstrual syndrome, menopause period, menstrual disorders, enlarged uteres, vaginal discharge, etc.efficient in treati…