summer treat- kovaikai or ivy gourd salad

This Tamil video contains method of preparing kovaikai or ivy gourd salad and its health benefits are briefly described by Dr.Revathi perumalsamy


What is oligospermia or low sperm count?  
Sperm count  describes the number of sperm cells in semen ,in your semen sperm count is less than 15 million cells per milliliter of semen is called as oligospermia or low sperm count.
The normal volumeof semen varies from 1.5 to 5.0 milliliter per ejaculation.
The sperm count varies from 20 to 150 million sperm per milliliter.
At least more than 50 percent of the sperm should have a normal shape and show normal motility.
oligospermia leads to infertility.
Herbal remedies for this condition :
1.Ashwagandha powder:

Take 2 to 3 grams of Aswagandha or Indian ginseng powder with one glass of milk and 5 ml of honey added to it and have it twice a day daily for 2-3 months for better results.
 It is very effective for increasing sperm count.
It enhances the sexual potency in both male and female.Removes infertility problems.
 It helps to restores virility and vigour and also relieves stress,boost testosterone levels,immunity and increase fertility in men.
This roots powder is available at herbal stores

 2.Bilva fruit pulp
Take 10 to 15 grams of bilva fruit plup and mix it with 10 grams of sugar candy and have it daily in the morning for 2- 3 months to improve the sperm count.
3.Hybanthus ennaeaspermus or orithal thaamarai 
Take 3 to 4 grams of orithal thaamarai powder with milk and honey twice a dayfor 2-3 months.
It has amazing ability to improve sperm density and sperm count.
The whole plant is rich in medicinal properties.
we can use this herb in our daily diet as greens,decoction ,soup,and for preparing various dishes.
It reduces anemia and enhances testosterone levels in men and also have aphrodisiac properties.

4.Neer mulli plant or hygrophilia auriculata
Neer mulli plant or hygrophilia auriculata.
5 grams of neer mulli seeds powder with 200 ml of milk daily for 2-3 months.
It is also callede as Marsh barbel seeds or neermulli seeds or hygrophilia auriculata
It belongs to the family acanthaeacea.
It contains phytoterols,tocopherols,resin,hydrocarbons,fatty alcohols.
It enhances the virility and has aphrodisiac properties and so it is specifically used for impotency.

Health benefits of mint leaves


Neem flowers

Neem flowers are flowers from neem tree.It is having lots of medicinal and curative properties.It is an easily available in  freshly and powdered form also .Every body can consume without restrictions.
It helps to

  • Improves  digestion.
  • Gives good eye sight.
  • Cures skin related problems like rashes,dry skin ,wounds and other skin infections.
  • Used in natural creams, ointments 
  • Oil prepared from this flowers are using for massaging im Aromatheraphy.
  • Removes dandruff and scalp itches.
  • Promotes hair growth,
  • Prevents and stop hair fall.
  • Protects liver.
  • Purifies blood .
  • Improves metabolism
  • Prevents metabolic disorders.
  • keeps diabetes away.
  • Good for diabetes and regulates the blood sugar levels.
  • Improves immunity power.
  • Good for allergies because it is having antibacterial property.
  • Prevents black heads,
  • Removes warms in stomach.
  • Good for deworming.
  • We can add  this flower in your daily in the form of salads,soups,chutney,pickles,rasam etc for healthy living.Good 

Drumstick flowers 
Flowers from drumstick tree are having lots of nutrients and medicinal property. helps to

  • Increases the sperm count and sperm motility,
  • Improves libido.
  • Solve the erectile disfuncion and infertility.
  • We can add our daily diet in the form of curry,rasam ,sambar,chutney etc.
  • Take 30 ml of drumstick flowers decoction with 100 ml of  boiled milk ,5 ml of honey and a pinch of cardamom powder,mix it well and then have as a hot drink.This is best  tonic for reproductive system and helps to treat above said problems.

Pumpkin flowers 

Pumpkin flower

Pumpkin flowers are bright yellow or orange yellow colored flowers of pumpkin plant.These flowers are packed with lots of vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, B 2,B 3, B 6,B 9 ,C,iron ,phosphorus,selenium,and magnesium.

  • It helps to 
  • Enhances the immune system and protect fro cough and cold.
  • Good for male infertility problems  
  • Increases the sperm density
  • Prevents cataracts and macular degeneration associated with aging.
  • Protects the heart from cardio vascular diseases.
  • Good for teeth,gum,and bones.

coconut flowers
Coconut flower

Flowers from coconut trees.It is a traditional and natural medicine for curing many diseases .It is having vitamins,minerals,phyto chemicals, dietary fiber etc.It helps cure 
     Bleeding disorders
  • Blood with stools 
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Burning sensation
  • Fever
  • Bloating 
  • Excess menstrual flow
  • Abdominal tumor
It is a very good natural and effective medicine for ladies during menopausal period.To stop over bleeding for long days during this period .
Take take 30 ml of this flower juice with 5 ml of honey ,or salads ,or decoction of this flower 50 ml daily morning and evening in empty stomach for a week .