Creating awareness about cardiovascular diseases on 29th September every year since 2000 .Theme of this 16th world heart day is creating heart healthy environment .Heart diseases are now number one world,s leading causes of death .According to the American Heart Association  health data ,  nearly 17.3 million people die with heart diseases from more than 190 countries .The number of death is expected to grow more than 23.3 million by the year 2030 .

At present 30 million heart patients  are living in India .Today cardio hospitals in India perform over 20,000 heart surgeries per year .It is one the world highest record .Lack of exercise ,overeating ,taking more fried and non vegetarian foods ,unhealthy eating diet ,high cholesterol ,diabetes ,high blood pressure and some other factors increase the risk of heart diseases .We should protect and save our heart by natural way .

1 . Go for 8 shaped walking exercise.

It gives greater benefits to the body than normal walking . It is very effective  for curing  high blood pressure ,high blood cholesterol ,stress ,insomnia ,diabetes and good for heart,s health .Walk 20 to 30  minutes in 8 path way instead of normal walking .Draw a number  8 on your ground or  garden  ,facing south to north . otherwise you  buy  8 shaped walking  exercise mat from shops .Walk clockwise  for 15 minutes and anti clockwise  for 15 minutes in the morning or evening .This will help you to protect your heart from cardio vascular diseases.

2 .Take hibiscus flower tea 

Take 2 to 3 hibiscus flower petals cut into small spices add one glass of water and boil it make it to half and filter it add some sugar and milk to it  and then have it take daily morning and evening  instead of taking tea or coffee .It helps  to reduce the bad blood cholesterol ,(LDL ),high blood pressure ,high blood sugar , protect against heart diseases and  blood vessels from damage because it is having anti oxidant ,anti hypertensive ,hypoglycemic ,hypo lipidemic and cardio protective properties .

3. white lotus flower tea 

Take one white lotus flower petals cut into  small pieces and then add 1 glass of water allow it i to boil make it to half and filter it ,add sugar and milk mix it well and then have as a tea daily in the morning and evening  .It has an anti oxidants ,anthocyanin , cardio protective property , this can ability to remove toxins  from blood streams and lowers the  blood cholesterol .

4 .Take potassium , magnesium  ,omega 3 fatty acids rich food stuffs .

Banana ,pomegranate pumpkin seeds ,sesame seeds .olive seeds ,olive oil .flax seeds ,agathi leaves ,banana flower ,banana stem ,blueberries ,walnuts ,almonds ,fish ,take more all available more fruits and vegetables ,germinated pluses ,whole grains etc ,

5.Do Savasana or relaxation 
Relax your body parts  from bottom to top one by one slowly for 20 to 30 minutes , this is very much effective for protecting heart from cardio vascular diseases .It helps to normalize the blood pressure ,heart beat and normal functioning of the heart .

6 . Acupressure point for protecting  heart 

H 9 ( heart meridian ) this point is located on the  radial side of the little finger at the corner of the nail .Press this point with your hand 1 to 2 minutes daily in a  press and release method . This is very effect for heart protection from  cardio vascular diseases .
H 7  ( Heart meridian )this point is located on our hands inner wrist
crease  before the lower palpable tendon wrist .press this point with your thumb for 1 to 2 minutes daily morning and evening .
It enhances the blood circulation and heart function .


K 1  ( Kidney meridian )

  This  acupressure point is located in the bottom of the foot ,at the junction of its anterior one third  and posterior two third in the depression between the 2nd and 3rd toe joints .( see in the figure )It is nicely located when the toes are planter flexed .

It is very powerful  and effective Jing - well point during emergencies like unconsciousness , shock ,respiratory failure epilepsy , cardiac failure ,infantile convulsions ,severe vomiting ,nausea and dysurea ,foot drop ,arthritis of small joints of foot and sleep disorders  .

Stimulate this point strongly by hand or acupressure rod .
 GV 26 OR DU 26  ( The governing vessels meridian or the DU channel )
This acupressure  point is located at the centre of the junction of the upper one third and lower two third of the philtrum of the upper lip.It is a Jing well point .we can use this point for all the emergencies like shock ,heat stroke ,facial paralysis ,epilepsy ,revival from fainting weakness ,low back sprain ,moves and restore motion ,nose bleed ,nasal discharge ,olfactory sensation ( smell).
                                                                GV 26
you can stimulate this point strongly by hand or acupressure rod .


  1 .Karpooravalli juice  

Juice of this plant is used to cure 
cough ,cold ,sore throat ,nasal congestion ,renal stone ,asthma ,hiccough ,bronchitis ,epilepsy ,liver problems ,skin allergy etc.

Botanical name of this plant is coleus ambeinicus ,karpooravalli in Tamil  ,ajwain in Hindi ,vaamaaku in telugu ,panikoora in malayalam ,doddapatta in kannada .

you can take 10 to 15 ml juice  twice a day .

2 .Kuppaimeni juice or decoction 

This leaf juice or decoction is used to treat 
Asthma ,bronchitis ,pneumonia ,cough ,cold ,skin diseases like scabies ,eczema ,skin eruption ,sinusitis ,headache ,joint pain ,insect bites ,intestinal worms ,constipation ,dandruff etc .

Botanical name of this plant is Acalypha indica ,nettle leaf in english ,kuppaimeni in Tamil ,khokali in Hindi ,chalmari in kanada 
harita manjari or kupintaku ,kuppi chettu in telugu .arista manjari in Sanskrit ,kuppa mani in Malayalam .
you can take 1 to 2 table spoon of juice or 3 to 4 table spoon of decoction twice a day  .
Kuppaimeni juice with turmeric powder can  apply externally for curing skin diseases ,insect bites ,headaches and ulcers .
This juice with calcium carbonate can  apply for joint pains .

3 .Pirandai juice or pirandai paste 

Juice of this pirandai  with honey is used to cure 
irregular menstruation ,digestive problems ,bone fracture ,ear ache ,sprains ,warms ,piles ,joint pain ,obesity ,blood clotting ,asthma .respiratory problems ,diabetes ,blood cholesterol ,malaria ,body pain  etc .External application of this juice with oil is  can use to cure sprains and bone fractures .
Botanical name of this pirandai is cissus quadrumgularis,nallera in telugu ,pirandai in tamil ,changalum piranda in malayam ,astirinala in sanskrit ,
you can take 10 to 15 ml of this juice with honey twice a day .

4 .Keezhanelli juice or leave paste 

This juice or leaves paste is used to cure 
Jaundice ,gallbladder stones ,kidney stones ,liver damage ,liver cancer ,HIV disease ,diabetes ,hair fall ,cold ,flu .tuberculosis ,all viral infections ,prostatitis .stomach ulcers ,uric deposits  in the blood .
Botanical name of thiskzeeha nelli is phyllanthus niruri ,keezha nelli Tamil ,nela nelli in Kannada ,keezhar nelli in Malayalam ,nela usiri in Telugu .common names are stone breaker ,seed under leaf .
 You can take 10 to 20 ml of juice or 15 to 20 grams of leaves paste twice a day