Steps to do:

  1. Sit in Vajrasana .
  2. Slowly raise your arms over the head while exhaling slowly bend forward .
  3. Stretch the palms on the floor with abdomen pressing against the thighs .
  4. Then bring the face downwards and touch the floor with the fore head without raising the buttocks .
  5. Breathing should be slow and then come back to the normal position .
  6. Repeat this for 5 to 6 times .

Benefits of this asana: 

  • This asana will improve digestion and excellent asana for digestive problems .
  • It tones up the spinal nerves .
  • It helps to relieve the arthritic pain .
  • It helps to strengthen the legs ,thighs get strength and become supple .


 You can ask your doubts regarding health .I will give  proper answer for your questions .


 Corn is a delicious ,  the most popular food grain and have originated from Mexico and central America .Corn is available in different colors like red ,brown ,blue ,yellow ,and purple color . It is rich in nutrients which are extremely beneficial to our health it contains,Vitamins like A  ,C ,E ,B1 ( thiamine ) ,B6 ( niacin )   ,dietary fiber ,phosphorus ,magnesium ,manganese ,zinc ,iron ,selenium ,copper ,potassium ,sodium , folates ,protein ,phytochemicals and antioxidants .
- Corn is high in dietary fiber both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber .It helps to reduce the absorption of  cholesterol  in the blood .
 It helps to reduce the irritable bowel syndrome ,diarrhea ,constipation,hemorrhoids  and colon cancer .
 -  Corn is a good source of pantothenic acid ,vitamin B1 ,and protein ,it will prevent psychological disorders  by supporting the functions of brain and adrenal glands .
-  It helps to strengthen the connective tissue in the body because of its manganese content .
- Yellow kernals of corn contains carotinoids which reduce the risk of macular degeneration and supporting better vision .
 -  It contains high amount of carbohydrates which provide more energy  and also ensure proper functioning of the nervous system and brain ,it is also helpful for carbohydrates deficiency.
- It prevents type 2 diabetes and helps to manage the normal sugar levels  in non insulin dependent diabetes .
-  It prevents and cures anemia because it contains B12 ,folic acid ,and iron  significant amount which are essential for formation of new blood cells .
- It prevents hypertension and regulates the blood pressure because of its potassium content .
-Corn is good source of phenolic compounds ,ferulic acid which is is effective in fighting tumors in the breast and liver .
- Corn contains omega 3 fatty acids which helps to prevent heart diseases  and stroke .
- It prevents the growth of cancer cells  because of its lutein ,zeanxanthin ,ferulic acid (the natural antioxidant ).
- Folic acid present in the corn known to prevent neural tube birth defects .
- Corn silk or corn hair is also used in herbal medicines for treating kidney stones ,urinary tract and urinary bladder problems .
- Corn hair will helps to reduce  gout ,arthritis,blood pressure , blood sugar levels in diabetes patients .
-Corn is used in the form of corn flakes,corn oil,corn rava,corn flour,pop corn etc.


 Aloe vera is an incredible and succulent plant ,found in all over the world .It is stemless or very short stem plant growing 60 to 100 cm height spreading by offsets .The leaves are thick and fleshy ,green to grey -green color .Aloe vera has been widely grown as an ornamental plant .Aloe vera contains over 200 active components including vitamins like vitamin  A ,B1 ,B2 ,B3 ,B6 ,B12  ,C and E ,minerals like calcium ,iron ,magnesium ,zinc ,chromium .selenium ,sodium ,potassium ,copper ,manganese ,18 to 22 aminoacids  , enzymes  ,polysaccharides ,phytonutririents  ,anti oxidants and fatty acids like linoleic acid ,linolenic acid ,myristic acid  ,carylic acid  ,olelic acid ,palmitic acid and stearic acid .Aloe vera is filled with a clear gel like substance which contain 90 %  of water . Aloe vera has used by man therapeutically for over 5000 years .
It has many medicinal and curative properties because of that , it is used for such wide range of remedies  in home and alternative system of medicine .
- Aloe vera juice helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases .
- It lowers the blood cholesterol  and improves the HDL ( good cholesterol ).
- It regulates the blood pressure and heart rate .
- It boosts the body natural ability to adopt to external changes and it will give resistant power against various infections .
- Aloe vera  is having some properties like ,  disinfectant ,antibiotic ,anti microbial ,germicidal ,antibacterial ,antiseptic ,anti fungal and anti viral  property .
- It can be used for internal and external infections .The active ingredients are sulphur ,lupeol ,solicyclic acid ,cinnamic acid ,and phenol that prevents the growth of disease causing micro organisms .- It has laxative properties ,it helps to relieving digestive tract problem ,stomach aches and heart burn .
- It is very good for diabetic patients ,it helps to lowers the blood sugar levels .
- It is very helpful for respiratory problems .
- It is having capability in curing cancer and AIDS .
- It is very great for skin , it is used for treating sunburn , blisters ,insect bites ,allergic  reaction , eczema ,burns ,inflammation ,wounds ,dry skin  ,acne ,scars and psoriasis .
- It helps in strengthens the gums and promotes strong and healthy teeth .
- It helps to elevate anemia and formation of RBC  because of  its  iron ,folic acid and vitamin B12  content .Like aloe vera only few plants contains B12 .
- It helps to cure piles problem .
- It regulates the bowel movements and remove constipation .
- It helps to treat fungal and viral infection .
- It is very helpful for healthy hair and remove dandruff .
  Cosmetic and beauty products like , Aloe vera shampoo , aloe vera gel , aloe vera juice ,moisturiser ,skin cream ,beauty cream  ,soap, etc are available in the market .


 Soya bean is the only vegetable food that contains all essential amino  acids .It is an alternative for meat . The cost of this bean is less than meat with equal amount of protein ,that is why it is called  poor mans meat .Because of  its cost all people can consume this soya bean .Soya beans are cultivated all over the world .The soya beans are seeds of the plants  ,it is available in the grocery stores .Dried soya beans are generally available in prepackaged containers as well as bulk bins .It has different variety  and different color like white ,black ,brown and blue .Soya beans are processed to various soya products like soy flour ,soymilk ,soy cheese like tofu,fermented products like temped meal makers(soya balls) ,soya oil and  miso .

-- It is richest source of protein  amongst the plant products .The quality of the soya  protein is equal to the meat protein .Soya bean is often used to replace the animal proteins in an individual diet .
- Soya bean is having beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids ,monounsaturated fatty acids and omega 3 fatty acids .
--Omega 3 fatty acids are essential nutrients which helps to reduce the both heart diseases and cancer .
- It is an excellent source of dietary fiber .
- It is a good source of calcium it helps to strengthen  the bones.
-It helps to prevent type 2 diabetes.
-It is rich in iron so it helps to elevate the anemia.
-It contains isoflavones which are beneficial in reducing the risk of various cancers ,osteoporosis and heart diseases.
-It helps for blood coagulation.
-It is a good source of magnesium,selenium ,molybdenum,niacin,pyridoxine and folacin.
-It has low fat with no cholesterol .
-It helps to treat protein deficiency.
-It helps to promote thyroid function.
-It suppress appetite , helps to reduce the body weight.
-It helps to improve the brain function.
-It helps to regulate the bowel movements 
-It improves the nerve function.
We can add this highly nutritious vegetable meat to our daily diet in any form.






 Black rice is a deep black color and usually turns deep purple color when cooked .In ancient China black rice was considered the royal food  , so that it is  only served to the emperor  and it is not afford to common people  .There fore it is called forbidden rice .The color is due to the presence of anthocyanin antioxidant . Anthocyanin is a natural anti oxidant and anti inflammatory agent present in the black rice .This rice is a versatile food with many health benefits .
 Black rice is highly in nutritional value and it contains 18 aminoacids ,iron ,zinc ,copper ,carotene ,dietary fiber ,anti oxidants and vitamins like E and B complex .It has a mild and nutty taste .Research shows that black rice is more nutritious than white and brown rice .Consuming of black rice will help to
-  Prevent  the chronic diseases like  diabetes , heart diseases  alzheimer"s disease and cancer .
- It helps to lowers the blood cholesterol.
- It protects the kidney and enhances the kidney function .
- It is very good for stomach , it will prevent and give remedy for stomach  related problems .
- It improves the liver function .
- It controls the aging  process because of its anti oxidant and vitamin E content .
- It removes the constipation because it is rich in dietary fiber .
- It helps to elevate the anemia through its iron content 
 In China noodles are made from this rice .Because of its good taste ,flavour  and nutrient content black rice is used for preparing desserts and  pudding .


 Vitamin D is a fat soluble important vitamin for good health ,growth and strong bones .Vitamin D is mostly made in the skin by exposure to sun light so vitamin D is also called sunshine
vitamin .Vitamin D2  is called ergocalciferol .Vitamin D3 is called cholecalciferol .
Vitamin D is very essential for 
-Absorption of calcium and phosphorous in our diet .
- Strong and healthy bones  
- Strong and healthy muscles  
- And general health .
- Vitamin D is also help to prevent other diseases such as diabetes ,heart diseases ,cancer ,thyroid problem ,impaired to calcium absorption ,oestoporosis and hyper tension  etc .
- It helps to balance and control other hormones in the body .
Some people are more at risk of vitamin D deficiency 
- Pregnant and lactating mothers 
- infants 
- children below 5 years 
- Above 65 years aged people 
- people who are not exposed to much sun light  
-People who are in indoors 
- dark skin people 
-Vitamin D deficiency will occur liver diseased people ,kidney disease people ,people taking certain medicines  like anti HIV medicines ,primidone ,phentoin ,barbiturates ,carbamazepine and vegetarian people . 
Vitamin D deficiency in children it is called rickets .In adults it is called osteomalacia .

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency rickets in children 
- poor growth - muscle weakness 
- relecutant to start walking 
- development of milk teeth delay 
- bow legs ( cureved legs )
- difficult in breathing or respiratory problems occur
- soft skull 
- muscle spams 
- They are prone to infections 
- weakness of heart muscles

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in adults 
- muscle weakness and muscle cramping 
- fatigue 
- constipation
- joint pains 
- bone pain 
- head ache 
- digestive problems 
- bone fracture in lower back ,hips ,thighs and feet .
 -  bone deformities
- general weakness  
Vitamin D deficiency is common. Some people have no symptoms with this deficiency .Recent studies estimates that more than billion people world wide are having vitamin D deficiency .Through blood tests only vitamin D deficiency can diagnosed . Daily we needs  400 IU to 800 IU vitamin D .This vitamin is stored in the liver like organs  in the body .
For this deficiency oral tablets  supplements and injections  can be taken for curing this deficiency .
Sun light is the best source  for receiving vitamin D .20 TO 30 minutes sun exposture daily for fair skinned people will get enought vitamin D .Dark skin people need more time sun exposture than fair skin people because greater skin pigmentation ,melanin lessor the amount vitamin D produced .
Foods that are having vitamin D
- oily fish 
-  cod liver oil 
- egg yoalk 
- milk and milk products ( butter and ghee )
- mushrooms 
- Vitamin D added foods  like some cereals and infant foods .
Prevention is the better than cure .You should prevent the vitamin D deficiency through proper exposure of  sun light .


 God created naturally some food stuffs which we eat are resembles our body organs .This is very admiring things in nature .Many researches indicates these food stuffs are very good for resemble organs of our body .
1. Walnuts 
The shape, folds and wrinkles of a walnut resembles our human brain .Walnuts are great source of omega 3 fatty acids which helps to improve the brain function .


2 Tomato slice 

   Tomato slice having many chambers ,it resembles the structure of the human heart .Since tomatoes are rich in lycopene ,this will help to protect the heart from heart diseases . 
3 .Sweet potatoes 
   These sweet potatoes are resembles to the pancreas and it is having antioxidant property which  promotes healthy function of pancreas and protect pancreas from pancreatic cancer .  

4 .Celery 
   Long and lean stalks of celery looks like a human bones .Celery is rich in vitamins and minerals ,it good for structure and strength of the bones .

5. Carrot slice 
  Carrot slice resembles a human eye .It is rich in vitamin A .which helps for good vision and reduce the eye problems .
  It is look like a human stomach .It is good for digestion .

7.kidney beans 
  It is resembles a kidney .it is very good for functioning of the kidney.


'' Tri'' means three,' Kona' means angle. '  This standing asana is the extended triangle pose .so it called trikonasana.
Steps to do 
- Stand erect with the feet ,three feet wide apart .
- Stretch the arms to the sides to be in line with the shoulders .
- Keep the palm facing the ground .
- Bend slowly to the left and touch the ground behind the left foot with left hand .
- Bend the neck slightly to the right and touch to the right shoulder ,and the eyes should see the right hand fingers .
- Stretch the right arm above ,the right and left arms should be perpendicular to the gourd .
- While doing this positions breathing shloud be normal .
- Stand up again and perform the same movement to the left side .
- This asana can be done for 10 to 20 seconds 4 to 5 times can be done on each side .
Benefits of this asana 
 - This will help to increase eye coordination and improves the vision .
- This asana gives very good lateral movements to the spine .
- This asana tone ups the spinal nerves and abdominal organs .
- It helps to improve the digestive power .
- It helps to remove the the constipation .
- This will help to lengthens the legs and corrects the flat feet .
- Those who are suffer from shortening of legs due fracture of hip or thigh bone or bones of the leg will be benefited by this asana .


November 14th ,today is world diabetic day .World diabetes day was jointly introduced by the World Health Organisation ( WHO) and the International Diabetes Federation ( IDF ) in 1991 , response to the alarming risk of diabetes around the world .November 14th is a significant date in the diabetes calender because it marks the birthday of the man who co- discovered insulin ,frederick banting .Banting discovered insulin in 1922 .
  World diabetes day is celebrated throughout the world .World diabetes day is internationally recognised and it is now an official United Nations day .Diabetes education and prevention is the world diabetes theme for the period of the year 2009 - 2013 .World diabetes day is held on November every year ,aims  to increase an awareness of the effects of diabetes and its complications amongst the general population , professionals and range of sectors .
 The diabetes is a common ,name for range the conditions including 
type 1 diabetes ,type 2 diabetes ,gestational diabetes ,and diabetes insipidus .These are due to how the pancreatic beta cells secrete the insulin ,how the body react with insulin,depending on the type and severity ,it could be controlled by dietary measures ,regular exercise ,weight loss ,oral medications ,or injected the insulin .
There is a wide range of short and long terms complications including dibetic retinopathy ,diabetic neuropathy ,kidney problems and heart problems  ,if blood sugars are uncontrolled .

Proper medications ,balanced and fiber rich diet ,regular exercise ,Proper check up will help the diabetic patients ,live long  without any complications .


 Walking is a very great way to improve and maintain your overall health . Walking is the simple ,very good  and best exercise, any body can do this exercise with free of cost . Walking 40 to 60  minutes a day ,five days a week will reduce the health risks and have various overall health benefits .Walking regularly at good speed improves muscle strength and endurance .
- walking briskly for up to 40 to 60 minutes can help to prevent and control the high blood pressure .
- It reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and help to manage the normal blood sugar levels in diabetic patients .
- It reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke .
- Walking lower the LDL ( Low Density Lipo protein )that is bad cholesterol and increase the HDL ( High Density Lipo protein ) that is good cholesterol .
- Regular walking can prevent and reduce the risk of dementia .
-  It will improve the memory power and  brain function .
- It helps to reduce the risk of arthritis and helps to maintain healthy joints .
- It helps to strengthen your bones and boost your vitamin D levels .
- It increases the blood circulation and increase oxygen supply to each and every cell in your body .
- It gives you better posture and over all fitness .
- A good and regular walk can help to strengthen your muscles and body .
- It slows down the aging process .
- It makes you happy and feel relaxed .
- It helps to reduce the risk of anxiety and depression .
- It helps reduce the mortality and improves the life expectancy .
- It helps to the proper functioning of endocrine glands like thyroid gland ,pituitary gland ,pancreas .
- It helps to improves the nerve system and reduce the risk neuropathy 
- It helps to release the accumulation of gas in the body .
Walking is best exercise for maintaining over all health .


 Cephalandra indica is a climbing shrub with white flowers .All parts of the plant exhibits pharmacological activities and treating various human ailments .Commonly this plant is called ivy gourd .The botanical name of this plant is cephalandra indica noudin .In English it  is called  as scarlet fruit gourd ,in tamil it called as kovaikkai ,in Hindi kundru ,tindu ,parval .Cephalandra indica is used as a vegetable and widely grown  in throughout the India .The native of this climber is tropical area of Africa and Asia .
 It is one of the tremendous  and wonderful climber plant  ,this plant has also  been used in ayurveda ,homeopathy ,siddha and unnai in an alternative system of Indian medicine .It has lots of actions against a various kind of diseases .The stems ,leaves ,roots and fruits all goes to making medicinal extract .This medicinal extract of this plant have some pharmacological activities  like anti inflammatory ,anti oxidant ,antibacterial ,anti diabetic ,anti protozoal , anti ulcer ,hepatoprotective ,expectorants and analgesis

The nutrient compound of this plant  

 Glycosides ,carbohydrates ,fix oils ,proteins ,aminoacids , beta carotene , iron ,calssium ,potassium ,vitamin A ,vitamin C ,saponnins ,tannins ,phytosterol ,alkaloids ,phenolic compounds ,flavonoids ,gum and mucilage .
Because of this pharmacalogical activities this plant medicine is used for controlling diabetes ,kidney  problems ,skin problems ,digestive problems ,constipation ,sexually transmitted diseases ,for curing simple gout ,coughs ,mouth sores and blood urea problems ,
The mother tinctures are available at homeopathic medicals (Cephalandra indica -Q )


Syzygium jambolanum is used in homeopathy treatment for controlling type 2 diabetes .It has an antidiabetic effects ,improving insulin action through activation of insulin signaling molecules in skeletal  molecule of type 2 diabetes .It is very good medicine for diabetes ,no other medicine causes in so marked degree diminution and disappearance of sugar in the urine .Syzygium jambolanum -Q is a most useful and effective remedy in diabetes with symptoms like frequent urination and large amount of urine  ,great thirst ,itching ,red pimples in the skin  and diabetic ulceration . It is effectively replace the need for drugs like metformin .There no side effects with this homeopathic medicine .
 This syzygium jambolanum -Q ( mother tincture )is administered at suitable intervels in diabetes the blood sugar is comes down normal level and the urine remains free of sugar .Powder of dried whole fruit or just kernal is used to prepare a mother tincture in homeopathic method .In homeopathic materia medica described as the most useful and immediate remedy for manage the blood sugar levels .Homeopathy is one of the most wide spread alternative system of medicine .Many homeopathic practitioners prescribing syzygiunm jambolanum -Q for controlling type 2  diabetes .
Syzygium cumini is a ever green tree found in all over the world .The fruit of this tree is called jambul ,jambolan ,jamblang . In telugu this fruit is called neredu kaya .In tamil it is called novel palam .sygygium jambolinum -Q is available at homeopathic medical shops .



 The fenugreek is a small ,annual ,leguminous herb belonging to the family of fabaceae .The botanical name of the fennugreek is " Trigonella foenum- graecum " . Fenugreek is native to sub Himalayan plains of Indian subcontinent .Now it is widely grown all over the Mediterranean region ,Europe ,middle east Asia and northern African regions .Fenugreek seeds and leaves are widely used in India .Because of its strong and bitter taste  it is used small quantities for preparing food items like dhals ,vegetable dishes ,and other side dishes .Fenugreek seeds are rich in medicinal properties .It contains protein ,iron ,copper ,zinc ,selenium ,potassium ,calcium ,magnesium ,manganese ,thiamin (B1) ,phyridoxine ( B6) ,folic acid ,riboflavin (B2 ),niacin ,vitamin A ,vitamin C ,aminoacids ,phyto nutrients and soluble dietary fiber .
 -  Fenugreek seeds controls the diabetes because of its  galactomannan ,4- hydroxy isoleucine a soluable dietary fiber and aminoacids content , which helps to stimulate the insulin secretion  and slows down the rate of sugar absorption in the blood .
 - It reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases because of its galactomannan and excellent source of potassium which counter the action of sodium .It controls the heart rate and blood pressure .
 - It reduces the LDL cholesterol because of its fiber content .
 - Fenugreek seeds contains  phytochemical compounds like diosgen ,trigoneline ,yamogenin ,gitogenin ,bigogenin ,and neotigogenin ,isoflavones  which helps to increase the milk production in lactating mothers , it will reduce the menstrual discomforts  and menopausal symptoms  in women.
 - It helps the easy childbirth through stimulating uterine contraction and  reduce the  labour pain in pregnant women .
 - It helps to treat digestive problems .Mucilage of fenugreek seeds coat the lining of the stomach and intestine and sooth irritated gastrointestinal tissues .Before consuming fenugreek seeds you have to soak in the water to make them outer coat mucilaginous .
-  It prevents colon cancer ,because of saponins ,mucilage  of fenugreek seeds binds to toxin in the food and flush them out .
 - It helps to produce RBC and removes the  iron deficiency  anemia because of its folic acid and iron content .
 - It is very effective treatment for skin problems like burns ,boils ,eczema and getting rid of scars .
 - It helps to lose your weight .
 - Fenugreek seeds are excellent home made beauty products ( face packs,)for  preventing  pimples ,wrinkles and blackheads .
- It is also great to keep the dandruff  away .
- It is an excellent remedy for thinning of hair and hair fall.


Physiological benefits of yoga 
- Stable autonomic nervous system equilibrium with a tendency towards parasympathetic nervous system dominance rather than the usual stress induced sympathetic nervous system dominance .
- Respiratory rate normalized
- High blood pressure decreases 
- Pulse rate normalizes 
- EEG - alpha waves increases 
- Galvanic skin response increases
- Cardiovascular efficiency increases 
- Respiratory efficiency increases 
- Gastrointestinal function increases 
- Endocrine glands function normalizes 
- Excretory function improves 
- Musculoskeletal flexibility and joint range of motion increases 
- Posture increases 
- Pain decreases 
- Sleep improves 
- Energy levels increases 
- Weight normalizes 
- Strength and resiliency increases 
- Respiratory amplitude and smoothness increase ,tidal volume increases ,vital capacity increases ,breath holding time increases 


 An inflammation in the protective lining of the stomach  is called gastritis .It is one of the most common disorder .There are two types of gastritis .1. Acute gastritis 2. Chronic gastritis .Acute gastritis involves sudden and severe inflammation.Chronic gastritis involves long term inflammation that can last for years ,if left untreated .Erosive gastritis typically does not  cause much inflammation but can lead to bleeding and ulcers in the lining of the stomach .
 Acute gastritis  is due to  long term use of such medicines like aspirin ,phenylbutazone ,ibuprofen ,alcohol  and cocaine .It may lead to chronic ulcer  if not treated .The most common cause is helicobacter pylori ,a bacterium that infects the lining of the stomach through contaminated food and water .It is usually passed from person to person .Having a thin or damaged stomach lining raises your risk for gastritis .Being a older also a risk for gastritis ,the stomach lining thins naturally with age also .
Symptoms of gastritis 
The common symptoms for gastritis are 
- Indigestion 
- Heart burn 
- Felling burning sensation in the stomach 
- Loss of appetite 
-Abdomen pain 
- Abdominal bloating 
- Nausea and vomiting 
- Block stools
- Low hemoglobin levels 
- Frequent motion 
- Diarrheoa 
- Vomiting of blood 
- General weakness 
Gastritis should be treated properly .if not treated ,bleeding in your stomach as well as ulcers .It can increase the risk of developing stomach cancer .If you have gastritis caused by drugs avoiding those drugs may enough to relieve your symptoms .As a result of H.pylori is treated with antibiotics or natural herbal medicines that kill the bacteria .
Homeopathic remedy for gastritis 
 Name of the medicine .
1. Sulphur - 30 
. 2  .nuxvomica -30        3 . carboveg - 30
Before taking these two homeopathyic medicines you should take one dose sulphur 3 to 4 pills in the morning .And then next day you can take nuxvomica at night - 30 at night 3 to 4 pills ,carboveg -30 in the morning 3 to 4 pills ,30 minutes before food for 2 to 3 weeks .
After a week you should take sulphur in the morning and then you continue the same medicines .This is very effective medicines for treating gastritis .
Natural remedy for gastritis 
Food items for killing H.pylori bacteria
bitter gourd juice ,neem leaves juice , Sundaikkai powder ,curry leaves juice take these foods in the empty stomach in the morning that will help you to kill the H.pylori bacteria .
Tender coconut ,fenugreek seeds , fenugreek greens ,honey ,pomegranote , papaya ,banana , coconut milk , pudina juice ,butter milk ,manaththakkali keerai ,manaththakkali fruit  ,cabbage juice ,white pumpkin juice and apple , these foods also help you to cure gastritis .  coffee ,tea , lemon juice ,orange juice ,hot foods, spicy foods ,fried foods may also increase the risk of gastritis .Better to avoid such foods .


Vertigo is a sensation that around you is spinning or moving which is usually caused by a problem in the inner ear but can also be caused by vision .The 
vetigo can occur at any time and may last for hours ,days ,weeks ,months and even years .
Symptoms of vertigo 
- A sensation that everything around you is moving or spinning 
- Loss of balance 
- Light headness 
- Nausea 
- Vomiting 
- Problem in standing still properly 
- Problem in walking properly 
- Ear problems
- Blurred vision 
 Causes of vertigo 
- Inner ear problem .that is caused by bacterial or viral infection .
- Problem with brain 
- Problem with nerves that connect the brain to the middle ear 
- Migraine headache 
- Some medications 
- Dehydration 
- Diabetes 
- High cholesterol 
- High blood pressure 
- Stroke
- Anemia 
- osteoporosis 
- Motion sickness 
- Surgery 
- General weakness 
-Earth quakes 
- In sufficient blood supply 
- Thyroid problem 
- Traveling in air ,car ,boat ,ship . 
Homeopathic remedy for vertigo 
Cocculus indicus is an homeopathic medicine available at homeo medicals . This is a  very good  effective medicine for vertigo .This is prepared from  fruit of anamira cocculus medicinal plant .The fruit of this plant is called cocculus indicus .
 cocculus indigus - 30
Twice a day .morning                 night 
                     3 to 4 pills             3 to 4 pills 

30 minutes before taking food for two weeks .
Acupressure remedy for vertigo 
EX1 - This point is located on the midway between the two eyebrows .exact place is ,keeping bindi on your face.
- DU20 - The midpoint joining the tips of the ears ,over the scalp mid line .That is located in the middle of the head .
- P6 about 3 fingers breadth above the mid point of the wrist crease 
- DU26 - At the junction of upper 1/3and  lower 2/3 of the depression above the upper lip in middle .
Press all above said acupressure points with your thump for 1 minute .( press and release manner )This will help u to get immediate relieve from vertigo .



 Clapping your hands is very simple ,effective and best way to reach and maintain good health of our body .A clap represents joy and keep us healthy .Clapping your hands is usually a way to express happiness and to show appreciation .Clapping hands is a fun .Today almost every one claps continuously at almost all public occasions for sports ,music , ,encourages some one ,singing bajana in temple.The World Heath Organisation confirmed ,the clapping is a best exercise for cures many chronic diseases .While clapping 39 acupressure points and reflection areas of our body organs and six meridians of the body will be stimulated.
 Make a clap for 10 to 15 minutes daily for better health.Before clapping  one should apply coconut oil or any other oil on the palm so that it will be absorbed by the body .While clapping the fingers of one hand should strike the fingers of the other hand  ,one hand  palm should touches the palm of other hand .
- Clapping hands fights stress and improves the blood circulation of the body .
- It also helps to cure irritation and insominia .
- It also removes obstacles in the veins and arteries.
- It helps to reduce bad cholesterol .(LDL)
- It helps to relieve the diseases like heart diseases ,asthma ,diabetes ,depression ,common cold ,hypertension ,headaches ,arthritis ,insominia , back pain ,neck pain and hair loss could be cured by clapping .
 - It gives relaxation and  happiness.
- It boost immune system of the body .
- It helps to improve the functions of nerves .
- It helps to sharpens the  brain  of children and motor development.
 - It strengthens the heart , kidney  and lungs .
This is the best way for curing chronic diseases .Make clap daily for 10 to 15 minutes is very good for keeping better health.