Aloe vera is an incredible and succulent plant ,found in all over the world .It is stemless or very short stem plant growing 60 to 100 cm height spreading by offsets .The leaves are thick and fleshy ,green to grey -green color .Aloe vera has been widely grown as an ornamental plant .Aloe vera contains over 200 active components including vitamins like vitamin  A ,B1 ,B2 ,B3 ,B6 ,B12  ,C and E ,minerals like calcium ,iron ,magnesium ,zinc ,chromium .selenium ,sodium ,potassium ,copper ,manganese ,18 to 22 aminoacids  , enzymes  ,polysaccharides ,phytonutririents  ,anti oxidants and fatty acids like linoleic acid ,linolenic acid ,myristic acid  ,carylic acid  ,olelic acid ,palmitic acid and stearic acid .Aloe vera is filled with a clear gel like substance which contain 90 %  of water . Aloe vera has used by man therapeutically for over 5000 years .
It has many medicinal and curative properties because of that , it is used for such wide range of remedies  in home and alternative system of medicine .
- Aloe vera juice helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases .
- It lowers the blood cholesterol  and improves the HDL ( good cholesterol ).
- It regulates the blood pressure and heart rate .
- It boosts the body natural ability to adopt to external changes and it will give resistant power against various infections .
- Aloe vera  is having some properties like ,  disinfectant ,antibiotic ,anti microbial ,germicidal ,antibacterial ,antiseptic ,anti fungal and anti viral  property .
- It can be used for internal and external infections .The active ingredients are sulphur ,lupeol ,solicyclic acid ,cinnamic acid ,and phenol that prevents the growth of disease causing micro organisms .- It has laxative properties ,it helps to relieving digestive tract problem ,stomach aches and heart burn .
- It is very good for diabetic patients ,it helps to lowers the blood sugar levels .
- It is very helpful for respiratory problems .
- It is having capability in curing cancer and AIDS .
- It is very great for skin , it is used for treating sunburn , blisters ,insect bites ,allergic  reaction , eczema ,burns ,inflammation ,wounds ,dry skin  ,acne ,scars and psoriasis .
- It helps in strengthens the gums and promotes strong and healthy teeth .
- It helps to elevate anemia and formation of RBC  because of  its  iron ,folic acid and vitamin B12  content .Like aloe vera only few plants contains B12 .
- It helps to cure piles problem .
- It regulates the bowel movements and remove constipation .
- It helps to treat fungal and viral infection .
- It is very helpful for healthy hair and remove dandruff .
  Cosmetic and beauty products like , Aloe vera shampoo , aloe vera gel , aloe vera juice ,moisturiser ,skin cream ,beauty cream  ,soap, etc are available in the market .

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