Soya bean is the only vegetable food that contains all essential amino  acids .It is an alternative for meat . The cost of this bean is less than meat with equal amount of protein ,that is why it is called  poor mans meat .Because of  its cost all people can consume this soya bean .Soya beans are cultivated all over the world .The soya beans are seeds of the plants  ,it is available in the grocery stores .Dried soya beans are generally available in prepackaged containers as well as bulk bins .It has different variety  and different color like white ,black ,brown and blue .Soya beans are processed to various soya products like soy flour ,soymilk ,soy cheese like tofu,fermented products like temped meal makers(soya balls) ,soya oil and  miso .

-- It is richest source of protein  amongst the plant products .The quality of the soya  protein is equal to the meat protein .Soya bean is often used to replace the animal proteins in an individual diet .
- Soya bean is having beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids ,monounsaturated fatty acids and omega 3 fatty acids .
--Omega 3 fatty acids are essential nutrients which helps to reduce the both heart diseases and cancer .
- It is an excellent source of dietary fiber .
- It is a good source of calcium it helps to strengthen  the bones.
-It helps to prevent type 2 diabetes.
-It is rich in iron so it helps to elevate the anemia.
-It contains isoflavones which are beneficial in reducing the risk of various cancers ,osteoporosis and heart diseases.
-It helps for blood coagulation.
-It is a good source of magnesium,selenium ,molybdenum,niacin,pyridoxine and folacin.
-It has low fat with no cholesterol .
-It helps to treat protein deficiency.
-It helps to promote thyroid function.
-It suppress appetite , helps to reduce the body weight.
-It helps to improve the brain function.
-It helps to regulate the bowel movements 
-It improves the nerve function.
We can add this highly nutritious vegetable meat to our daily diet in any form.


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