Vitamin D is a fat soluble important vitamin for good health ,growth and strong bones .Vitamin D is mostly made in the skin by exposure to sun light so vitamin D is also called sunshine
vitamin .Vitamin D2  is called ergocalciferol .Vitamin D3 is called cholecalciferol .
Vitamin D is very essential for 
-Absorption of calcium and phosphorous in our diet .
- Strong and healthy bones  
- Strong and healthy muscles  
- And general health .
- Vitamin D is also help to prevent other diseases such as diabetes ,heart diseases ,cancer ,thyroid problem ,impaired to calcium absorption ,oestoporosis and hyper tension  etc .
- It helps to balance and control other hormones in the body .
Some people are more at risk of vitamin D deficiency 
- Pregnant and lactating mothers 
- infants 
- children below 5 years 
- Above 65 years aged people 
- people who are not exposed to much sun light  
-People who are in indoors 
- dark skin people 
-Vitamin D deficiency will occur liver diseased people ,kidney disease people ,people taking certain medicines  like anti HIV medicines ,primidone ,phentoin ,barbiturates ,carbamazepine and vegetarian people . 
Vitamin D deficiency in children it is called rickets .In adults it is called osteomalacia .

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency rickets in children 
- poor growth - muscle weakness 
- relecutant to start walking 
- development of milk teeth delay 
- bow legs ( cureved legs )
- difficult in breathing or respiratory problems occur
- soft skull 
- muscle spams 
- They are prone to infections 
- weakness of heart muscles

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in adults 
- muscle weakness and muscle cramping 
- fatigue 
- constipation
- joint pains 
- bone pain 
- head ache 
- digestive problems 
- bone fracture in lower back ,hips ,thighs and feet .
 -  bone deformities
- general weakness  
Vitamin D deficiency is common. Some people have no symptoms with this deficiency .Recent studies estimates that more than billion people world wide are having vitamin D deficiency .Through blood tests only vitamin D deficiency can diagnosed . Daily we needs  400 IU to 800 IU vitamin D .This vitamin is stored in the liver like organs  in the body .
For this deficiency oral tablets  supplements and injections  can be taken for curing this deficiency .
Sun light is the best source  for receiving vitamin D .20 TO 30 minutes sun exposture daily for fair skinned people will get enought vitamin D .Dark skin people need more time sun exposture than fair skin people because greater skin pigmentation ,melanin lessor the amount vitamin D produced .
Foods that are having vitamin D
- oily fish 
-  cod liver oil 
- egg yoalk 
- milk and milk products ( butter and ghee )
- mushrooms 
- Vitamin D added foods  like some cereals and infant foods .
Prevention is the better than cure .You should prevent the vitamin D deficiency through proper exposure of  sun light .

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