Vertigo is a sensation that around you is spinning or moving which is usually caused by a problem in the inner ear but can also be caused by vision .The 
vetigo can occur at any time and may last for hours ,days ,weeks ,months and even years .
Symptoms of vertigo 
- A sensation that everything around you is moving or spinning 
- Loss of balance 
- Light headness 
- Nausea 
- Vomiting 
- Problem in standing still properly 
- Problem in walking properly 
- Ear problems
- Blurred vision 
 Causes of vertigo 
- Inner ear problem .that is caused by bacterial or viral infection .
- Problem with brain 
- Problem with nerves that connect the brain to the middle ear 
- Migraine headache 
- Some medications 
- Dehydration 
- Diabetes 
- High cholesterol 
- High blood pressure 
- Stroke
- Anemia 
- osteoporosis 
- Motion sickness 
- Surgery 
- General weakness 
-Earth quakes 
- In sufficient blood supply 
- Thyroid problem 
- Traveling in air ,car ,boat ,ship . 
Homeopathic remedy for vertigo 
Cocculus indicus is an homeopathic medicine available at homeo medicals . This is a  very good  effective medicine for vertigo .This is prepared from  fruit of anamira cocculus medicinal plant .The fruit of this plant is called cocculus indicus .
 cocculus indigus - 30
Twice a day .morning                 night 
                     3 to 4 pills             3 to 4 pills 

30 minutes before taking food for two weeks .
Acupressure remedy for vertigo 
EX1 - This point is located on the midway between the two eyebrows .exact place is ,keeping bindi on your face.
- DU20 - The midpoint joining the tips of the ears ,over the scalp mid line .That is located in the middle of the head .
- P6 about 3 fingers breadth above the mid point of the wrist crease 
- DU26 - At the junction of upper 1/3and  lower 2/3 of the depression above the upper lip in middle .
Press all above said acupressure points with your thump for 1 minute .( press and release manner )This will help u to get immediate relieve from vertigo .


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